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    Hey everyone. Introducing myself here. Im Rob, 26, will be moving to Hángzhōu at the end of July to start a new job teaching at a new school. Looking forward to exploring everything on offer. Moving across the world is really taking me out of my comfort zone but thinking positively and looking forward to the change. At the moment I play badminton and football which I really enjoy so it would be nice to possibly keep doing this in China. One question, I’m about an L/XL in clothing size. Should I buy a new wardrobe here in UK before I come out as I think the Chinese market is generally a lot smaller than me. Feel free to say hello :)
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    Last week I moved into my apartment in Linping in the Yuhang District of Hangzhou. I've been silently browsing the forum for a couple of months and now that I'm actually here I figure I'd say hello and take the opportunity to introduce myself. I'm Evan and I'm still shaking off the jetlag. I'm a new teacher and will be teaching at a new center here in town. It would be awesome to make some friends and I'm also totally open to any and all advice on how to "survive" here in China. So far it's been pretty great and things seem to be getting easier every day. I'm definitely working on learning Mandarin too. "Hello. How are you." and "Thank you." are just not enough to get by. I'm looking forward to what this next year will bring.
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    Address of working location(s ): No 686, Feijiatang Road, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou Job responsibilities: • Planning and delivering lessons to young learners (ages 3-14) • Using electronic media and coursewares to teach English efficiently and effectively Job start date: asap Preferred qualifications: Native English speaker preferred Perfect English pronunciation with neutral accent TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certified Salary: 200-300 yuan/h Contact person: Karen [please send me private message for my contact information] Educational institution type: private language training center If you are interested, please send me an email or add me on WeChat with a resume or video, thanks!
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    Due to rapid growing, We are looking for partners to help us find native ESL teachers around Zhejiang Province(a few in other provinces) Commission: 500-1000/teacher according to the salary of the teacher [Salute]. Contact me for more info. [please send me private message for my contact information]
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    Hello. I am a freelance translator living in Hangzhou and I would like to meet other peole like me - because freelance translation sometimes can be a little isolated from fellow professionals -, so I am organizing a meetup for translators (I am a freelancer but in-house translators, interpreters, translation students and people interested in translation are welcome too!). Hope to meet some peers to talk about the good and the bad of our work! Meetup will be at HuangLong Maan Cafe, April 16th, 6PM to 8PM. 133-4 Xixi Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou 西溪路133号-4
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    Well I'm pretty sure u will not find any other place. Maybe a dual language school but that's it.
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    I am moving to hangzhou in about a month and want to know what the tennis scene is like. Specifically are there any organized tournaments/ will it be easy to find people to rally with?
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    The farm was covered by snow on Jan 05, 2018
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    Nature Carrots As all produces in Time Farm, carrots were planted with permaculture. No chemical fertilizer, no pesticides, no herbicides and no GMO were used in Time Farm. Permaculture recycles local resources, including grass clipping, dried grass, leaves, canola meal and vegetable scraps. Through observing the pattern of the interactions among all nature elements, we reorganize nature elements and work to improve local microenvironment in the farm to benefit all the living lives inside. Carrots were sowed in the end of August. Under the sunshine and rain of late summer and early autumn, after more than three months day and night, carrots were mature and ready for harvest. These nature carrots come at different sizes and even shapes, smaller than those found in the market. But with whatever sizes, one thing is sure. Crisp and Sweet. The most important is rich carrot flavor and nutrients, which is hard to find in chemical carrots. In the holiday season, after devouring a lot of protein and drinking much alcohol, why don't let a plate of nature carrots help you. Let the various vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants of these nature carrots to nourish your cells and protect your body. 90 Yuan for a pack of 2.5kg of carrots, courier cost is included. Welcome to place your order through wechat(Wechat ID: Timefarm) or email(email address: james@timefarm.com.cn). [please send me private message for my contact information] We also have other vegetables, please contact us for more information.
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    Does anyone selling second hand furniture? I need three chair, one tea table and one wardrobe. I live in Mingyuan, Yuhang district, Hangzhou.
