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    Hi, are you guys still playing floorball in Hangzhou ? I saw the last update is in 2012. I would like join you to play floorball, cos I will be staying in HZ for a while. I am search on the web so your forum came up.
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    where to start.... warm_smile, KILLER.
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    Yeah, you got me. I knew that before, paying to touch boobs ( even people I knew).......... Until now, I can't understand how they have hormone to do that.
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    We love us some boobies. The guy was a jerk but I think it is quite funny how the netizens are talking about deportation. I lost count how many times I saw drunken Chinese dudes asking the same thing.
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    Hello all. I am Mengan, new to this forum but have been living in Hangzhou for 3 years. I am Chinese Australian. I am an occupational therapist. I look forward to meeting more international friends here and share what I know about Hangzhou. I love this city and feel happy to live here, except the hot weather!
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    Thank you to everyone for your practical and honest responses! I understand the realities but was hoping to understand the legalities and my rights before going into the meeting. In case you wondered about the outcome... The wife has paperwork proving her ownership and with advice from her lawyer (who was also in the meeting), she decided not to ask me to move out. The former agent is still trying to get her money (and the contents which she purchased) but the attorney has taken over all discussions and has advised me (witnessed by the police) to simply enjoy living where I am, pay my rent on time - to the legal owner- and not to worry about anything else. So ... happy ending! For now ... :)
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    Agree, don't know why people here all give pessimistic advices, but agree with what you said. Alondon has rights and he/she can choose to move out with compensation or continue to live in the room. Why people here advise he/she move out without any compensation and all pessimistic opinions about the China. The post they made was of trash words without any effective advice.
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    Sorry, I have flagged those on your profile page spammer. I will check if there is settings to close this function.
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    ha! Bullshit, maybe 4 or 5 years ago there was a massive heatwave where temperatures got up to 46/47 and stayed there for weeks, not talking "feels like" temperatures either. That explosion was a pure health and safety failure, I know, hard to imagine right? San was right to be suspicious, despite this being Hangzhou Expat it is still "the internet", the OP was nowhere near conclusive that Dana was the Brother, then again maybe I'm expecting too much of a yank to be clear in situations like this. Regardless its good to hear the guy is ok
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    Well it is that time of the year. To all newbies to H-town, summer has begun and the weather will stay this way until around October 1. yes, October. The temperatures will taper off a bit come September, but it is not uncommon for it to stay in the 30's C or 90's F in September. it is as hot here as it is in Bangkok, Thailand (actually for 7/12, Hangzhou is hotter than Bangkok) with the same humidity. Humidity is important because it will cause one to sweat and the need to refurbish oneself with water. Heat is different depending on the hunidity levels. 35* with low humidity is almost nice and swimming pool weather, 35* with 80% humidity is hot death. I humourously say that it feels like being in a dead dog's butthole. Note, not all places, like convenience stores and shops have cold water and the bottled water may be warm or tepid, due to the idea of Chinese that cold liquids is bad for them. So it pays to notice shops and places near your home or work location which offers cold drinks and patron them (and if you speak Chinese well, praise them for having cold drinks). Not always, but many times KEDI shops have cold drinks. But again, to my annoyance, there are a lot of drinks in refrigerators with the power off. Be also aware that sometimes in an office or somewhere you might ask for a cup of water and get hot water. Try to stay out of the midday sun. Pretty much a "duh" saying, but it would behoove anyone to try to do their business either early in the day or later in the afternoon. If it gets too hot, you can duck into a bank or a nice hotel with a lobby. 