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    Hey Guys, I am considering work in Hangzhou, and was wondering about the salary guidelines for ESL teaching positions. I see a lot of job advertisement posts that have large ranges, such as 12,000-20,000 RMB/month. What are most ESL teachers here getting paid per month? I am familiar with the going rates in Shanghai, but I assume it might be lower here.
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    What is the quickest and most cost effective transport from Hangzhou to Suzhou
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    Hello Salseros, I have just moved to Hangzhou (since 3 weeks) and want to dance salsa. Has this Carbon Bar you mentioned (on Friday) re-opened? And/or are there other options on Fridays? I live in the Binjiang area and dance cuban salsa. Warmly, Kim
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    Try asking in the appropriate category.... Or, better yet, try doing a search!
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    Mostly people live close or relatively close to their job. U should just go to an agency (wo ai wo jia) is most popular and in my experience the best one and take a Chinese friend with you if you have one because they will try to duck you in the ass. Just don't tell them your real budget, that's a rookie mistake ;p
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    Carbon Bar burned down a week ago. No more Carbon Bar. A complete loss.