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    Hahaha I knew exactly what kind of loser u were by the other post.. Go cry in a corner like a good little bitch boy. And u better be nice to foreigners or you social credit will drop faster than u can say "welcome in China".
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    Hello! I am looking t export hair extensions to South Africa, very lucrative business - anyone have any leads of places making pure Remy hair extensions that I could meet with to discuss product, quantity and price? Also, if you are interested in joining this venture with me, personal message me to get in touch Thanks :)
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    oops, I just saw your reply now, sorry. It sure is a big loss for me. So, no offense, but you 4 are not 4 of those “offensive guys”?
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    I would disagree buddy ! You did mention that you would not like to go for a long distance relationship and that is what I would like to put in a different way. Well if you go by number, of course there are more chances of getting one in Oz but wife is not a commodity that you go and buy in a shopping mall and come back to Hz or just place an order on Taobao :) one has to spend a lot of time together before both could feel its right to get married. And in most cases we expats just 'visit' the so called 'home' country. Which does not provides enough time for that. For example, if a Chinese man living in Canada, visits Hz for 2 - 4 weeks, look for a girl, get married and package her to Canada, I doubt how many 'sensible' girls would be eager to do so, in that kind of hurry. Another thing is about 'balance' : You need to see if there is enough balance between the material and the spiritual aspect of that person. I find the latter missing a lot here. (just to make things clear i am not talking about religion)
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    Maybe he is really being serious about a girlfriend, absolutely towards final stage--marriage. Why is everybody laughing at him? I don't get it. Turbo? is that an encrypting method? Turbo code? or just the engine? Fight back, man, don't let those outstanding girls see you suffering all this without a grumble
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    Gezzz guys how old are you seriously?
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