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  2. Hi, my name Uli, I'm from Russia, I've been working as a teacher for 3 years at schools like tefl academy, power English, kid castle) I would really appreciate to work with you:) wechat: uliana-XD
  3. Hi, I'm Uli, I'm from Russia, I've been working as a teacher for 3 years at schools like tefl academy, power English, kid castle) wechat: uliana-XD
  4. English teacher wanted

    Hi, my name is Uli, I'm from Russia, I've been working as a teacher for 3 years at schools like power English, tefl academy, kid castle) wechat: uliana-XD

    Hey we actually live really close! I'll PM you. :)

    Cheers mate. Yup, it's been over 10 years I've been in HZ now, I wasn't anticipating staying this long! I'll probably head back some time next year I think, just selling a few things in anticipation. Hope all is well with you.

    I live near the Chengxi Intime store (around Pingshui lu and Fengtan lu) but if you want, i can ship it to you using SF, it should only take a day to be delivered.

    Where are you located? :)
  9. Iphone 6 plus for sale 64 gb

  10. Beats Solo2 Wired On-Ear Headphones - Grey

    How about 375¥

    Damn dude, I remember you from when I worked in Binjiang back in 2011. How time flies and everyone has families and moving on. There's not too many old bird expats lingering in Hangzhou compared back several years. Cleaning up and closing shop for good? Cheers, Aaron

    I'll go down to 350rmb. It's a really good quality machine and in excellent condition, as I said they are worth close to 1000rmb new, you can do a quick search on taobao to confirm this.... I will throw in 5 cups for free though! ;)
  13. Young Enterpreneur and Start up advocator Brian Tam is coming to Rotary Club of Hangzhou's meeting this Saturday noon, come to join us, listen to his story and learn the card game of Startup. The meeting starts at 11:00am, at B1 Board Room, Sofitel Westlake Hotel, 333 Westlake Ave. 201706 Lets Make Great - Brian's Profile(4).pdf
  14. Internet Censorship Crazy in China...

    This site used to be very popular back in 2011, but seems like a lot of spammers and non-laowai frequent here more often than the laowai. Oh well, probably because of the wechat groups, but they also get tons of spammers as well.
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    Hello, I am interested in the Nepresso machine. Would you sell it for 250?
  17. Hello, i have iphone 6 plus for sale, anyone interested please contact. Silver col, 64 gb. Perfect condition.
  18. That's fine. We can be friends, no problem. Talk about photography or something. Although I am not really a photographer.
  19. add me wechat group

    For anyone who want to join Hangzhou Expat member's wechat group, please make sure you introduced yourself at the New Member form, then add wechat with ID = whatsupinhangzhou, and I will invite you.
  20. Hello! British expat in Yuhang, Hangzhou

    U can go even cheaper and go to Shanghai. But the quality is where the difference is man. You should at least check it out. Good luck.
  21. add me wechat group

    who know foreign wechat group can pull me so boring
  22. Hello! British expat in Yuhang, Hangzhou

    You mentioned your friend getting a 3pc for 1500...could you do me a favor and ask him where?
  23. AA1-1.png

    china panda holding
  24. china panda

    ChengDu WestChinaGo Travel Service Address:1Building,1# DaYou Lane,,DongHuaMen St, JinJiang District,ChengDu.China 610015 Tel:+86-135-4089-3980
  25. china panda

    china chengdu panda
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