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  2. san5324

    need a english tutor

    are you a girl? If not then you are clearly not a "teacher" too.
  3. You got to be kidding. Look at the decoration of the "living room" and you think foreigners are stupid enough to fall for this shit?
  4. The size is 104 square meters with 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom. In very popular location for expat Zhao Hui Road Green Land. 5-10 minutes walking distance to West Lake Cultural Square. ( Metro station) . Hangzhou Plaza, and Zhejiang Museum, Zhejiang Province People Hospital, Schools, Canal are in 10 minutes walking distance area. Opposite the compound there are 2 big supermarket. Inside the compound there is a in door swimming pool. Schools for children are a lot. Rent is 7200 per month. If you need to visit it, please contact me. Available since this week.
  5. This price include 2 parking place. If you do not need parking place underground then price can be negotiated. Thanks.
  6. Property Detail: He Tian Shang Cheng is located near the crossroad of Liu He Road and Xin He Road, very close to Qiantang River. There are Hangzhou International school and Hangzhou No. 2 Middle School, supermarkets, restaurants, and banks around the community. The apartment is furnished in nice decoration, with fridge, washing machine, TV, air condition and so forth. This house( apartment) is a duplex. Big Size with river view. It is one of the best apartment with river view nearby HIS. About 5 minutes walking distance. Nearby there are century mart and food& meet maket. Metro station is in 10 minutes walking distance. If you are interested, please contact me . Thanks. Sending me private message is appreciated. Thank you. Mary
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  8. BluePasta

    Desktop PC

    Ironically, I need to be in a PC in order to add a photo. I’ll do that in a few hours time. If interested I can send a picture in a direct message though.
  9. BluePasta

    Desktop PC

    Hey all, So selling desktop PC. Original price 2200, bought for 1900. Comes with light up keyboard, mouse/mousepad. I separately bought 22 inch Samsung LCD screen, was 650yuan. I still have the Samsung warranty for 3 years and have the warranty book/ number, but the screen is new! selling as a bundle for 1500yuan. Hard drive: 120GB SSD Memory: 8GB RAM Monitor: 22” Samsung LED 6 USB ports, 3 are SATA 6 Authentic windows license.
  10. Abdurauf

    need a english tutor

    Hi i am interested. Please add me
  11. I am interested please add me
  12. Abdurauf

    200 to 300 yuan for 45 minutes of your time

    I am interested can you add me
  13. Abdurauf

    Part time foreign-Enlgish teacher needed

    I am interested your offer. Can you share contacts
  14. Yasonnn

    Holland and Barrett

    I am afraid that there is no H&B official offline stores in Hangzhou.
  15. Hi, guys! I'd like to provide personal Mandarin Teaching in part-time. I will help you grab some necessary Chinese skills in listening, speaking , reading and writing. I live in Xihu District, Hangzhou. If you have any interest, please contact me without any hesitation! A BRIEF SELF-INTRODUCTION: I am a youth engaged in the Internet Industry in Hangzhou. I was graduated in the University of Manchester, UK. I enjoy making friends and exploring some nice cafes what are less-know by the public. Moreover, I really like to do some cooking, at home, cooking for my families and friends, of course, this all stems from my love for gourmet cuisine. Hope to hear from you soon!
  16. DjTam

    university oral English teacher wanted

    Hi, you can add my wechat [please send me private message for my wechat ID] I have over 10 years college teaching experience. Tamlan
  17. Last week
  18. san5324

    Black girl in Wenzhou--Any nice guys here?

    And u also didn't noticed she was looking for people in wenzhou huh...
  19. I traveled there over the Mid-Autumn Festival. I would suggest a short weekend trip rather than a day trip. If you take the bus to Huangshan Tunxi (the city, not the mountain itself) at night, you can find relatively cheap accommodations near the train station, from which you can get a bus to the mountain starting around 5:30am I believe. If you start early, you can avoid some of the crowds. The bus to the Geopark takes a little over an hour and costs around 20 yuan. You then have to pay for entry to the park and take another bus to the mountain itself. From there, how long you spend on the mountain is up to you, which direction you choose to hike, whether you choose the cable car, etc. I see that this post is a little old, but hopefully it is helpful for anyone else who has a similar question.
  20. Jesus dude. Do you have any idea how to read dates on this post and many of the other posts you've crawled onto? San had it right. This crap is third world Country level.
  21. Hey I am interested if this job is still available. I’d like to try!
  22. Gazoo1000

    Holland and Barrett

    Hello, Does anyone know where the Holland and Barret is, in Hangzhou? Thanks in advance.
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