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    I haven’t authenticated my diplomas and I am not even American but I have authenticated other American–issued documents so I believe what I write below is accurate. Let me briefly explain about apostilles and document authentication. There is an internationally agreed procedure of how a private person can obtain a legal document in one country and present it in another. It is called apostille, it is basically a certificate of validity issued by the Foreign Ministry, the Department of State in DC in case of the US. Let’s start from the end. Say, you would like to submit an American–issued legal document to a Chinese institution. For it to be accepted in China it has to be authenticated by the Chinese embassy / consulate in the US. For the Chinese embassy to touch it, it has to be apostilled by the Department of State in DC. State Department will only apostille legal documents issued by the federal government (e.g. something issued by the FBI) OR a legal document that has already been apostilled by the respective Department of State in the capital of that state. Now comes the catch. Not everything is considered legal documents. Something authenticated by a notary public IS a legal document. But just any notary cannot “authenticate” your diploma because there is nothing for them to authenticate. Usually it is a University–provided authentication service where they employ a certified notary public, who when presented with the original of your diploma has the means to check that it is indeed authentic and will then make a certified copy. It will be a photocopy of your diploma on a legal size sheet of paper with an addendum below stating that it is indeed a notarized copy of the original diploma and the signature of the notary. Of course, if you can find a notary that will just blindly do it for you the outcome will be the same, the thing is that most notaries won’t. So to reiterate: Present the original diploma to your University -–> get the notarized copy –> get this copy apostilled in the state capital –> get it apostilled in DC –> get it authenticated at the Chinese embassy –> Bingo!
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    Nice of you to reply, thanks. Maybe you could look on this as an opportunity not just to teach the kids English but also about different people's? Though you'd need to start with their parents first...
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    Our training centre in Binjiang (Binwen road, near Xixing station of metro line 1) is in need of full time and part time English teachers. If you: Are a native English speaker or have strong confidence in your accent Hold a tefl tesol certificate or have abundant teaching experience Will stay in HZ for next at least 6 months and can work at weekday evenings and weekends Pls contact me! Salary: Fixed monthly salary+ bonus, or hourly based part time payments, negotiable based on experience Class size: 6-8 student, age from 3 to 10 Class time: one hour from 6-7 pm weekdays and flexible hours on weekends We teach POP TOTS for regular classes and flexible curriculum for summer camps and short-term classes Message me for more info. Thanks everyone!
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    Hi everybody, "Belief English" is looking for part-time and full-time foreign teachers in Hangzhou. Who is interested in english language teaching jobs please send me a private message! Thanks in advance!!
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    Only rarely... or when I'm teaching... or examining..... the thing is, a person will NEVER achieve native-level like fluency in a language, because the native speakers just nod their heads and say "it's ok, I know what you mean:... So, we end up having these mistakes that we keep making, because no-one ever bothers to correct us! I was saying "washing washing" for months, before someone pointed out that it's not 'xi xi", but "xie xie". Everyone just smiled, nodded, and said "we know what you mean".
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    Actually I have an update on that. Apparently there’s a government department that does foreign degree authentication. You can submit documents right here in Hangzhou, near Gudang. They only need the original diploma (no apostille required), passport(s) and some paperwork in Chinese. And you get to keep all the originals, they only need to see it once and take pictures / copies.
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    well now I know why you have so much toilet paper, its because you're a shithead!
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    Guys, if you're are in the same industry as mine, you ought to know what these words mean at a quick look. Actually I am still going to explain it to you guys about it. This is a classic words used in computer programming language. Almost every computer language used this sentence as an example. To my understanding it is the words from the point of view of computers themselves. But, you know, I am not a robot, I am a man who is physically existing. I am a native Chinese. I am living in HZ with my family, and lived in Beijing for about 10 years. If you'd like to keep in touch with me. Just leave me a message here or PM me. Thanks alot. Howard
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    Anybody looking to club on any giving night add my weChat to get into all the hottest clubs in and Hangzhou.Tables and free drinks! [please send me private message for my contact information] It's never too late guys!
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    I am looking to learn and pursue Chinese as I am working towards HSK. In return we can communicate in English and discuss English Related topics for those interested in improving their English. Please contact me if you're interested. Serious Enquiries only. Kieran. From England.
