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  2. I decided to call up a friend of mine who is a cop. They are already planning to get rid of the electric bikes before the Asia games. So right now you can register one until 2021, then you won't be able to register one anymore. The reason, the biggest accidents in China are being caused by the fucking e-bikes. The big truck that had trees on it that fell on 3 people because of an e-bike crossing illegally was the straw that broke the camels back!
  3. So, at the end of the day, Foreigners can actually own and ride Motorcycles in HZ but just not the restricted areas yeah?
  4. English Teacher from England, 25, Male. Available from the 1st of Feb to the 14th. I'm looking for a pt job between these dates. I have two years experience teaching children and adults in China. Send me a message for more details.
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  6. ballroom dancing on the lake
  7. Hello, I need a teacher for a green town kindergarten in the Xihu district evenings every Friday from 5:00 to 5:45 for the coming semester. I am willing to pay you 200 to 300 for the 45 minutes the material is provided so you don’t need to plan anything. requirements available every Friday for 15 weeks, college students welcomed, 1 year experienced preferred but willing to work with I can get. if interested please contact me through private message and send me your Wechat.
  8. BluePasta


    I’m sure Eudora will have it on.
  9. BluePasta

    Does anyone play the Piano?

    How did you somehow make this post about you? Damn you must be annoying in person.
  10. Last week
  11. TheradSamurai

    Selling and or looking for repairs

    Hey yall my TV just went nuts on me I think it’s pixels are dying out (perhaps the voltage input and output don’t match up with Chinese outlets )does anyone know where I can get it repaired or sell it for to anyone who can repair it , it’s a SAMSUNG SMART TV 55” awesome surround sound emulation speakers just used a for about year ,all inquires are welcome
  12. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha @Dan Tan maybe for you? ;p
  13. I went to a Norwegian CEO's office in Shanghai the other day. I dressed normally like a OL and his ground floor employees saw me walking upstairs to his office. They probably thought i came for a job interview. Actually i came to give him golden shower. I only had such office session twice in shanghai! schedule a session, mistress@doctor.com
  14. Hello, My name is Kyle, I'm from Los Angeles, and here's my 'about me' section. I will be attending Zhejiang University this February for a few years and look forward to inevitably meeting some of you while here! I am very business orientated and have three major goals coming into China this time around: Learn better mandarin. Meet some other entrepreneurs to conquer the world with one market at a time. Ride a motorcycle from Southern China to Northern China, or as far as I can get. I run a few small e-commerce companies based in the US and specialize in prototyping and product innovation. I've also got a marketing degree. ~~ I always hate introductions because it feels like I'm trying to sell myself as someone important to a crowd of strangers, I'm really just a normal dude looking to make some friends and grow my network&networth while in a China. Here are some hobbies I have: Surfing Snowboarding Hiking Photography Video Editing Rock Climbing Gym Riding Motorcycles Singing, Guitar, Drums, and Logic Pro X haha. Exploring Abandoned Locations Kayaking Teaching things I know how to do, in exchange for things I don't know how to do. Feel free to PM me if you think we could get along and we chit chat a bit before I arrive.
  15. I am very interested in the idea of business networking for expats and willing to invest some time into getting this started after I arrive and get situated. Even a monthly meeting could gain traction given a stable location and date.
  16. Oli


    Where can I watch the SuperBowl? Thank you!
  17. Juessen

    nice weather in hangzhou

    I'm also intersted in hiking or climbing,and I know some good place to have fun in HangZhou,I want to join it!
  18. Juessen

    Hangzhou Translator Meetup

    Hi,I am intersted in your activity,and I also have the same priblems like you.where do you live,Maybe someday we can grab a cup of coffe and talk about it.
  19. Juessen

    International Stammtisch (January)

    well,I am intersted in your activities.Please tell me what time the next activity is.
  20. ChrisBM

    looking for a single man

    a kind of decent man,: Dan Tan. The same guy saying that touching boobs was a common trait of white guys?
  21. bougti

    Foreigner teaching ESL in China?

    You do face a difficult choice, as almost all cities with large (western) expat communities are whether very polluted (Beijing) or crazy hot in Summer ( Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, but also Beijing can be very hot in Summer). I'm living in Xiamen. It's hot in Summer, but it's a very green city, there are trees literally everywhere and it's at sea side. For China it has few pollution. But there are only few expats here, a couple of 1000 I have read in some article. I only occasionally see other expats here, but as a British you might like that there is a among expats well known British Pub, where you always can meet some expats. Lucky Patcher 9Apps VidMate
  22. bougti

    Does anyone play the Piano?

    No, i don't. Hell, even most piano teachers are terrible. That is why i said being technical is just a small part. And i think we're in an agreement at the moment. Still looking forward to hear you play though Pnr Status TextNow VPN
  23. Joanna_Z

    Volleyball in Hangzhou

    Hi everyone :) I would like to play volleyball, any game during spring festival?
  24. Hi y'all. Were returning to HZ for cny for 2 weeks and I need ideas to keep me and the boys away from the dreaded in-laws and their freezing apartment for as much time as possible. Its been a while since we've been back so whats good for young kids now? We don't really wanna be trawling malls all day. The boys love being outside or being active. on another note we've secured a car to borrow but how strict are the cops with foreigns driving? driven every time we've been back before without issue but getting wary of the government clamping down on foreigners doing illegal stuff (no chinese driving license for me) thanks in advance pps did Maya bar ever reopen somewhere new?
  25. san5324

    The salary. What should i think about

    That made absolutely zero sense. Now go back to your corner little girl.
  26. William Fang

    The salary. What should i think about

    Ummm. Any new words from 1979 ? Hahahhahahaha dude. You are hilarious ^_^
  27. san5324

    The salary. What should i think about

    Hahaha I knew exactly what kind of loser u were by the other post.. Go cry in a corner like a good little bitch boy. And u better be nice to foreigners or you social credit will drop faster than u can say "welcome in China".
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