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    This a a quick reference for new members to this forum and even forums in general. Many on this forum started right where you are, and have over time built up and become part of the "family", so to say. If you are familiar to forums, great. If not here is the most basic of things you need to know. Straight off the bat, the term newbie, will be your tag for a while, this does not mean anything bad. It is simply a reference to the fact that you are new to the forum. "A person new to a game, concept, or forum. Not to be confused with n00b, a stupid person. Newbies are just new." - Urban Dictionary. You have come to this forum, either to meet other/new people, or to simply ask a question. Both are fine, but please pay attention to the guides when asking questions. The chances that you will get a solid answer, covering the question/s you have asked will depend on a couple of factors: Use the search function within the forum, to possibly find the same or similar question you have. This way, it makes it easier for the next person to find the answer to their question. If you do not find the question/answer you are looking for, you can create a new topic under Hangzhou Questions & Answers. When posting, keep it as simple and as clear as possible. This makes it easier for our multi-national, multi-lingual community to assist you. (We know and understand that not everyone on this forum is a native English speaker.) Please use common sense. "Dumb" questions will have our unique trolls and keyboard warriors on you quicker than you think. This goes for repeated questions as well. Manners cost you nothing. We are a community of different races, cultures and beliefs. Try and ask or say something in the same way you would to someone on the street, without the possibility of being punched in the teeth. If you do create a topic, do not simply "hit and run". Meaning, do not post your question, get your answer and disappear. Give credit where credit is due. On the bottom right of the answer you have received, there is a green arrow pointing up, simple click on that, and say thanks to the user for the information. I hope that this gives a better idea of how to co-exist a little easier, and make the adjustment to China smoother.
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    well now I know why you have so much toilet paper, its because you're a shithead!
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    1. native english teachers for children as full time or part time 2. located in jianggan district near subway station qianjianglu 3. mostly are one to one classes in weekday evenings and weekends 4. competitive salary according to teaching experience and demo class 5. please contact us as soon as possible [please send me private message for my contact information]
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    Anybody looking to club on any giving night add my weChat to get into all the hottest clubs in and Hangzhou.Tables and free drinks! [please send me private message for my contact information] It's never too late guys!
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    still need an native speaker. male. full time. we have enghou female teacher. work place is in xiaoshan. kindgarden. salary 10000 +. good oral english speaking. urgent. plese message me.
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    This might be one of the lowest salaries I’ve ever seen on the forum. 20RMB per essay is pathetic....
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    Price:5000 Size: 90 square. 2 bedrooms. 1 living rooms. 1 kitchen. Name : huanyutianxia. 寰宇天下
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    I'll post my reply to your pm here so others can see. Topics like this can be helpful in future for others in your situation. your school should be able to help/advise on this. You'll get a Z-visa initially to enter China that then gets converted into a work permit & resident permit. Your husband and kids can apply for Q1 (family) visas which after arrival get converted into resident permits. Note though that your husband can't legally work on this family visa. If he found a job after you move to China then he'd have to leave China and re-enter on a Z-visa. It's sometimes possible to apply for this in Hong Kong though if not he'd have to fly home to apply. The part I'm really not sure about is whether your family could apply for the Q1 visas at the same time as you apply for your Z-visa. You'd need to ask your school to check on this. I'd love to know the answer myself as it would be another bit of visa knowledge to learn. Hope everything goes smoothly with your move.
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    Age doesn't mean anything when it comes to back relayed injuries bro. I was 26 when I had my first hernia surgery. The gym should actually give you a better erection due to the fact you are working out. You need to go fast to a hospital, I went to green town Hospital once, located at gudun Road and the price for a CT scan is about 250rmb.
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    Sharp pain does not mean a lot, my experience I had a constant dull pain.. However your legs are a very bad sign and need to check up on it ASAP.
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    HI, the problem is caused by agent. i have a friend have similar event like you. the agent told you that you just need work for 30 hours. but he also told the school you can accept work for 40 hours. many agent do like this. school pay agent for your salary about 15000 and in time. but the agent just pay you 8000 and delay it. Do not sign contact with agent. find a school directly. in hangzhou a lot school can give you work visa if you are native speaker. not difficult. the best way is find job from school. not from agent. on this website. lots school need teachers. especially native speakers.