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    Anyone interested in traveling to india in the next two months? looking for company.
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    Sesame Street English wants you! Teaching English with High Salary and Comfortable Environment Job Description: - Work Locations: ZhuJi,next to Hangzhou with 15min high-speed rail. - Class size: small group ( 6 - 12 students ) - Students: range from 3 to 12 years old - Starting Date: ASAP Job Requirements: - excellent accent - White people preferred ,mother langguage is English. - Have a Bachelor’s degree or above - Experienced in teaching kis aged 3-12 - Minimum 1-year commitment for full-time positions . Salary and Benefits for Full-time Teachers: 1. Monthly salary:12,000-20,000 RMB, depends on the personal ability. 2. Usually 45 minutes per class,two classes together 3. two days off from Monday to Friday 4. paid vacation days and Chinese holidays per year 5. developed opportunities [please send me private message for my contact information]
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    1. native english teachers for children as full time or part time 2. located in jianggan district near subway station qianjianglu 3. mostly are one to one classes in weekday evenings and weekends 4. competitive salary according to teaching experience and demo class 5. please contact us as soon as possible [please send me private message for my contact information]
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    1.Working time: any time from 9:30am-5pm Mon-Fri. You have to work 20 hours a week. 2.Responsibilities: posting job ads on foreign websities/job sites;prescreen the resumes you got; arrange interview with the candidates; have interviews with possible candidates 3.requirements: native speakers or non natives proficient in English 4.About us: We are are recruitment company. 5.Please message me for more info.
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    I went through the process of the authentication last week and will get the results around the first week of June, at the office on GuCui Road (see map above). The form is somewhat of a pain, and it does require someone who knows how to speak the language. Even then, it was confusing in places. However, when you go there, they know why you are there and are helpful to you (was thinking going in there that I was going to get a bunch of blank stares and no help, which usually happens here). You do keep the original certificate(s). They send your stuff to Beijing. I asked, how will they know if the document is a true one? Answer, "We just ask them." Ok. So this is an option if nothing else, perhaps.
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    Hey all, next Stammtisch this Saturday (13. May). Start: 9pm Location: Mojito bar Address: (Yugu Road) 5 Lanjia Wan (Near the main entrance of Zheda) 玉古路兰家湾5号 Lokking forward to to meet you there! Contact me if you have difficulties to find it (DieJurHz) @yanggao not at all. In our group we have almost every nationality. Also Chinese. You are very welcome! beat regards Jule (DieJurHz)
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    Thanks Hsuan ;-) Hey Tom, you could join one of our Stammtischs. (have alook here) We meet once per month, getting new people in the group. We are a bunch of international people with different jobs and interests. besides the Stammtisch we go once per week for table quiz and do other activities togehter. If you are interested, write me a PN See you soon hopefully!
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    Hi all, My name is Harie, from Indonesia and have been in China for 10 years. Spent my first 4 years studying in Nanjing before I moved to Shanghai for work. After that, moved to Beijing and work there for more than 3 years and decided to move her to Hangzhou with my wife. Ow my wife is a Chinese by the way. Currently we're staying around Binjang Area, close to CaiHong Cheng (Rainbow City) and working in Baolong City Shopping Mall (for most of the time). The company that I work for 7 years is an Early Childhood Education center named "My Gym" and currently we're looking for many foreigners to work with us (also Chinese people if you're interested). If you want to know more about the offer please PM me. I always enjoy sports, Soccer, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Badminton I'm all good! Looking ahead for people that wanna hook me up with his team. Nice to be here!
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    First thing you need is a certificate of no impediment (proves you're single). You're home country consulate should be able to provide this. It needs translating/notarizing at a notary office if not issued in Chinese (British consulates issue bilingual ones from my experience) Then you might need your passports translating (depends on office, I had to do this in Nanchang, Jiangxi) Marriage office is top one listed here: http://english.zj.gov.cn/art/2012/5/28/art_11123_163595.html This tells you what you need to do in Shanghai Hangzhou will be the same: http://www.shmzj.gov.cn/gb/shmzj/node896/node899/node906/node920/u1ai32894.html
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    Hello, my name is Kan. Born in Hangzhou, 27. I speak Chinese and English.(Lived in the United States for 7 years.) I'm looking for outgoing girls who speak fine English to make friends. We can hangout, drink together. Please MSG me if you interested.
