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    City: Jinhua(Yongkang), Zhejiang Province Job Type: Full time A training center is looking for experienced Native or European ESL teachers(white only) with good accent to start ASAP. Working hours: 20-30 teaching hours/week Two days off per week Kids’ age: 3-15 Class size: 6-8 students Requirements: Love kids, experienced, willing to learn and improve Salary: ¥10000-13000(non-native speakers), ¥14000-16000 (native speakers), plus free accommodation and free meals during work. Z visa is provided, if you are qualified to get work permit [please send me private message for my contact information]
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    Hi there! I live and work in HZ and would like to meet a nice guy for friendship and hopefully dating. Please be a single non smoker who's not looking for nsa or a ons. If interested, send me a message. Look forward to hearing from you :)
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    Beijing LEEO Consulting Service Co., Ltd. specializes in providing Chinese visa and other service for foreigners in China. We have many years experience in the field. Reliable and safe, Beijing LEEO can provide satisfactory services for you as mentioned below. 1) Residence Permit application outsourcing (for customers in Beijing only) 2) Non-criminal record certificate (police clearance certificate) during your stay in China 3) 6-year China driver license application, temporary driver license application 4) marriage certificate, education certificate, birth certificate notarization and accreditation For more information, please contact us through the following ways: Tel.: 010-65924496 Mobile: 136 4117 2117 Email: service@cn-visa.com Skype: bjleeo http://www.cn-visa.com
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    We're now offering FREE legal help for Expats in trouble. Not for opening your WOFE or whatever, but if you're having actual trouble. Especially if you're being discriminated against. PM me for more info.
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    Hello, I am looking for a room to rent, starting now or upon agreement and continuing until the end of May 2018. It can be a single person apartment or a shared apartment or house, as long there is a private room available. I am 26 years old, female, and will be working an internship in Liangzhu village during week days. My hours are long, so I wouldn't be around much. I am used to shared living and know how to respect house rules and customs. If you know about a place available, please contact me [please send me private message for my contact information] BR- Iida
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    Hi! I'm looking for a way to get more physical and social activities in during the week after work. Let me know if you've found a gym or class you like and would like a buddy to tag along! I am open to any and all kinds of workouts-- my favorites are probably dance classes, weight training, or yoga. Any recommendations? Or we can scope out some new things together! I'm in the Jiubao area, but willing to move around. Send me a message! Best, Emily
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    Chinese do quite a bit of "public relief". I mean they had to put up signs in Paris around Louvre in Mandarin saying not to shit on the lawn... or INSIDE on the floors. Honestly, I think public defecation is frowned upon but accepted here. I mean, you can see kids pissing and shitting in public every single day. It's absolutely disgusting.
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    Oh man... you need a bomb disposal squad to care about you everytime you are in the disperate searching of a ceramic throne, especially in these days getting outside from a - below 0 degree - shopping mall to the outside hellish temperature you are like a time bomb! Instead, i found Hangzhou has a lot of public toilet spot much much more then BJ or SH.
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    Ron I wouldn't worry about age too much. The demans for foreign teachers is quite high. I knew some people in their 40's and even someone in their 50's teaching in China. Nothing to worry about.
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    Can't report nothing to safea. The law will go against you in most cases. Tell an immigrant to Canada or USA that if they can't tolerate things GTFO. You will be called racist. And when chinese are abused abroad, they will incite a mob to get their way if they have to. Just saying.
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    Hey there. Noticed the post is a big old (March), are you still looking for a partner to develop app together? I am currently in Australia and moving over to Hangzhou end of this month. Let me know if you still wanna have a chat. [please send me private message for contact information]
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    Me too, although the days of exporting cheap shit abroad are pretty much over, much better to import stuff and overcharge the Chinese.
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    Cool. I'm a consultant based in Binjiang. We should meet up sometime for networking.
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    Sorry for the delay, updated the map, added yuhangtang road, jiubao bridge and zhijiang bridge
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    Thank you very much! I've been looking for English maps for HZ for a while~
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    Imandarin Hangzhou Huanglong Center Chinese School Tel: 86-571-28195510 Mobile: 86-13968028357 Fax: 86-571-85774588 Email: ivy.wang@imandarin.net Web: www.iMandarin.net Add: 5B Handnice Mansion, 5 Huanglong Road, Xihu Dist., Hangzhou
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    Hey, I already PMed, but let me stick a comment here. What are the terms and conditions of using this map? Can it be re-distribute or used on other websites? Reply Highly appreciated. cupoftea
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    ENGLISH FIRST HANGZHOU E-mail: recruitment.efhz@gmail.com There are 3 children's schools (East, West, and the new North), one adult school near HuangLong Stadium, and a Corporate Language Training department (teach in-company). http://www.efhz.com/Englishnew/index.asp?page=welcome Moderator please update, Michael Garvey has not worked for EF for 3 years.
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    Before I share my experience watching football matches last weekend, I have to say I support The Gunners since Wenger joined the team as a Coach in 1996 when Man. United ruled over the league.
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    浙江洛思福教育中心 (Zhejiang Roosevelt Institute of Education) Job:Teaching kids English Tel:88273150 88273181 Email:zhjchw@163.com Room 131 East Building 1 Xixi Campus Zhejiang Uni.
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    你好,首先感谢你对我们所有培训机构的支持。我们沃尔得国际英语萧山中心也很想加入你上面所列的培训学校名单。 我们学校的地址:杭州萧山市心中路398号金茂大夏3楼 Add:jinmal Mansion, No. 398 center shixin Road, xiaoshan, Hangzhou 联系地址:杭州萧山萧绍路847号(萧山汽车站对面) the address of contacting with us :