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    One room available in shared apartment. Shared with me! I'm working and learning Chinese. Rent: 2500RMB/month Minimum: 3 months Deposit: 1 months rent Newly renovated space with kitchen and dining area with bathroom and access to washer. Convenient access to both Line 1 and 2. Message me for photos and further details. cheers!
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    We are Engish School at Pingshui West Street , near Zhejiang University(Zijinggang campus) ( 5 mins walking distance ) . We are currenty looking to Hire Foreign Part Time Teachers . Payment Per Hour will be 150yuan depending on the Teacher's experience . If you are interested , [please send me private messge for my contact information] Looking Forward to hearing from you Teachers !
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    Hi ladies and gentlemen, Actually, I am looking for a workmate(native English speaker) who is really love teaching and if you interested you could be my business partner. Kids age: 4-12 School address: Wenyan town, Xiaoshan district (but very near to Binjiang district, 15 min by car) Payment flexible and pay well --- part time job available. looking forward to meet you. Thanks !
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    What captain douchebag meant to say is - this subsection is for suggestions on how to improve the forum and to point out what you think is good or what you find problematic with the forum. If you want suggestions and recommendations on bars - you'd be better off asking in the Hangzhou questions and answers section.
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    Hi Steven. My friend and I are definitely interested. i cant seem to send you a direct message though, please count us in.