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    Normally, you can only send a maximum of $500USD per time, as a non-Chinese. Chinese people do not have this limitation!
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    You are amazing. Thank you for correcting! Want a cup of coffee?
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    Hello! I've been sending money to my family in Spain through MoneyGram for the past couple of months. I've been doing it from the Bank of China located on 321 Feng Qi Road. It's a big Bank of China office, because in the smaller ones they don't usually provide this service. The only thing they asked me was to open a bank account in their bank, otherwise I wouldn't be able to send the money. I think foreigners are allowed to send a maximum of 5000 RMB per time, but they'll tell you that at the bank. Hope this was of help! Alba
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    What he said... sort of! There are 'wet markets' around, which sell fresh meat, veg and fruit. Usually, next to or near those are a stack of shops that sell other household gear - rice-cookers, mops, brooms, all that sort of basic stuff. Those are just individual shops owned my mum & dad (and sometimes son and daughter) - so they're much more keen to make a sale. All of the above can be haggled... but don't expect to be getting rich out of the savings. You DO need to do some shopping around just to get general ideas of prices (especially if prices aren't clearly displayed on the individual goods - those above may well include a foreigner tax!!!) Obviously, ANY shop in a tourist district, selling the souvenirs etc, can be haggled - because their prices are ridiculously high to begin with!!!
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    "Friend" and "improve English" do NOT go together in any respectful way!
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    Buy in Turkey. Here you will get all the Chinese rubbish pre-installed which will drive you nuts and fake English windows and programs which will cause more problems than it's worth. Turkey or Hong Kong are the go..
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    Hello. I am interested . i have 4years of experience. Please contact me. Thank you.
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    Rice is nice, but sometimes you feel like noodles.
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    Hi, nice to meet you, as I know, if a Chinese want to go to HongKong and Macao, they also need to apply for an Entry & Exit permit, is't means HongKong and Macao should be called "Country"?? BTW, there are a lot of place you can buy whatever you want, I live around Intime City, there is a huge international supermarket underground the shopping mall, the price is higher though, I don't know where u live, if you live in XIAOSHAN, I'd better call it a village... BTW, I went to Taiwan this Jan. nice place.
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    I'm looking for a native spanish speaker as my teacher. Times: 5-10 h/ week ( from Monday to Friday ) for about 4 weeks. Location: Hu Bin ( near metro station Long Xiang Qiao), Hangzhou Fee:100 RMB/hour Know some basic in spanish, want to improve listening and speaking Jian
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    @Xisthur. You don't want waste a couple of hours to score some juice?? Aah, the sloth of modern youth! When I was a boy (1950's) a popular cigarette slogan was "I'd walk a mile for a Camel".
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    you can get fishing equipment at any Flower and Bird Market, like at the gound floor of Wushan Flower and Bird Market. you can also fish at the West Lake from march. 1. Go to WuShan Flower and Bird Market吴山花鸟市场 to join Hangzhou Fishing Association, just take one 1 inch visa style photo and copy of your passport's identification page (if they don't accept it, get the membership in your chinse friends name) 2. The Westlake fishing area(on Su Causeway)is open to members every Tuesday and Friday from March to October, the ticket price is 12yuan for one day(from 6am tp 6pm)
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    I always buy at Metro, in the refrigerated room where they have heaps of meat. Price is quite good, quality usually good, but be a little choosey. Rump steak tastes great, but sometimes a little tough. Recently bought Striploin (sometimes they call it Sirloin, sometimes striploin - depends on who packs it I guess. It was/is very good, though I have had a couple in the past, that were OK, but not as good as this recent one. So, it's hit and miss at Metro, with more hits than misses, and heaps cheaper that Ole, HZ Tower etc.
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    I could teach you programming, although dunno why you'd want to learn that Microsoft crap. Why not C++, Java, or maybe Perl, Python, or Ruby?