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  3. Selling this NEW MATTRESS topper, high quality, memory foam, neutral color... Bought it couple a days ago but I got the measurements wrong and I don't wanna send it back to the seller, it's too difficult. I'll need to get a smaller one... Size is 200cm x 180cm. It's 11cm thick. You can see the link where I bought it on Taobao and the original price Never been used, completely new - 100%. It can go for 250rmb. Interested PM me. Cheers!
  4. I live at the West Lake Culture Square. Depending on the system Im sure I can find some books. Do you know anyone else who'd be interested? A 4 man group sounds ideal in my book
  5. that was cool! any more?
  6. Hello there. Interested in the job posting. Please contact me via wechat( panther819) or call me (13282019082) if you'd like a meeting too, that would be great!
  7. Also haven't played in a long while, but could be up for it! I am a heavy board gamer, and would like to find friends for that as well! I am at West Lake.
  8. Hi! My name is Lily, I am a new grad student at CAA by West Lake. I am from America, southern east coast. I like art, gaming(board and other), yoga, science, nature, etc. Generally looking for shared interests, to be helpful, etc. Ciao!
  9. I am pretty sure buynow at jiaogong road sells second hand phones.
  10. Hi all, I'm looking to buy a phone after losing the one I bought, um... 4 days ago. Ouch. Not looking to spend more than 1000 RMB, so I'm thinking about something with ~32 GB of storage and ~4 GB of RAM. Ideally less than 6 months old; I'd ask to see the receipt (or if the model is newer than 6 months ago...well, ok!). My preference is Xiaomi, but honestly I'm such a new user to smart phones that the brand probably doesn't matter much. However, not looking for an Iphone. I'm probably looking to buy another phone by Friday, so send me a message right away! PS, if nobody has anything to offer.... Where can I find a Xiaomi outlet in Hangzhou? I'm near Zhejiang University City College.
  11. Veel succes Kim.
  12. I know what you mean Hippo. But I am glad somebody else is not sugar coating all the time :P Always trust your feelings hehe
  13. Nah, man - just so obvious. At least he could have taken the time to get a normal e-mail or written a decent post. But this... this is just sloppy.
  14. If the job requires no relevant qualifications, no experience and even the basic requirement (native speaker) can be ignored - how is it a real job? Of course it's not... I'd say the requirements for TESL job are - be white, don't have a strong accent, appear stable (something that can "guarantee" you will fulfill your 1 year contract). Schools are popping up like crazy - with the new 2 child policy and whatnot. So everyone and their grandmother want in on the action to fatten up their wallets. Also, most people advertising are agents - they get commission for finding you a job. So they're not getting out of their way to contact you - just doing their job. It's a sad state of affairs. But it's nothing new and I doubt Chinese are unaware of this. Everyone seems to accept this as normal. And this is to be expected - no qualified, native speaker teachers would come to a place with lower living standards and lower salary.
  15. Nice to meet you. If you wanna exchange the Dutch with the Chinese language , as well as the local dialect, don't hesitate to contact me, since I was born in this city, and is eager to learn something new.
  16. It's pretty sluggish on the applicant end. No one is perfect, but it feels like we've collectively flushed the integrity out of the ESL job market. In multiple aspects. I definitely can think of some places where I can improve. Also, I'm pleased to know I've taken steps to improve along the way. But I didn't start replying to this post to praise myself. That's lame. As a result, it does get a little embarrassing, the way it's asked/implied when I meet people... "Teaching English, right?" Not condescending per se, just a bit dismissive... Hey, if you're a server at a restaurant, a taxi driver, a security guard - that's cool. Those are important jobs. I'll bet you've got a story or two. And in fairness, let us first see how you carry and conduct yourself at work. Or maybe your work isn't much of what defines you. Sure, then let's hear it, see it, whatever! Or better yet, you don't need to say/do anything to "defend" yourself. In a casual situation, I ought to give you the benefit of the doubt. If you're an installation artist and I own the venue, okay, let's see your portfolio... on and on I just think to some degree we have to take each other's occupations a little more seriously (or just with respect?). Deviate from high standards to low, rather than the other way around, if that makes sense. Don't be shocked when I do something moderately responsible, hahaha, that should be a given! Okay sorry to go off :) Good topic to discuss. I know I sort of steered it away from applicants...
