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  2. Yes for a Z working visa you do require a bachelor degree. Maybe check out other cities. Good luck.
  3. Hi Judy, Sorry for not Replying sooner. Please check your message for the information. Thanks.
  4. (UPDATE) I'm sorry this apartment is no longer available
  5. For applying for a Z working visa, bachelor degree is required. You are not being lied too.
  6. As far as I know, you need authentications of both of your degree and non-criminal record.
  7. Hi, I'm interested in this position, please can you contact me so i know where to send my CV and covering letter? kind regards, Sian.
  8. Hi, I have an room to rent very close to yuquan campus, its 3450 per month and the payment is very flexible, Its located by Lianhua street and Jingzhou Road in a complex called Shanshui Renjia Caiyuntian. Its perfect timing for me as i will be moving out pretty soon so i need to find someone to take over my room. If your interested please message me or add my wechat and i can send you photos, [please send me private message for my contact information]
  9. Hi guys, I have a room available ASAP, its located very close to Yuquan Campus, easy access to the metro station, Great location for hikers, It is a shared apartment but the great thing is you have a private bathroom with shower, great views. Its located on the 6th floor the apartment block does have a lift. Please message me if your interested and i can show you some photos or you can come to visit. Thankyou :)
  10. Hi i have a room available ASAP located by Yuqan Campus not far from the metro station
  11. Hello, We are offering some easy part time job for native speakers from Pakistan or India whoever can read and type Urdu. Mother language should be Urdu. Please contact us if you are interested. Thanks
  12. Hi Hannah, I'm staying at Shujiang hotel near Hangzhou dianzi university. Just got here so I'm still trying to figure out the area, but where is this bar in relation to the wumart?
  13. can you add me on my wechat [please send me private message for my contact information] ,and we will tak in detail
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  15. Hey guys! I am new to Hangzhou and I am hoping to find a place to play squash. Any tips? Thanks!!
  16. Dat komt waarschijnlijk omdat je in sandun woont Andrea. Ben je wel eens bij verschillende gyms geweest? Ze bieden verschillende danslessen aan.
  17. Teaching English with High Salary and Comfortable Environment Job Description: - Potential Work Locations: Hangzhou - Schedule: flexible - Class size: one on one OR small group ( 6 - 8 students ) - Students: range from 3 to 12 years old - Starting Date: ASAP Job Requirements: - excellent accent - Have a Bachelor’s degree or above - Experienced in teaching kis aged 3-12 - White people preferred - Minimum 1-year commitment for full-time positions or 6 months for part-time, short-term Summer positions also available Salary and Benefits for Full-time Teachers: 1. Monthly salary:12,000-20,000 RMB, depends on the personal ability. 2. Usually 40 minutes per class 3. two days off from Monday to Friday 4. paid vacation days and Chinese holidays per year 5.Free pick-up at the airport ‘ 6. developed opportunities 7.annual bonus 8.Working visa Benefits for part-time teachers -part-time: negotiable, around 120-200 RMB per hour -bonus opportunities Contract lengths: minimum 6 months for part time positions and at least 1-year for full time
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  19. Yes I my meaning was referring to : Lian hua Jie road. that is 2-3 km far from Yuquan campus. thanks for the advice , but I need to close all the apartment things before I come I have my chinese friend arranged do those things, I just need a good "Street names" and he will do the rest , yes I hope to rent in a maximum price of 5k rmb a month. that I can afford thanks ! if you have any suggestions will be much appreciated.
  20. Hello helloo everyone! Since one month I live in the Sandunzhen area. Even though it's quite far away from the city centre, I really enjoy life over here. It's a very convenient place. The two things I do miss though, are: 1) Hiphopclasses. Wauw, I really want to practice my passion again. I miss it so much. So my question is: Does anyone know a good danceschool/dance centre were they teach Hiphop lessons? (or something simular). This can be in the whole city actually (not Sandunzhen area perse), since I'm quite desperate to find one haha. 2) Expats. I have the feeling that I'm the only international who's living in this area, so my second question is: Are there some expats in this area who would like to meet and hang out some day? Thank you so much for the tips, I really appreciate it
  21. I'm also really interested in Badminton for fun. I used to play once or twice every week before. If anyone knows a place where I could play badminton during weekends or anytime after 6pm near /on Nan Shan road or anywhere in Xi Hu district would be nice! Thank you! :) Still trying to settle in here and hopefully join some sport activities I will enjoy :D
  22. Hi, Luc and nice to meet you too! Message me your wechat details if you'd like to keep in touch/meet.
  23. I have always enjoyed about controlling a male. I order you to strip, laugh at you and your d#*k...then put you in Chastity. If this interests you, hit me up. :) Email me with a tribute proposal mistress at doctor dot com
  24. Hi there, I moved into Liangzhu on the 14th. From South Africa. Excellent to know that an Expat group exist. Looking forward meeting you guys. Luc.
  25. New venue it’s elegant and dance friendly the drinks are incredible
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