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    Thank you to share the details to everyone to not encounter future scam. As San said here the only way to get something back is threaten someone to make loose his face. Try to envolve the media if things get worse without any shame, good luck!
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    Would be keen to hear more about your experience there via PM or wechat if possible.
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    What ever you do, dont go to sir run shaw hospital, doc fee is 380, mri will be around 800 I guess. Just go to a crappy hospital and hope for the best. Or just go back home and take care of your back? IF you google your symptons , what does it say? I had my fair share of back surgeries done in a private korean specialized hospital (only focused on back), one hernia, one spinal fusion surgery and removing of those screws so I can relate to your pain. Looks to me you damaged your disk, in worse case scenario you have "degenerated disk syndrome" , thats the reason I had the fusion done, but it was real severe with me, the doc didnt wanted to do it at first. Good luck.
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    Media would be a smart way. Do you have a Chinese friend that can lie to them and play like a journalist? Ive never been in such a situation but I know getting the media will destroy them. Also let them loose face by making a scene when the parents are there can be a great way. Be ready, they will tell you stuff like that they will cancel your visa and what not. Part of the game. Good Luck.
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    Zhejiang International Travel Healthcare Center, No 230 Zhonghezhong road, Hangzhou (My boyfriend went there recently to get his health check done). See attached file for more info. Medical check-Hangzhou address (1).pdf
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    Hey all, its agaib Stammtisch time. We gonna meet this Saturday (10.6.) in Socia10. Time: 8pm Location: Socia 10 (old Vineyard) 拾社味雅 Address: 1/F, Zhongtian Mansion, 173 Yugu Road 玉古路173号中田大厦1楼 So come around grab some drinks and get to know some people in HZ. If you have difficulties to find that place contact me (DieJurHz). see you there julia
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    It seems too expensive for just 20 sqm.
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    Aloha! Preparing my own move to Hangzhou I have been gathering some websites and material regarding flat hunting that I thought some others might find useful as well. If you got a good site that I missed, do speak up and I'll add it into the post. http://www.hangzhoulease.com/index.php?pg=immo&id_immo=17&nm=XF000049 - Xihu - EAC&order_num=3 English website, you can search by district and all in all, I quite like that site. http://www.foreignercn.com/info/index.php?m=content&c=index&a=lists&catid=11&city=hangzhou Similar to the one above, but the price bracket is less flexible (1k-2.5k, 2.5k-5k instead of just clicking 3-7k as the one above). http://fang.com/default.htm This one is only in Chinese, so either you have a good friend, speak the language, or are a very patient Google Translate user http://www.hangzhou-home.com/ These guys are apparently really good at customer service http://www.hangzhou-rent.com/ For those with a higher budget Hope it helped!
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    Only repair center from sony is at wen hua road. Dont know the number. You can google it, or just go to any computer market and search for a sony stand, they will give you the address.
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    Hi there, I'm Joy and I used to be a nursery nurse and I hold a paediatrician first aid certificate and able to speak English and Chinese. Im thinking to start up a childminding home during the summer. My house has a garden and I am able to take another 6 kids aged 3-6 yrs. Anyone interested or have similar background and love to work with children, feel free to contact me. Thanks! Joy
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    When i had my second boy, my friends told me not to buh anything nice in the house in 10 years and so far they are right.
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    5700fir you. And seriously, I don't want to go through the hassle by selling everything separately.
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    Just looked it up at dianping.com(大众点评), the best rated one is at 文一路294号集盒商场5楼. It might not be as good as you expected but it seems to be the best one you can find right now.. good luck
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    Hi there, I am a single mother moving from the UK to Hangzhou with my 6 year old daughter at the beginning of January and I am hoping to meet other family's to arrange play dates with. [please send me private message for my contact information]
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    Yeah, I only joined a few days ago. What...everybody is fake here...a woman is looking for a boyfriend and you are all picking on her?
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    Don't be so mean... maybe she need some new friends, she might be bored at all!
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