  17. Groundhog's Day?
  18. Are you asking me or are you just trying to start a discussion?
  19. And, by this, I don't just mean from the locals, nor from the schools (who seem to consider working legally merely an option).. I'm talking about 'applicants'. Someone is looking for employees to do a job. And the vast number of people who will only respond to that post with "I'm interested - contact me" is staggering! The attitude - that the employer needs to go out of their way to contact YOU for the job!!! Would anyone here consider that appropriate for a job in engineering? Or senior management? Or, basically, any other job?? And that doesn't even go into the extremely simple request to message or contact the employer at the bottom of the post... and yet, people will still do that! Such a HUGE entitlement attitude! Granted... most jobs advertised here aren't for a 'school' where education is important.. it's just a quick money-making scheme (another one of the "I've got a great idea = let's open a school.. lots of parents want their kids to learn English"... with absolutely zero understanding or experience... much less being legal!) And, of course, most applicants have almost zero understanding of the language they're supposed to be teaching! (I'm sort of amazed at the number of 'native English speakers' who don't know the difference between coherence and cohesion... or the difference between a gerund and an continuous), let alone the qualifications or experience... And, so, these 'schools' will take absolutely anyone... (well, if you have white skin.... sorry - it's not really them - it's the parents!) Now that the regulations have changed, I really hope the crackdowns come soon.
  20. Hello nice people, I am a visual artist from the Netherlands. And I recently moved from Berlin to Hangzhou to work here as an art teacher. Next to working (making contemporary art, I like to meet up with nice and interesting people. I enjoy dancing, walking, eating good food, dancing, laughing, dancing, having fun, contemporary art, movies, animals, did I mention dancing ;-), having a language tandem (English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Limburgish, Chinese), swimming, sauna, networking, traveling, visiting a good show, doing a course, relaxing, having new experiences,.... And you can always ping me for a coffee too. Have a great Sunday, Kim
  21. You mean, like because it would be illegal to work there if you don't have a work visa??? Why do employers consider a work visa/RP is optional here?
  22. This'll obviously be a stupid question... but why are you quoting prices from Suzhou, when this is a HANGzhou site??? (and, given your prices from Suzhou to Shanghai, I"m going to horrified with your prices from here!)
  23. I've tried a few here, but not yet seriously impressed... something is missing from many of them (doesn't help when you have a Thai theme, but with Chinese characteristics!) Sawasdee - which apparently won an award (or more) for best Thai restaurant in... somewhere? (the East China region.. dunno) wasn't that fantastic on my taste buds that it was much better than anything I'd get back home (sorry Thai chefs you employ!) Banana Leaf (chain) near Hubin Lu north end... not bad, but it's a chain, and you know what that means! I actually liked the place in BLT complex.. but a little hard to find. Xixi InTai - crap! (and over-rated!) I don't think I've tried Home around HZ Tower... Anyone got any suggestions?? (NB - while I'm obviously comparing with Thai from back home, when I went to Thailand, I found the food in the local markets was basically the same, so I'm fairly confident back home wasn't too "-ised" for local tastes).
  24. I'm interested your annoncement if you can please call me for full information [please send me private message for my contact information]
  25. I do regularly buy the Johnsonville snags - especially the cheese... but they ain't nothing on what I'm used to back home... good Kransky! There are two types of steak you can get here in the restaurants - crap Chinese steak that's grey - like it's been frozen, cooked, frozen again, defrosted, and then stuck in a microwave to heat up... and coated in some who TF knows what type of 'sauce'... that's usually around 140RMB. And the good expensive stuff that you rarely see, that should be at least 280RMB (or, in Slims, up to 500RMB)... but that's the good stuff.... I'm from Aus, where steak is a mainstay... and so when I say good, i really mean it! (their burgers are 'meh'.. again, coming from Oz... where any basic burger from a F&C shop is better!).
  26. Hi I'm interested if you can please contact me for full information [please send me private message for my contact information]
  27. Hi my name is Tim and I interested in your announcement it impressed me like a bomb If you have vacancy for me please contact me. [please send me private message for my contact information]
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