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    Never been to osaka, just tokyo and according my japanese friends halloween is insane there :)
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    In "Free Starbucks Meetup" what does the word FREE stands for ? :)
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    Hi everyone. I know, this is mostly an English language forum, so why would anyone want help with IELTS? But, anyway... I am a former IELTS examiner, and I now do research on IELTS in China, focussing mostly on how IELTS is taught (and, thus, its affects on scores). One piece of data is - since 2003, the scores for Reading and Listening have increased steadily (from both around 5.4 to now at 5.9/6.1) However, during that same period, the Speaking and Writing tests have remained the same at about 5.2/5.3). In 2005, two researchers from Cardiff University looked at almost 250 Chinese IELTS test papers... and found what we all know.... most of it is just copy & paste and cliche, cliche, cliche... with little signs of REAL English language ability. And, the copy and paste comes from the IELTS textbooks on the market, and the teachers. Research has also shown that something as simple as knowing how IELTS speaking and writing is scored is lacking amongst paid 'professional' IELTS teachers! (30% of teachers didn't even know that the marking criteria are NOT scored in half bands!) Secrets of IELTS is dedicated to helping students achieve higher scores - to getting students who have the ability to score at higher than 6.5 in Reading and Listening, but still have problems scoring above 5.5 in Speaking or Writing! And, what's more, I teach you what's most important to getting you that score in only 10 hours!!! You can pay a 'famous' school to tutor you for... months and months and months. (to just copy copy copy from the same books everyone else is using) Or - you can get your score increase NOW! PM me for details!
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    cynical, pessimistic, realistic, jaded...YES Mean...not so much, we just happen to see the same pattern repeat itself over and over again. Chinese women who are not interested in foreigners until they turn 30 and realize they are no longer that desirable by Chinese standards. Or the professional dating girls who like to be wined and dined by foreigners. There's all sorts of "types" that pop up. We try to educate the naive.
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    Looking forward to seeing some new (and old) faces this Saturday at Mojitos Bar (not the Xiasha Mojitos, one behine College B&R)! Jule will be posting the address soon, I'm sure
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    What a great idea! I'm new here and would love to join the next Stammtisch. Please let me know. Cheers! :)
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    By Joe Bush | July 20, 2016 When you drive on rough roads you don’t have to slow down, but you do steer more carefully, guiding your car to smoother surfaces. Chinese payment facilitator AsiaPay is welcoming China’s recent regulation tightening as a move to help clean up the country’s payments industry’s fraud-infested reputation. AsiaPay is reading the new road sign as it zooms by, according to our interview with its CEO Joseph Chan, a key player in the massive payments market that is China. How massive? In their 2015 report on global payments, Capgemini and the Royal Bank of Scotland said China’s non-cash transaction volume growth in 2013 led the world’s countries at 37 percent, with the region they call Emerging Asia (India, China, Hong Kong and other Asian countries) leading global regions with more than 21 percent growth. Alipay and WeChat are the dominant third party service providers in the online and mobile payments. ApplePay and SamsungPay have entered the market as well, though they use NFC rather than the QR code conduit favored by Alipay and WeChat. “China, Japan, South Korea and India are just some of the countries in Asia that we are expecting to grow in the coming years,” Chan said in an interview with paymentfacilitator.com. “The rapid growth in the number of online shoppers combined with the growing internet and smartphone penetration rates in these countries provide lots of opportunities and challenges for payment players like us to solve and conquer.” “China is on the right track to improve its online payment credibility. By revising its existing online payment application policy, it will gain investors’ trust and confidence. China is still a huge profitable market to obtain.” In mid-June China’s central bank announced tightened regulations for online payment service providers, that took effect July 1, and Chan says the increased oversight and higher hurdles for onboarding is good for business. He said the mandate that third-party online payment service providers must ensure that all user accounts bear the real name of the account holder was in part a response to global concerns about China-related counterfeit activities. Contingent on security requirements, user accounts are now categorized into three types, and capped with maximum annual payments. News reports on the updated mandates, which took effect July 1, claimed the stricter rules were created to prevent sizable deposits of money into third-party payment accounts that are not protected from bank deposit insurance. Chan said he thinks the more stringent rule is to tighten the application process to improve China’s online payment credibility and to monitor and check any suspicious transaction periodically. For new merchants, Chan said AsiaPay checks business registration; certificate of incorporation; company rolling reserve; number of years in establishment; office address verification; director’s ID or passport copy; site visit; WHOIS domain name checking; recent month bank statement copy. