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  2. any outdoor lover here?

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  4. Hi guys I am leo, working for a outdoor gear company in hangzhou, located in Biniiang district. If you also like exploring the outdoor around hangzhou, add me in wechat: xueyingyouxia then, we can go outdoor together. Additionaly,I am looking for outdoor enthusiast to be special user for our company. what is the role of special user? your opinions about our project or product will be important to our new products. share your ideas(complaint/ exprience/innovation ideas ) also be a plus to us.

  6. Your studio looks awesome. Will you still be holding classes this fall?
  7. Time : Sep 2(Saturday), 2:30pm Venue: IFence Sports 杭州孙武国际击剑中心, address: B2, Block F, West Lake Culture Square 西湖文化广场F区B2层 Join the mixer Contact Jake, the wechat ID is whatsupinhangzhou, or scan the QR code below You will get invited to the mixer group as long as you made more than 1 post on this forum Why have this event ? Simply for friendships and share the good time. It is also to welcome the new comers to Hangzhou, to provide a platform for offline networking and to see the face behind the forum names. Want to win 5 free fencing lessons ? (each lesson lasts for 1.5 hours and worths more than 500yuan in total ) Please share the wechat post (*Zz4*okNmO9HW3cChkhEaVeozKA2W2JJXXIeA6WgoFHnG-hMKl63Yrzy5u4xUsn4hLepNiwghEZrMHd3V44hXTat5q5PLlzc5PQwtWCJAvAoPHSby9vOmgxO-GOLJ1KdwVYYnkb7YPopbKALpXRqnqTw1eCzR198Sb*wEZiHmw=) on your wechat moment, invite your friends to like your post, we will choose 4 among those who get more than 16 likes before this Friday, the more likes you get, the more chance you win the prize . ( You must go to the mixer to get the prize,) ............................................................................................................... Dear friends, With utmost pleasure I hereby introduce IFence to you, a new international fencing center established in Hangzhou before now. As a fencing master, I've devoted all my life to conveying the values of mutual respect, being strict and united as one, which is also what my tutors had handed down to me. We welcome you to join our big family and continue this commitment, and it will become a crowning glory for us. We hereby set up IFence Sports as we are one! Fencing is a way of life advocated by martial arts. In another word, the time for you or others to become a better person has come. Our dedicated team, together with my international coaches will accompany you walking into the world of fencing. Please allow us to share with you an incredible experience here in IFence Sports. Yours most sincerely, Mr. Marc Bigorra Head Coach of IFence Sports Head Coach of Zhejiang Provincial Fencing Team Champion of European Championship Club French Fencing Master

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  10. Oy, if I were you I would find a better way.. He is back again here now as Jake. (dot)
  11. Hahaha hahaha like nobody knows that you are Morris you ducking loser hahaha haha.

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  15. I see.
  16. Thanks I deleted the Jake Mod. thanks for the heads up @Hungry_Hippo @san5324 they change IPs, and if they use VPN it may harm other users too.
  17. Hello i am interested in this job. Contact me on my wechat. Wechat- redialex or 18758140040 email-
  18. Hello I am interested in this job. Contact me on my wechat for my CV aswell as introduction video. Wechat- redialex email-
  19. Hello. I am interested in this job. If you could contact me on my email or wechat I would be glad to send you my CV aswell as my introduction video. Wechat- redialex emial- thank you
  20. What did the cunt sent you? I don't know why they won't ip ban people.
  21. Heads up - the troll is back. this time named Jake Mod. not posting publicly- just sending PMs. A quick tip - if somebody is claiming to be a mod, you can easily check the sign up date and post count. Chances are if the guy joined 22 hours ago and made 22 posts he just might not be a mod... probably.
  22. I forgot to mention pet care... I would never let anybody take care of my cats.
  23. Seriously, if you would just take the time to check the search (or posts on the first page) then you already have the answer for half of your questions. 1 pm2 will be high when you come, weather will be between 13-15 on the end of October and only get colder. 2. Just see the forum for activities. 3. Enough busses and I guess 2 subway lines. 4. Cab starts with 10rmb for the first 3km 5. Big language barrier, hz is not like sh where more people speak zee English. 6. Be prepared to kill every driver in hz. It often took me 90 min on average when I took the bus to my university, about 7km
  24. Hi Everyone,we r planning to move to Hangzhou city in a couple of months,we would like to know about the weather,local transportation facilities,free time activities,pet care,cost of cabs, language issues for non Chinese with English back ground, and traffic.could you kindly give us the necessary info.
  25. Who we want ■ Working place: a private school in Hangzhou. ■ Looking for a foreign English teacher. ■ Bachelor’s degree in any subjects. ■ Teachers possesse a teaching certificate accredited by the local educational authority (TEFL, TESOL, etc.). What we offer (is subject to the final contract): -Simple but furnished accommodation will be provided, including bath, air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, internet, TV etc. - A working visa will be arranged and paid for by our school - Paid holidays ; - Accommodation\flight \healthy insurance is presented - 10,000 RMB per month Job Description: - classroom management; - planning, preparing and delivering lessons to a range of classes ; - preparing and setting tests, examination papers, and exercises; - marking and providing appropriate feedback on oral and written work; - organizing and getting involved in social and cultural activities such as sports competitions, schools parties, dinners, and excursions appropriately; - participating in marketing events for the school; The successful candidate will be: • A native speaker of English. • Warm, open and puts STUDENT's wellbeing first. • Be punctual and organized. • Develop relationships with staff members, students and parents. • Maintain professional standards at all times. • Follow schools behavior management policies. • Have teaching certificate accredited by the local educational authority (TEFL, TESOL, etc.). Prioty will be given if the teacher has over one year of English teaching experiences.
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