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    Hahaha I knew exactly what kind of loser u were by the other post.. Go cry in a corner like a good little bitch boy. And u better be nice to foreigners or you social credit will drop faster than u can say "welcome in China".
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    And I guess you are Chinese, right? Usually only Chinese would claim to be smart, smart guy. In OUR culture, someone who claims to be smart, usually isn't.
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    Hi, My name is Frida Ode and I come from Sweden. I just moved to Binjiang and are starting up a business here. I will work with leadership training for chinese students. I am interested in sports, culture exchange and board games
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    Well, I'm in interested in investing. Why do you come to China?
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    Depends on who they are from, and what types of organisations they are. Possibly the highest ones are from Agencies, which will more than likely screw you. They are bastards to promise good money only to deduct amounts for all the BS reasons they can think of. And when I say screw you, I mean SCREW YOU TOTALLY!! So, hours of work, days working vs days off, type of organisation, housing included/excluded, what else is included/excluded. WHat I am saying is the you need to give more detailed info to get better advice here. If one of them comes from HELEN, she'll fucking screw you til you die. Stay away from Helen.
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    No, only 7 days
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    All switch games are region free and have English. U need to go to buy now hui for example.. On the fourth floor they sell games. I used to buy games there.. I kinda forget the other location. It's close to wen hui road.
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    Lmao @ the horny bastards pablo and blessed... It's 2 years old dummies.
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    There's a BJJ gym near Jingfang station--three stops from Hangzhou East. No morning classes though. PM me for more information.
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    Hello! I am looking t export hair extensions to South Africa, very lucrative business - anyone have any leads of places making pure Remy hair extensions that I could meet with to discuss product, quantity and price? Also, if you are interested in joining this venture with me, personal message me to get in touch Thanks :)
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    "What makes a relationship a serious one?" Easy - time! Firstly, understand that relationships all over the world have issues and problems due to culture. You obviously do, but don't yet get just what those differences are when it comes to 'western' men. And, that's partly because you've already created this box called 'western', into which all non-Asian or African men (people) fall into... instead of realising that Americans are different to Spaniards, who are different to Venzualans who are are different to Australians... Secondly, although this will be a generalisation, I think it fits you at least... many Chinese girls have this idea that every boyfriend (if they're hetero) will be their last boyfriend, and that's the guy they will marry. Many of us who come from other cultures do not think like this. and that's where the time comes in. A Chinese girl might start thinking a relationship is 'serious' (meaning, leading to marriage) in a MUCH shorter time period than the non-Chinese guy... and, if she starts getting like this (aka 'clingy') then the guy is quite likely going to walk away. And, what could have been a long-term serious relationship has just ended early because of this presumption. In general, most non-Chinese don't start even considering marriage until the couple has been a 'real' couple for at least 6 months (and, that's still a very short time). Many won't even consider the 'M' word for at least 2 years (of living together...which is usually about a year after dating/bf/gf). And, don't forget the other huge issue when getting involved with a Chinese girl - she doesn't come alone (most of the time). A guy never marries just the girl - he's got her family to contend with as well. And this is a HUGE deal breaker to many guys! (granted, it's a deal-breaker for Chinese as well, as I'm sure we've all heard tales of the mother (usually) who tells their child that the person they're dating isn't good enough and that they need to break up with them...If I was with a girl like that, I'd break up with her!!! ). Also, another basic generalisation... many Chinese girls (and also girls/women in many other countries) see sex as something directly connected to emotions and intimacy... which leads to significance. Many guys don't. Sex is something that is (hopefully) a good feeling, but doesn't actually mean anything other than just a good time. So, if you have a girl who thinks having sex means being in a serious relationship, and the guy doesn't, then you'll have problems. You mention guys who are here for only a short time... then the logical question is - why date them if you're after something longer term. Either you're willing to end the relationship when it's time for him to go... or your hoping he changes his mind for you. Obviously, such things do work out, and some couples will try to make it work (and even get married, and even are happy afterwards). But, statistically, it's not likely to happen. And... if you actually are after something long term, is it really a smart idea to hope it will go that way? Even bigger question - are you willing to deal with the emotional consequences if it doesn't? Perhaps one last consideration. I think non-Chinese guys here are after 'the one' to marry. They'd like to think that the girl they're marrying is the perfect (within a certain definition) girl for him. I think, however, that many Chinese girls aren't after Mr Right, but will take Mr Good Enough. There's this deep, ingrained idea that they need to be married (before turning 30), and that it will be all love and roses and romance... sorry, relationships are rarely like that. So, it's more important for the girl to be married, than who she's married to. Personally, I think that's a sucky way to be!
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    lol, he's just some troll with a bunch of accounts, seems to have got bored recently and disappeared
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    Oral English, you are an inexcusable mug. Bet it hurts having our flag taking pride of place on your crappy Pitcairn piece of shit? Eh? 4 shitty little islands in the Pacific. A population not even in 3 figures. What a joke. What constitutes breakfast in your homeland? You probably don't even have a canning factory that could tin food anyway, ya fucking melt.
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    Lol yeah, you do know George Washington was British right?
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    puerto ricans in China? fffuuuuuuuck, they're a long way from home, yeah?
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    ...so you don't know what it tastes it, but you're still knocking it. what a nooooob.
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    oops, I just saw your reply now, sorry. It sure is a big loss for me. So, no offense, but you 4 are not 4 of those “offensive guys”?
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    I would disagree buddy ! You did mention that you would not like to go for a long distance relationship and that is what I would like to put in a different way. Well if you go by number, of course there are more chances of getting one in Oz but wife is not a commodity that you go and buy in a shopping mall and come back to Hz or just place an order on Taobao :) one has to spend a lot of time together before both could feel its right to get married. And in most cases we expats just 'visit' the so called 'home' country. Which does not provides enough time for that. For example, if a Chinese man living in Canada, visits Hz for 2 - 4 weeks, look for a girl, get married and package her to Canada, I doubt how many 'sensible' girls would be eager to do so, in that kind of hurry. Another thing is about 'balance' : You need to see if there is enough balance between the material and the spiritual aspect of that person. I find the latter missing a lot here. (just to make things clear i am not talking about religion)
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    Maybe he is really being serious about a girlfriend, absolutely towards final stage--marriage. Why is everybody laughing at him? I don't get it. Turbo? is that an encrypting method? Turbo code? or just the engine? Fight back, man, don't let those outstanding girls see you suffering all this without a grumble
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    Gezzz guys how old are you seriously?
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    You should also include your salary, job, and picture + descriptions of your family because any girl you marry will be marrying them as well.