99 percent of the time, the staff will not bother you at all and allow you to have a rest to cool down. The Bank of China, or really all the major banks have lobbies and since Chinese bank services are usually slower than a dead turtle, you sitting there soaking up their air conditioning wont put you out of place. Wear light clothing. White clothes, t-shirts, what have you. A hat would also be good if you like hats. You can be fashionable, but being cool is better than being comfortable. Most Chinese, especially the provinical ones, like to roll up their shirts to expose the belly or roll up the pants legs. Couldnt care less. When it is 37* with full on humidity, being cool supersedes looking like an idiot. The taxi drivers will not run between 3:00-5:00 pm as a rule, especially around the 4:00 time. At 4:00 pm, the taxis wont pick up anyone. You can be Xi Jin Ping, Jackie Chan or the most beautiful woman in Asia, and they will not pick your ass up for nothing. It pays to know the bus routes. Because again, the taxi drivers may or may not be out to accept passengers. I for the most part like the Hangzhou busses and have no problem using them and while sometimes they are packed tighter than a sardine can, usually one can find a seat or standing room has room, and more often than not the busses are cool. For some reason, the Chinese do not have the concept of central heat and air and have to rely on these air conditioners, which are usually large floor units or mounted on a wall. The floor units usually work OK, but the wall units are usually pieces of shit which breaks down. It's not your unit, it is everyone's unit. Also be aware in an office environment that Chinese love to leave the door open in an air conditioned room or open windows for "fresh air", which invites mosquitos and flies. Lots of mosquitos here, so it also pays to keep your windows and doors shut tight. Lastly, concerning alcohol. I drink to intoxication about once a week, and many folks here enjoy the night out, especially you younger people and that's great. But to be warned that the heat makes people what I call "squirrely", maybe the feeling of being cooped up in an air conditioned place and then having to deal with the heat (even at night) and the alcohol can add to this. So be careful to check yourself and your surroundings if you want that cold beer or five. People drink too much and people sometimes get into fights, heat and emotions go hand in hand. That is about it. I was born and raised in this shitty hot ass climate so I know. Stay inside, be careful about the drinkin', learn the public transportation, dress for the climate not your status, and realize unless you escape, we are all in the same boat for the next eight weeks or so. Good Luck.
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    Oh for goodness sakes San! What is your problem?! I was the friend that knows Dana and contacted his sister privately to say that I will check on him and give her an update. This is a real situation and there is nothing suspicious about it! Why do you keep being such a nuisance to everyone who comes on this website with legitimate questions?
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    No you do not copy it back till you can get it scanned, online or any other way. At least your computer will be trouble free. I anyway do not understand all this much as I feel these problems are more with windows computers and so I do not have much experience solving it.
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    Bring medicine: especially for food poisoning. Had the worst food poisoning in my life in China... Flu medicine (gripex or tylenol; they have paracetamol but it does shit-all), pain killers... toothpaste (with fluoride) is also a good idea, as well as deoderant. You wear glasses? get a prescribtion or buy an extra pair (even cheap ones will do in need). Tall? bring clothes and shoes. I couldn't find basketball shoes here that fit... Buy VPN. Research which one will work best for you. (a free option - people here use Green VPN and it seems to work just fine) Install skype while you're still in the free world. Skype is not blocked here, but the Chinese version is infested. Install WeChat. Do a check-up on your electronics (my mistake - now pretty much screwed) Do not drink the tap water in China. Practice meditation. and read up on Stoicism.
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    Hi Greyeyes0409, Is that a coworking space or private offices ? Thanks, GProulx
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    Yearning for a job? Dreading being evicted by your landlord? In desperation about when your next meal is comming? Free dinners, free accommodation, free sexual favors, what are you waiting for? Still deeply concerned about your sausage, and someday its being rusty? Here's the chance!
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    Thanks! I went to the shop where I bought the bike and they gave me the address of the bike registration office (it was at 296 Wener Rd, or within that general area and was down an alley). I brought the necessary paperwork (passport, bike receipts, residence verification and a copy of each) and gave them the paperwork then they took my battery out of my e-bike and weighed the bike (my basic Luyuan weighed about 43 kilos). After some paperwork was done, I paid 15 RMB (not a typo ) and I was given the license plate and a non-motorized vehicle driver license. Thus, luckily it was a lot easier to register my bike than I thought it might be, which was cool. Plus, it took maybe 30-45 minutes to do everything, so now I'm registered!
