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  2. san5324

    Zhejiang University Accommodation

    U mean yuwuan right? It's best to make a reservation for the liu xuesheng (foreign student building) as soon as possible if u don't want to share a room with somebody else in the 31 building. And if I can give u another tip, ask for a room opposite of the hospital. That's the best place because nobody would bother u when people are outside drunk or what not. ;)
  3. Hi! I’m Mayra from Peru. I will be studying at Zheda as a language student in September. I’m planning to live in the university dorms but I don’t have any information about the booking or when do I exactly have to arrive to get a room. I’m looking for help since I couldn’t find anything in their page or internet. Thank you in advance for the info :)
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  5. Shelly Neil

    Teaching English

    Has anyone worked with echo education?
  6. I'm a chinese business man owns a trade company in hangzhou, looking for co-operations , add me on wechat professionalpp , we talk more
  7. The only reason salaries have remained so low for you English teachers is cause someone is actually going to send them a message and be interested in it. The poor college student is ruining your market!
  8. That why you should go to teach in Dubai, Japan or South Korea :)... And its a kindergarten... not rocket science...
  9. Wow that salary is crazy low especially with no housing.
  10. HeyMisterWilson

    Hangzhou Returnee

    Hey Everyone, Recently returned to HZ (lived here in 2012) after several years in Shanghai and a couple back in the States for my MBA. Hoping to get connected with people and WeChat groups for nightlife, events, sports, volunteer groups, and pretty much everything else. Can find me on WeChat at [please send me private message for my contact information]
  11. A. Requirements: 1.Authentic and clear pronunciation of English language, young and lively voice that good enough to read ,acting out children stories and sing children songs;English native speakers preferred. 2. Healthy fit looking and active acting, passionate and confident in front of camera. 3. Our videos are used in our English-learning software or apps for users of 3-12 years old, young kids teaching experience or children associated work experience preferred. B. Workload: Flexible work time, Maximum can up 5 hours a day, negotiable working time, can up to your personal free time to set a schedule C. Payment: Hourly pay up to 300 per hour, pay cash once done Taxi fee (each time ¥50) and drinks provided while official working D. Recruitment process: as quick and simple as it can be like: 1. We need a quick audition (screen test) within half an hour in our studio 2. Communicate details of the schedule and confirm the paperwork and payment if the applicant is selected E. Contact Ms.Kiki Young [please send me private message for my contact information] Address: Hangzhou Bingjiang Inventronics business building B 5th Floor 杭州滨江区英飞特大厦B座五楼 Metro of Line1 to Xixing Station,then 8 minutes biking or 15 minutes walking to Inventronics Building Tower B (杭州地铁1号线到西兴站,8分钟自行车或15分钟步行到英飞特大厦B座) www.abc360.com
  12. Little World Preschool has over 22 years experience In the preschool education. Our Ding An International Kindergarten is located near the West Lake and very closer to the subway. Now we are looking for English teachers.These lovely children need excellent teachers who could lead them to know about this wonderful world. Teaching experience in kindergartens or schools is desired, but if you don’t have experience do not worry because we could also provide specialized training for you if you have love at heart and be patient.. Here is more information about the teaching vacancies. •Working address : huoyaoju lane 31,shangcheng district, Hangzhou near the West Lake and very closer to DingAn subway. • Teaching periods from Monday to Friday. ,Morning 8:00—11:30, Afternoon 1:30---5:00. •Size: 15-25 kids , age from 3-6years. •Salary: 11000 CNY---13,000 CNY . •Free medical check every year. •Enjoy summer holidays , winter holidays and Chinese Public holiday . •1Paid sick leave every semester. • 0-8000CNY contract completion bonus decided by the performance. • flight ticket for about 8000rmb when complete the 1 year contract. • 12 month contract (including 1 month probation) Qualifications 1. Open-minded, positive and warm-hearted with vigor and patience, love children and teaching. 2. 4-year bachelor's degree from an accredited university. Two years teaching experience is preferred. 3. Internationally recognized TEFLor TESOL certification. 4. Native English speaker. Passport issued by the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand is preferred. 5. Clear criminal background check. In good physical condition and without unhealthy hobbies. Responsibilities 1. Teaching and practicing oral English in the class(about 18-25 preschool kids in a class, aged from 3 to 6). 2. Using electronic media and courseware to teach English efficiently and effectively 3. Attending meetings, teacher training sessions and seminars. 4. Teacher is responsible for developing lesson plans and adapting to students' English abilities 5.Participating in social activities with students organized by the kindergarten. If you are interested, please send your C.V. to us or call us. I hope we will have an interview very soon. Come and experience the exciting journey in HangZhou China! You will love the city of Hangzhou where your working place is closer to the West Lake. Also your baby can go the kindergarten studying with you. • One-year Z working visa(foreign expert certificate) • • Accommodation assistance • On-going professional teacher development and training programs
  13. Hello everyone ! A room in available in Sanba station (Line 2, Xihu District) on the 25th of July and I am looking for someone to take over the contract. The agents in charge of the apartment are all English speaker and they accept short-term contracts (at least 2 months). The rent is 2250 RMB per month. The roommates are all foreigners and are very nice. We have a clean bathroom with a washing machine as well as a clothe dryer. The kitchen is fully furnished as well (microwave and rice-cooker). It is also not very far away from bars such as College, Mojito and Asian Park. If you are interested, feel free to contact me. Have a nice day ;) ! My wechat is [please send me private message for my contact information]
  14. leavalenti

