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  2. Hi there, [Urgent] One of my friends is leaving a public elementary school due to some private issue so that the school is now looking for someone to replace him for the coming semester. It’s a school in GongShu district and the subject is Science but It might be negotiable with the school(to be updated). Teaching grades: 3,4,5,6 Grades. 12 lessons per week(full time, no office hour) If anyone is interested plz contact with me ASAP. Wechat:77342426
  3. BluePasta

    Just arrived in Binjiang

    HeFang Jie is a place to start cause its completely for tourist. If you are a real foodie, go to LaJi Jie in Binjiang 垃圾街 Everyone knows it. It's all food!
  4. chloebee

    Just arrived in Binjiang

    Welcome to Hangzhou! I'm also from the UK, and a fellow foodie
  5. chloebee

    Coming in September

    Hi Ellis :) I'm from England too! I'm more than happy to help & answer questions, could go for a welcome to Hangzhou coffee when you arrive too haha
  6. Does anybody want to make some extra money by giving two classes on 23rd and 26th of August, 6:50pm to 8:00 pm? Salary for 2 classes in total is RMB400. Kids age from 3-6 years old,class size 10-15 kids. Teacher needs to be active and playful with students. Location: Yucai Bei Lu , Xiaoshan District of Hangzhou. Let me know if you are interested. My wechat is 944617631.
  7. Hi, We are moving. Pick up before 17 Aug. I have a Sansui 5.1 Home theatre system for sale. Speakers have excellent sound. Also a TV cabinet excellent finish. Anyone interested PM me.
  8. Last week
  9. MelissaB111

    Moving this August to Hangzhou Fuyang

    I'll also be moving end of this month (coming from the US also). Hope to have my visa by the end of next week.
  10. Hi guys, im looking for an apartment to rent in Binjiang.. either 1 bedroom or shared.. somewhere close to Jiangling road and that allows a dog (small). Thankyou.
  11. TAO

    Hello all HZ Expats

    Hi Tjandra, I just sent you my wechat in message.
  12. NetEase Games is looking for testers! Test will be at NetEase Games (Binjiang/Hangzhou) on two different dates 20.08.2018 and 22.08.2018 from 14.00 to 17.30, 500RMB per person+one way taxi fee back For the one on 20th of this month: 1. Need to be familiar with online PC games; 2. Need to be native English speaker from US/UK/AUS. For the one on the 22nd of this month: 1. Need to be familiar with online PC games; 2. Need to be from Europe/South East Asia/Japan/Korea. Another test on next Wednesday (15.08.2018) from 14.00 to 17.30 Need two different kind of testers; First one, the ones who are familiar with Harry Potter movies/books; 1. Need to know about Harry Potter movies/books ( at least watched some movies or read some books of Harry Potter); 2. Need to know about the characters and story background in Harry Potter; 3. Need to have some game experience (at least played some games in the past) 4. Need to be from UK Second one; 1. Not very familiar with Harry Potter but familiar with some medieval TV series such as Game of Thrones, Merlin etc. 2. Need to be from Europe or the US and more in the future! Add me on wechat . Wechat ID: [please send me private message for my contact information]
  13. Hello All, I have just returned from a year-long trip across SE Asia... I have lived in China for more than 7 years. I am Male, 41, from Canada, easy going. Please let know if you or a friend needs an immediate roommate. Possibly open to other areas. Love to meet you! Steven
  14. Selling this as we're moving away. 20 coins in total (2 on each page ), these are real and come with a certificate of authenticity. Coins from 200 BC to republic Also has paper cuttings to celebrate festivals and has writing about each festival in Chinese and English. 300rmb. Collection only from Binjiang
  15. Poker - 70rmb Majiang - 70rmb Both - 120rmb Collection only from Binjiang PM me for wechat
  16. Cryptocurrency Mining Rig / High Performance Gaming Machine (In personal Use) 1. Process: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU G1840 @ 2.80 GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.80 GHz 2. Motherboard: Intel H81 (supports 6 external graphics cards) 3. Power Supply: ETH 1600W 4. Graphics Cards: Gtx950 2g x 4 5. Mining Rig casing 6. HDD: Seagate 250 GBs 7. Wifi Adapter 8. 16 inches multimedia LCD 9. RAM: 4 GB for more details, PM me :)
  17. Please message me if you or any of your friends are selling a bicycle. My wife needs one. Girl or boy model is okay. Jason
  18. Piotr

    Coming in September

    Hello everyone, my name's Piotr and I'm going to move to Hangzhou in mid-September to continue learning Chinese and look for a job opportunity. I've been living in China since almost a year and spent a couple of months in Hangzhou last year but this time I intend to explore the city and its attractions some more. I'm looking forward to hearing some hints :)
  19. Tjandra

    Hello all HZ Expats

    Hi Tao, Yeah I live in my company dormitory. You wanna hangout sometime? I am free after 6 PM every day :-)
  20. One chain training center in Haining,ZheJiang province is looking for native English teachers to start asap. Students'age: 2-8years old Work hours:20 teaching hours/week,no more than 20 office hours/week 2days off from Mon to Fri. Salary and benefits: 15K+free recommandation Airfare after one year contract Requirements: 1.Native English speakers from USA,UK,Canada,Australia,New Zealand,Ireland,South Africa 2.Bachelor degree or above with at least 1-2years teaching experience, working visa required. 3.TESOL or TEFL certificate preferable. 4.Good image, presentation and attitude. 5. Active in class If you are interested in, Email your CV with a photo to [please send me private message for my contact information]
  21. At the very least posting the community and road names in Chinese is helpful. Don't just assume people won't understand.
  22. District: Binjiang District Layout: 3 bedroom 2 bathroom Size: 128M² Rental: 8500RMB/month Property Detail: He Tian Shang Cheng is located near the crossroad of Liu He Road and Xin He Road, very close to Qiantang River. There are Hangzhou International school and Hangzhou No. 2 Middle School, supermarkets, restaurants, and banks around the community. The apartment is furnished in nice decoration, with fridge, washing machine, TV, air condition and so forth. If you are interested in this compound, please feel free to send me private message. Thanks. Regards, Mary
  23. san5324

    Moving money out of China

    I always love it when they check your passport, make a copy and check your copy for some time.. Just to see if it is the same.
  24. CJ Chen

    Play Dates

    I'm also looking for some friends for my 2 years old daughter. can you share the wechat here? thanks.
  25. CJ Chen

    2 years old kids play date in Binjiang

    Do you have an EN playgroup for kids gathering?
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