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    ]Yeah...agreed. Here 2 foreigners (Chinese citizen) touching boobs in Thailand
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    Frankly, the "drunken idiot Laowai" group really gives a bad picture about foreigners in China, and there's way to many of them around.
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    we are basketball association。we want some foreign basketball coach.
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    So apparently we have a "new" member on here who is without a doubt just another unfunny troll. I suspect it's one of the previous users who feels extremely jaded by life in China or a Chinese netizen trying to purposely portray expats in Hangzhou in a negative light. I'm talking about a user named Morris. So the first thing you need to know - the profile picture is fake. Shocking, I know. He stole the pictures of a famous actor Robert Donald Kilpatrick, Jr (aka Patrick Kilpatrick), who played mostly villains in the movies and shows. A faceless coward is who this Morris person is at heart, so no surprise there. Now for the content he so generously provides this forum with. I'll just quote him ad verbum. This is from only 1 thread: "Damn bro, get jealous much? its cool dude, you can cry and bitch all you want behind your little computer. stay safe, stay hidden you stupid weak Australian maggot. I dont have a girlfriend dipshit, im married to a former model, you stupid fuck. I just like to play the game from time to time, dont be so jealous and hateful, it really makes you look pathetic" "you pathetic fucking losers, get off my fuciking nuts" "bro seriously go fuck yourself. I already wrote to the moderators of this site and told them about your obnoxious behavior, i have had some positive feedback from them about filtering some of you fucking clowns out of this group so hangzhouexpat can be civil again and not full of immature idiots who just insult and ridicule people from behind a computer. <...>" "yeah, give up while you are quitting, you weak fucking limey fuck, no wonder everyone stomps your asses. I also looked at your posts, they are noit helpful, just condescending remarks and complete faggotry , bro send me your phone number, lets fucking meet up bro. I will drive to your spot right now, faggot" __________ And a personal message to me : "you stupid ugly crooked toothed limey fuck, i have reported you for harassment, fyi. say bye bye to your account dipshit". So, we have a troll who is flat out harassing people openly in the public. Using fowl language, insults and derogatory terms. And seems Jake is perfectly fine with that. All of this - although slightly inconvenient - can just be ignored by instinctively ignoring the trolls' messages (DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS).
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    Wow I can suddenly comment again? I am not banned till September 6th? You guys let this dipshit go on a rampage here for a week and decided to ban me over what? That I figured out that the young girl was the same as the dude? Hahahahagagahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahagaha. Better check that scumbag his ip, I'm sure you guys will see other profiles connected to that one too.
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    maybe this business would not be so unprofitable if they hired people who knew how to speak correct English. this sounds like a scam to me anyway.
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    I totally agree! There is a sales pitch! The most obvious give-away is that it's a business account and not a personal account! So, you're effectively saying "come to our business to meet us". That's called 'promotion'. We have an area for that...
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    Well you might not be like that but on average hippo was 100% spot on.
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    It's Hangzhou Third Hospital, not some expat hospital like Sir Run Run Shaw. It's not strange at all that doctors there don't speak English. Furthermore, it's hot as hell in Hangzhou and people are fleeing the city. Maybe any English doctors they had are on vacation or weren't available at the time? To me, it was very clear in the OPs first post that Dana is her brother. If it wasn't clear to you, well then, nothing else I or anyone says to you will make any difference.