    New in here

    Hello everyone ! I have been leaving in Hangzhou for 6 months and I will be go back home soon ! I am looking for someone to take back my housing contract.
  15. District: Binjiang District Layout: 4 bedroom 2 bathroom Size: 160M² Rental: 11000RMB/month Property Detail: The Rainbow city is located on BinSheng road, near the NO.1 Qianjiang Bridge. Metro Station of Lian Zhuang is nearby. It takes 10 minutes driving to the International School, 15minutes driving to the Westlake, and 20minutes driving to the Airport. There are Prolong Mall, supermarkets, restaurants, banks and bars nearby. The apartment is furnished in nice decoration, with fridge, washing machine, TV, air condition, floor heater and so on. Hi friends, If you are interested in it , please contact us. Thanks. Regards, Mary
  16. futtbucker

    PlayStation4 for sale

    still for sale?
  17. Would you like to get known to Chinese medicine and learn about the basic theory to be able to apply some of the traditional methods on your own to simply improve your life quality while living in China? Leave me your message and I will be back soon with more information. If you like to check out more about online courses by Wushan TCM and learn more about my work in Hangzhou and Chinese medicine please refer to https://wushantcm.com/online-courses/
  18. C&J

    Nice ebikes sell this week

    Update-white and purple bike is sold. Willing to take offer still on red.
  19. This apartment is located in crossing of Tian Mu Shan Road and Jing zhou Road. it is Just opposit Ants Fanancial of Alibaba. it can do short rent and long rent. Price is 5500 to 6500 according to How long you rent. If you are interested in it, please let me Know. Thanks.
  20. This apartment is located in Matrix in Jiao Gong Road and Wen Yi Xi Road crossing. It has two bedrooms and one living room. 87 sqm and price is 7500 Yuan per month. If you are interested Please contact ne. Thanks. Xihu District is Good for living, close to west lake and Good for education. Regards Mary( Please send me private message Since cannot write in the content)
  21. Hey everyone! Looking for someone to take over my room from end of this month or asap. 1st floor shared apartment (2 bedrooms, 1bathroom, living room, storage/dining room, laundry room and yard) located in Gongshu district. Very accessible from metro and buses. Double room, gets lots of light and has loads of storage. Flatmate from America really cool and friendly. Communal spaces all really nice and big. Internet included, oven, washing machine, good cooking facilities, air conditioning, indoor yard, etc. 2050 RMB per month. Rent is paid every 3months so 6150 every time. Address: 浙江省杭州市拱墅区塘河南村48幢4单元101 Send me a message for pics and details if you’re interested. My wechat id is fasha_amar
  22. Rina7

    Sale/Moving Sale

    It's sold, sorry. And I have left Hangzhou.
  23. This actually looks like fun. How often is the traveling done?
  24. 1st bike: 18 months old, goes 45 kph. Paid 2900 new. Asking 2000. 2nd bike: 10 months old, goes 35 kph. Paid 1800 new. Asking 1400. Best offer by Thursday takes one or both. Helmets included. Bikes must be picked up by Thursday night in Binjiang. I can't get the photos to attach. Message me for wechat and I'll send photos.
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