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  2. Greetings learned ones , Recently I decided to resign my current teaching position and gave 2 months notice . The company requires me to cancel my visa at the end of the notice period . Drat! as I had thought I might keep the visa but alas no . I would like to stay in China for a while as a tourist and would also like to keep up apartment during this time as a base. Can I keep the apartment as a tourist ? Thanks in anticipation.................
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  4. Hey, I'm leaving Hangzhou soon, and I'm selling an e-bike: used one and half years 5 batteries removable batteries (include trolley to carry the batteries) ¥1500 Contact: 13735548527 (wechat id: shihariel) If you are interested, please PM me or contact me
  5. LoL there is one sitting outside my apartment .. bet its one of the broken ones. I do like yellow though....
  6. néng shuō huì dào 能 说 会 道 能说会道:silver tongue 1.tā nengshuohuidao nǐ kěndìng biànlùn búguò tā。 他非常能说,你肯定辩论不过他。 He has a silver will never beat him in debate. 2.wǒ rènwéi wǒ shàncháng zuò xiāoshòu,yīnwéi wǒ duì wǒmen de chǎnpǐn hěn liǎojiě ,érqiě wǒ fēicháng nengshuo huidao. 我认为我擅长做销售,因为我对我们的产品很了解,而且我非常能说会道。I think I would be good in sales ,cause I know our products well and I have a silver tongue.
  7. Look for the yellow bikes and just push the lock thingy. Often it automatically opens for some reason and you don't have to pay ;p
  8. I have a metro card. Was really easy to get one. I asked a coworker and he said the same thing. It works on busses, the subway, and the town bikes. Pretty amazing. All i did was go to the subway help center and give them like 300 yuan and they set me up with a card. Thanks.
  9. Someone ?? you mean moi.
  10. 1.Fluent English speaker. 2.At least one year kids teaching experience aged 3-12. 3.Working Duration:31st July to 17th August. From 10am-17pm Monday to Thursday, 10am-19:30 on weekends. 4.Work for 13days, including 1 training day and 12 days for teaching. 2 hours per class, 2 classes per day average. 5.Students age:3-12 years old 6.Location: Gongshu,Hangzhou. 7.Salary:100-150rmb/h. If you are interested,please send me private message.
  11. I want to sell my ebike has 6 or 7 batteries I don't remember , you can use it for pretty far distance, the speed is higher than normal ones and no need to charge it every day i changed the battery in October 2016 it has no problem only because of leaving china I want to sell it price: 1800 rmb, my phone number ‭‭ 132-8218-3991‬‬
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  13. hi salma
  14. Yeah, you got Chinared... as you put it. The thing you haven't worked out is - they don't give a toss! The fact that this is a 'thing' means that no-one really cares, Legalities?? Meh, who cares?? (unless you get someone in SAFEA to give a shit). Your only viable recourse is media.... as someone said, get someone in as a 'journalist'. Maybe give a few RMB to some journo students to take a camera into the office.... pay them to go in about 2-3 times per week until you get paid (the school doesn't need to know this). Obviously, they need to wait out front for the boss to walk to his/her car, and start filming and asking questions...
  15. oh it will work out. I gave them a chance to do the right thing. They chose not to. I'm handing in my notice Friday :) for anyone reading this - if you fall into a similar situation, your best bet is to publicly shame those cheating scumbags. To your colleagues, to clients, if you can - get the media involved. This will work. Legal measures will take a lot of time, cost a bunch of money, and at the end they can still refuse to pay - more legal bullshit on your hands... My situation is complicated - I got this job through acquaintances as "a favor" so I can't go all out.
  16. [x] oppressive humidity [x] 40 degrees plus [x] waaaaay lower standard of living [x] wide spread incompetence and then, at the end, like a slap to the face with a wet rag : Enjoy your stay! :D :D :D
  17. this made me laugh more than it should have :D then I remembered I am in this shithole and got sad again... :/
  18. 20RMB??? OMFG??????? Last time I was doing this, the pay was 150RMB... and someone else was taking a cut before I got mine!
  19. I wonder how you deal with air pollution. Not breathing? You don't deal with it, just accept it's fucking China and carry on. It's a trade-off between your health and whatever you have going for you in China. Oh and it's not just the air that's messed up. Water and soil are also heavily contaminated.
  20. Hi Salma. Fortunately, the rain won't be too bad... it'll go away soon enough (and probably leave the oppressive humidity - especially when we start getting the 40degrees plus). Unfortunately, your huge disappointment with your job isn't that surprising :( Especially for foreigners who have higher standards and expectations... we come to HZ thinking it's a step above what we've been used to elsewhere... and find it's not (too much) :( Sure, it's better... but still doesn't meet our standards and expectations of 'competence'. Enjoy your stay! :)
  21. Hi Yawed. There are a couple of German bars in HZ, and therefore some German speaking people around as well. Hopefully a couple on here will pipe up and give you some more info.
  22. What San says... if you're worried about it, then don't come! There are times when HZ's AQI is worse than either Shanghai or Beijing. These wouldn't be considered 'rare'... as in, you can expect this to happen a few times throughout the year. And, as also said, winter will seriously suck for you and your kids. We're talking weeks to months of continuous poor quality air. (poor by our standards, and even poor by Chinese standards) You haven't said where you're coming from (or have been) to give any sort of comparison... but in general, the nice clear days you're probably used to on a regular basis are the rare days that we enjoy here! Out of the 365 days per year, we tend to enjoy less than half of them with nice 'clear' skies (and maybe as few as only 15%.. depending on where you live). It's not as bad as the seriously bad smog that Beijing gets, where you can't see 30m in front of you... or Shanghai where you can't see 1km across the skyline... but you don't get to see 2-3km down the main river here very often! (I'm used to seeing the 5km that most humans can enjoy in clear skies). Most of us just deal with it. And either stay, or leave.
  23. Starting date: 1st Sept, 2017 Locations: Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Job details: - 5 working days per week - Instructing students ages 3-6 in the English language (KIDS) - Utilizing creative, interactive speaking listening activities that engage students - Classroom management - Developing lesson plans and contributing to existing curriculum - 1 year contract Requirements: - A native speaker from the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand is preferred. - At least 2 years and more English teaching experiences - A bachelor's diploma and above. - Passionate about teaching and dedicated to student outcomes - An energetic and enthusiastic disposition - Teaching certification as TEFL/TESOL/CELTA is preferred Salary and benefits: - Salary: RMB 12000~18000/month - Free lunch at school - Ongoing Training - National holidays according to the government - Other standard school benefits - Accommodation provided [please send me privat emessage for my contact information] ps: This is a long term effective job information, please find me on Wechat directly, so you can contact me at anytime!
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  25. hope this site could be rebust to connect the relationship between the friendly foreigner and HZ people.
  26. Hi everyone, I'd like to know where to find a good English speaking dermatologist in Hangzhou ?
  27. If you really care about Air quality then you dont go. It is that easy. Well, maybe Hainan (tropical island, my avatar was shot in Hainan) in the south of China might be suited for you. You can check the air Q for yourself. Now it is 112. As winter season creeps closer you will see a rise . Average in the winter is around 300+. It is one of THE reasons for me not to stay here anymore. I havent seen stars here since 2012. Well you see maybe 5-10 stars a night. I grew over my asthma as a boy and since I am in China it has come back. The air is very wet, winters very cold and houses have no isolation.
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