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    Before anything else - I had the worst food poisoning in my life in China. I still can't look at sausages without gagging. Yep. Food is too spicy - I don't mean too "hot". I mean too much spices in every. single. dish. Someone told me that Chinese thing the more spice is added, the better the dish is... just eat the fucking spice-mixture with a spoon next time! Everything is drenched and drowning in oil. I mean everything. I can feel my arteries clogging up just looking at what I'm about to consume. How do I ask "can I please have the liter of oil on the side, please" ? I found out I am no longer lactose-intolerant. I can drink "milk" here by the gallons and won't get an upset stomach. At least I hope it's milk... Fruit is stupid expensive. [insert any fruit here] has the same taste and texture as a potato. Coffee is a luxury product. Food product generally generally very low in protein... Have no idea about bacon, though...
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    I would use smoke-signals, carrier pigeons, Morse code - hell, I'd rather interact with people in person before I'd even consider using an Apple device. brb, need a shower - feel dirty just thinking about it.
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    You are on this site for well over 15 years and made 212 posts... This speaks volumes about your "contributions" helping people find answers or with any information... Did you even read any of his even recent posts? They are helpful - he's giving specific recommendations, general advice and information. Something you have not done in a while (if ever). How the fcuk is someoen trying to "destroy" a site if they're contributing to discussions and actively post? Re-read OP's post - what you wrote is just your story, or how you imagined it all happened. These details were not mentioned in the OP. Since when is skepticism and questioning claims - especially in China - a bad thing? Mate, you've spent 15+ years in this shit-hole and you call someone else pathetic... take a good look in the mirror, buddy.
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    When I came to HZ around the end of the nineties this site was one of the best to get help and info about Hangzhou. Many people in the past have helped me over the years and also great discussions were held here, not to mention the great humor that was always used. Although I know the internet has changed through the years, it is in my opinion a medium where people can contact each other and find help or information if needed. People like san5324 are trying to destroy websites like this. If you write more than 4000 posts on an expat site like this, I think it is time to get a life. Especially when you don't even live here in Hangzhou anymore. A woman in the U.S. is looking for her missing brother who was in a coma for 4 days and nobody knew about it except his chinese family. His family was waiting in America for him to arrive, but because he didn't show up, his sister posted an emergency post here to see if anybody knew about his whereabouts. The first reaction that San, who fancies himself as a "so-called Sherlock Holmes detective" gave on this request was that it smelled fishy and started a manhunt on a person who was fighting for his life in hospital. As a Dutchman, I feel so embarassed that you come from the same country that I do. I hope that this website can become the website it was before and that people like the one mentioned too many times already, will go on with his life and try not to bugger off other people as a hobby because his own life is too pathetic. P.S. One love.
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    Makes sense that the ta are not doing anything. They all want to push you in a corner so you quit the job. Just think about the money u make and that's it, arrive at time and leave at time. F them.
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    Marhaba ! I am not sure but I think there might be some near the mosque on Xihu avenue.
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    Hi, we use tapatalk to browse a lot of forum in mobile devices, i moved to hangzhou and i would like to be able to add this forum to my tapatalk account for easy access. i search on tapatalk but didnt find hangzhouexpat, many chinese expat forums are available except this one, there is anyway to add hangzhouexpat to tapatalk ?
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    Hi everyone. I know, this is mostly an English language forum, so why would anyone want help with IELTS? But, anyway... I am a former IELTS examiner, and I now do research on IELTS in China, focussing mostly on how IELTS is taught (and, thus, its affects on scores). One piece of data is - since 2003, the scores for Reading and Listening have increased steadily (from both around 5.4 to now at 5.9/6.1) However, during that same period, the Speaking and Writing tests have remained the same at about 5.2/5.3). In 2005, two researchers from Cardiff University looked at almost 250 Chinese IELTS test papers... and found what we all know.... most of it is just copy & paste and cliche, cliche, cliche... with little signs of REAL English language ability. And, the copy and paste comes from the IELTS textbooks on the market, and the teachers. Research has also shown that something as simple as knowing how IELTS speaking and writing is scored is lacking amongst paid 'professional' IELTS teachers! (30% of teachers didn't even know that the marking criteria are NOT scored in half bands!) Secrets of IELTS is dedicated to helping students achieve higher scores - to getting students who have the ability to score at higher than 6.5 in Reading and Listening, but still have problems scoring above 5.5 in Speaking or Writing! And, what's more, I teach you what's most important to getting you that score in only 10 hours!!! You can pay a 'famous' school to tutor you for... months and months and months. (to just copy copy copy from the same books everyone else is using) Or - you can get your score increase NOW! PM me for details!
