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    85degrees cafe or 85cafe is a decent cup of joe, latte, cappucino, or whatever for quite good price and taste.
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    Do not despair, Merkava/Meetoo cafe is is great Melbourne style cafe (without the newspapers though). But not at the address listed in morehangzhou (I have not checked that one out, if it even exists). The one I found is in the Queens Park lane, Opposite Moredor Club. Queen's Park, 277 Wulin Road 武林路277号皇后公园7-8楼 (between Wulin square and Fenqi stations). Can be a bit tricky to find, but worth it. Great decor, food and atmosphere too. They also sell their (?) freshly/locally roasted Merkava coffee on taobao. Ask the staff at the cafe to find it for you or.... https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.5-c.w4002-16268505594.22.52dda6d23l2x15&id=559060245317
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    hello want to create international group for foreigner and chinese. in that group we talk about all and we meet some friend maybe we organize together some travel or some activities if you are interested let your wechat id