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    Holland and Barrett

    I am afraid that there is no H&B official offline stores in Hangzhou.
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  4. Hi, guys! I'd like to provide personal Mandarin Teaching in part-time. I will help you grab some necessary Chinese skills in listening, speaking , reading and writing. I live in Xihu District, Hangzhou. If you have any interest, please contact me without any hesitation! A BRIEF SELF-INTRODUCTION: I am a youth engaged in the Internet Industry in Hangzhou. I was graduated in the University of Manchester, UK. I enjoy making friends and exploring some nice cafes what are less-know by the public. Moreover, I really like to do some cooking, at home, cooking for my families and friends, of course, this all stems from my love for gourmet cuisine. Hope to hear from you soon! The attachment is a image of my WECHAT ACCOUNT. U can scan it to find me!
  5. DjTam

    university oral English teacher wanted

    Hi, you can add my wechat 18506822685. I have over 10 years college teaching experience. Tamlan
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  7. san5324

    Black girl in Wenzhou--Any nice guys here?

    And u also didn't noticed she was looking for people in wenzhou huh...
  8. I traveled there over the Mid-Autumn Festival. I would suggest a short weekend trip rather than a day trip. If you take the bus to Huangshan Tunxi (the city, not the mountain itself) at night, you can find relatively cheap accommodations near the train station, from which you can get a bus to the mountain starting around 5:30am I believe. If you start early, you can avoid some of the crowds. The bus to the Geopark takes a little over an hour and costs around 20 yuan. You then have to pay for entry to the park and take another bus to the mountain itself. From there, how long you spend on the mountain is up to you, which direction you choose to hike, whether you choose the cable car, etc. I see that this post is a little old, but hopefully it is helpful for anyone else who has a similar question.
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  10. Jesus dude. Do you have any idea how to read dates on this post and many of the other posts you've crawled onto? San had it right. This crap is third world Country level.
  11. Hey I am interested if this job is still available. I’d like to try!
  12. Gazoo1000

    Holland and Barrett

    Hello, Does anyone know where the Holland and Barret is, in Hangzhou? Thanks in advance.
  13. Property detail: Sincere Garden is located at the north of Wenyi West Road, the south of Zhejiang University Zijingang Campus, and the west of Hangzhou Green Town Yuhua School. And it is 800 meters far away from Xixi National Wetland Park, which enjoys both the prosperous of the city and also the natural beauty of Wetland. It is very convenient to go to the West City Plaza、Wu-mart and West Brook commercial street, only 5 minutes by car. There are 4 outdoor swimming pools and also gym in the compound. The apartment is furnished in nice decoration, with fridge, washing machine, TV, air condition and so on. This apartment is big size 207 sqm with 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms. It is suitable for 4 members whole family. Xixi Shopping mall is in 200 meters distance. You can enjoy convenient life here. Schools nearby. Xixi wet land park is a 5 stars international park. It is a famous place for tourism. You can enjoy a good and healthy life here. Management is managed by Green Town. Luxury lobby and professional house maintenance service. Rental price is 22000 per month. Contact me for more details.
  14. Hi, I am a fully trained primary school teacher from the UK with over 12 years experience of teaching, including 2 years spent in Japan teaching English to children aged 4-15. I am looking for part time work only from Monday to Friday that fits in with my children's school hours. Thanks.
  15. Greeting All, We are looking business partners who would love to join us as part of our business plan. A brand new open teaching space near Alibaba in Xixi park Yuhang district. We have plenty of connections at local schools, with almost 5000+ junior students to join. We have also done business registration. The potential location for teaching/fun is at a local workshop (with is also 500m away from metro way line 5), this workshop has basketball spaces, badminton, table tennis, bars, even restaurant. Anyone that interested into this could contact me, we could work out together. Feel free to contact me on regards E
  16. This is a single service apartment in Hangzhou for rent. Size is 49 sqm. It is a studio. Monthly price is 6800 minimum 6500rmb/ month. In Hangzhou(Hangzhou Impress) is located at the crossing of Wen Tao Road and Jiang Hui Road. It is located in the CBD of Binjiang District. Gemini, Sunyard, and other modern offices are nearby. This apartment has a fantastic view of the river. It is bright and brand new with full set furniture and famous brand electric appliances. The location of the apartment is about 5 minutes walking distance to Metro Station and Binjiang Government. If you are interested, please contact me by sending me private message for contact info.
  17. There is a PC cafe right next to the Nanxingqiao metro that will take your passport as valid ID. I don't remember the name, but it's right next to the construction zone by Phoenix Plaza. You should see a 网吧 sign on the fourth floor of the first building NW of the metro.
  18. Darren & Tanzinne


    Hey man. You still have these tools?
  19. THe Humanities and foreign languages college of Zhejiang Shuren University in Hangzhou is recruiting a full-time English teacher for next term from Feb.22 ,2019 .The requiirements (1) He or she must have B.A (2)He or she must have TEFL or TESOL (3)HE or SHe must come from USA or UK or Canada, or Austria. (4)He or she must love teaching. The workload: 18 periods per week. Salary: 8000---9000 yuan. The housing and all the facilities are free of charge. The apartment is on the Hangzhou Campus. Please contacct me, my wechat:[please send me private message for my contact information]
  20. Hello, I am a qualified teacher, currently teaching AP Calculus in Hangzhou. I have experience teaching English as well and have taught to all age groups. I am a native English speaker from the USA. I have two engineering degrees and can teach math, science, or English (Oral, literature, writing, etc.). I am looking to find part-time/tutoring work in the Xihu area. Please message me privately for my contact information and for questions regarding time, cost, subjects, location, or any other questions that you might have. I can send my resume upon request as well. Beat Regards, Tyler
  21. Property detail: Vantone Center is located in No.189 of Da Guan Road. It is next to Ocean International. It is 8 kilometers far away from West Lake, 5 kilometer to the Hangzhou Plaza. It is a combination building for single apartment and office. The building is modern design and brand new. Size is 79 sqm and price is 6000 yuan. Close to Le Ti Gang Shopping center. If you are interested in it, please contact us.
  22. Theoblue88

    Dungeons & Dragons in Hangzhou?

    Any games looking for players near Xiasha?
  23. san5324

    Kung fu, wushu at hangzhou

    Early weekend starts at 6... :)
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