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    A) - oh. B) - that's not a typo?? C) - if not a typo, then yeah, that's pretty good. (Ma Yun still earns WAY more than that!!!)
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    WTF??? I hope that's sarcasm! 15K is what a fresh off the boat, no experience (sometimes native speaker) English teacher at one of the training mills or kindergartens can get! Subject teachers at better quality schools and departments can easily get over 20K... Commercial General Manager - if qualified and experienced and working for a good legit company, should easily be able to get 30K+
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    It seems too expensive for just 20 sqm.
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    Hi there, my daughter is 4.5months, I'm also looking for play group for her, if you moms could work out this group, I have a guest house with garden near Lingyin temple for gathering.
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    I have learned that I could earn double (almost triple my salary) working directly for the school or a different agency however the conditions are what I agreed to before I came to China and the working conditions within the school are much better than I had anticipated. Therefore I'm not defending any recruitment agency or countering experiences of the many people on zee internet - simply sharing my experience of two months in China related to the topic post......... Easy to get here; good school; pay is what I agreed to; have since learned I could earn more; am less naïve now for future opportunities; am happy with my work, flat, city.
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    Interesting... I've heard they are ok... but that's just hearsay, so don't take my word for it!!! Gabby - does the flag under your pic indicate your actual nationality? If so, a) do you have dual citizenship with a different country, and if not, b) did you do a bachelor (or above) degree in an English speaking country? If you have 'no' to both, then legally you can't work here as an English teacher! And, thus, no matter what they may tell you, and what others may say, they can't be trusted on that alone. As for the link San provided, and the information on it regarding pay... yes, if you go through a recruiter, that's what you can expect. They will take a large cut of the money the school pays to the recruiter. Most schools aren't legally allowed to hire foreigners, but some agencies ARE allowed to do it for them. If you're happy with the pay, just accept it! If you're not, then don't!
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    Welcome to Linping matte! I'm a local here, there're so many funny places in Linping though it is a small town comparing to Hangzhou city centre. I'm so happy that expat would choose Linping as living place. Do u often go to Xintiandi for fun? Maybe I can show you something cool in Linping, trust me buddy!
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    HI,Samuelluby, Glad to know you. firstly, welcome to China !!! also ,my pleasure to have you as students ,in July ,I have different kinds of classes,face to face class,group class ,and students summer vacation classess...which one would you prefer to attend?[please send me private message for contact information] we can talk in detail about you study. Nancy Mandarin
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    Install offline language package for Chinese in google translator. for normal translation its more than enough. Picture translation and handwriting translation will not work; since google connectivity problem.
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    Boob. A wonderful word. The word can be singular as well as plural. It also can have a couple of different meanings: 1) a fool. 2) female breasts. A slang name for television is "boob tube" i.e. foolish people spend too much time sitting in front of the TV watching foolish programs and learning nothing. So, Only a boob would pay money to see boobs, when he can see them for free on the boob tube. And, one more great thing about the word: It is both spelled and pronounced the same, no matter whether you speak/write it forward or backward. So, a boob is a wonderful thing. LONG LIVE THE BOOB!!!!
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    was reading recently the news. Netizen ask for deportation of this guy, but worse someone even report this stupid comments...wonder when this culture of victimism will end
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    It's not to pay boobs you moron.
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    and the drunken chinese abroad gives a bad picture about all foreigners?
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    Merry Christmas expat community, wwww
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    The car is also available for:  Sightseeing  Shopping  School or work transfer  City transfer  Yearly or monthly rental