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  2. jophiiin

    Los Angeles to Hangzhou.

    hi Kyle,welcome to hangzhou。im a vocational high school teacher here,native speakers in chinese,im looking for someone who can practice my poor english and also want to learn some chinese。if youd like contact with me to know more about hangzhou or anything else,you can add my WeChat or snapchat。nice to meet you。
  3. Company name: Zhejiang Stanley Education Location: C604, Jinjiang times plaza, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province; Class size: 1-on-1,2,3, 4& group session (To be arranged); Class duration: 1-2 hours (To be arranged); Age Group: 5-18y Teacher Requirements: -Native speakers are preferred; -Bachelor’s degree is preferred; - TESOL/TEFL Certification is preferred; -Passion for teaching children; Workload: - 10-15h per week ; - No office hours are required; - Detailed class schedules will be discussed and created; - All resources supplied, including Internet, whiteboard, printer, photocopier, flashcards, textbooks and teachers books. Hourly rate: - 150-200 RMB per hour; Application: Please submit a formal application to us including: - A detailed CV/resume with a recent photograph of yourself; - Passport info page as well as current visa page if applicable; - A short and brief self-introduction video.
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  5. Job Description as following: 1. Be responsible for teaching English to students aged from 3-12 in an English training school in Hangzhou. The school is at No. 165#, Qiuyue RD, Gongshu District, 2. Part-time: evening 4:30-8:30 pm (weekdays) and 9:30 am-6:00 pm (weekend) 3. Prepare for the courses before the class. 4. Be positive and warm-hearted with vigor and patience, love children and teaching. Qualification: 1. Native English speaker from USA , UK, Canada,Australia or New Zealand, ect; 2. Bachelor’s degree or above, better with majors in Language, education, art or relative field. 3. 1 year teaching experience preferably in EFL. TESOL or TEFL certificate is preferred. 4. Age required: 20-45 years old. Payment: 200-300 RMB per hour; If you are interested in this job, please send me a direct message with your details( wechat account , phone number, picture, e-mail,..)
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  7. ukmike85

    Looking to make friends

    Hi guys, my name is Michael. I'm in HZ for a few weeks and looking to meet some new friends. A little about me; I'm originally from the UK but I live in the USA right now and am just finishing my PhD at UC San Diego. Just say hi if you'd like to know more. Take care!
  8. Lee3434

    Any gay to hang out??

    Thanks for the info. It’s helpful
  9. Then what do you call MAO Livehouse? They play tonnes of alternative hard rock, metal, post-rock etc. Zhongshan Nan road, in the mall with Loopy.
  10. BluePasta

    Any gay to hang out??

    The gay foreign community is a bit diminished. It was huge back in 2009,2010,2011, but now mostly are professionals that either moved to Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc. Also, the community is a bit older from last I saw. You can download Blued, but that is more of a Chinese hookup app, if you don't know Chinese then its not worth it. Easiest to just find an "in" person and get into that community.
  11. Are you a native English speaker based in China? Here is a great opportunity for you to do a nice paying part-time job from the comfort of your own home. - No time restriction - Can be done virtually anywhere! - Instant payment Inbox me for details.
  12. Hi Shane, you said twice a week, how many 40mins classes are there each time ? Is it one class each day ?
  13. Sara shahid

    Go-Carting in HZ

    I am also looking for go cart racing.. Please any one if u can guide me..?
  14. We have part time kindergarten classes available on weekdays from the 1st of March. The classes are twice a week and 40mins per class. The time is flexible and the salary is 200 -300rmb per 40mins class. We are in the Hangzhou Wanjiaxingcheng area. Please let me know if you are interested. Experience with very young learners is preferred. These students are 2-3 years so there is a lot of focus on play.
  15. Lee3434

    Any gay to hang out??

    The forum members are not so active. But thanks for your advice.
  16. san5324

    Any gay to hang out??

    You can try to find out who they are and send them a private message to find more info where they ate and ask about the scene.. Don't give up so fast.
  17. Just go to edit your post?
  18. Lee3434

    Hiking Group!! Join us!!

    I often go hiking to enjoy beautiful scenery and have a picnic when the weather is permitting. So if you would like to go hiking, you can add me on we-chat, Pm me yours and add you to the group. Thanks!!
  19. Lee3434


  20. How do I delete my post? I couldn’t find any button.
  21. Hi guys! I am kind and friendly local in Hangzhou. I love making friends and have lots of international friends. But most of them have already left for their countries after the study in Hangzhou. So I am looking forward to making more friends to go hiking. I love hiking, and I usually go hiking with them when I am free, which is lots of fun, during hiking we can be picking up new languages ,exchanging ideas and learning the cultures. I’d love to be a tour guide if you are new to Hangzhou. PM your w.e. Chat. Number to me if you are interested.
  22. Lee3434

    Any gay to hang out??

    thanks for your reply. If it is in the past, I guess those guys had already been in other places
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  24. san5324

    Any gay to hang out??

    There was actually quite a big group of gay / bi people in the past... U need to check the website for some of their posts, they actually got together on a weekly basis...
  25. Hello. I would appreciate if you could send me a message to discuss the position. Thank you.
  26. A part-time job for native English speakers. A task you can do virtually anywhere, anytime at your leisure. If you're interested don't hesitate to dm me! Thank you.
  27. Hello! I'm interested in this position. Can you please leave me your id in Wechat.
  28. Lee3434

    Any gay to hang out??

    I love go hiking, If you happen to like it, feel free to hang out with me!! Hope it would be a good time at the weekends. You can PM me wechat and we can chat on online.
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