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Hong Kong, AsiaPay works with merchants and banks in 12 countries, including China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and Australia. Among the sectors it serves are retail, consumer products, financial service, technology, telecom, media, publishing, and government. Chan said AsiaPay differentiates itself with a platform to deliver strong security, customizability and scalability; he said AsiaPay is one of the few electronic payment providers in Asia which has passed Level 1 PCI DSS certification. Chan claims his company’s servers boast 99% uptime. “In addition to our core payment services, we also provide other solutions like tokenization, online reservation system and loyalty programs that enable merchants to do more than just accepting payments online,” said Chan. “Our platform provides them variability and capacity to adapt and support larger transaction volumes as they grow. We also support one-click-payments, mobile optimized payment pages and provide fraud prevention tools that allow merchants to gain valuable fraud data to screen out any possible fraudulent transactions.” Chan said AsiaPay works in a space that takes into account companies of all sizes that want to focus on their business model instead of the myriad rules and regulations of the payments industry. “With the intense competition in the industry, obtaining a merchant account is not just a simple walk in the park,” he said. “The strict requirements set by banks, like minimum sales volumes and years in operation have made many small merchants forego credit cards and accept only cash or checks. As a payment facilitator, AsiaPay can empower startups and merchants with low sales volumes accepting credit card payments online with much greater ease at better cost-efficient rates.” It seems that AsiaPay has its sights on the stars but its wheels on the ground.
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    Hangzhou expats: Come and check out the newest addition to Hangzhou's bar scene. Soft Opening 28th October from 6pm. 30% off all food and drinks. A fully decked out western style sports bar and grill with top quality food and drinks, English menus and service, a huge selection of fine whiskies and cocktails. Centrally located at 163 Wulin lu and just a short walk from the Fengqi metro line 1. Address: 3F 163 Wulin Lu. Cheers!
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    thank you :-) as far as I know, blog.com is not blocked! the proof is I'm using it from here.. and I don't have any vpn making it available for people without vpn is the reason why I didn't put it on blogspot or other platforms well, maybe some moment (now, for ex) it is out of service, but most of the time it is available
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    Imandarin Hangzhou Huanglong Center Chinese School Tel: 86-571-28195510 Mobile: 86-13968028357 Fax: 86-571-85774588 Email: ivy.wang@imandarin.net Web: www.iMandarin.net Add: 5B Handnice Mansion, 5 Huanglong Road, Xihu Dist., Hangzhou
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    Hi Everyone. Tomorrow morning (Monday) starting at about 830am I plan to do the Hike from the ZheJiang Art Museum on southern NanShan Road entering the hills at WanSongLing and going all the way to TaiZiWan Park. Afterwards I'll hire a red bike and cycle to Vineyard Cafe or Ellen's Cafe for lunch. See info about this hike in one of the past posts above. Get to near the start point on the 102 (I think?) bus. Or on a red bike like me. LFA PS. Please PM or contact me if interested in joining me.
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    ENGLISH FIRST HANGZHOU E-mail: recruitment.efhz@gmail.com There are 3 children's schools (East, West, and the new North), one adult school near HuangLong Stadium, and a Corporate Language Training department (teach in-company). http://www.efhz.com/Englishnew/index.asp?page=welcome Moderator please update, Michael Garvey has not worked for EF for 3 years.
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    浙江洛思福教育中心 (Zhejiang Roosevelt Institute of Education) Job:Teaching kids English Tel:88273150 88273181 Email:zhjchw@163.com Room 131 East Building 1 Xixi Campus Zhejiang Uni.
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    你好,首先感谢你对我们所有培训机构的支持。我们沃尔得国际英语萧山中心也很想加入你上面所列的培训学校名单。 我们学校的地址:杭州萧山市心中路398号金茂大夏3楼 Add:jinmal Mansion, No. 398 center shixin Road, xiaoshan, Hangzhou 联系地址:杭州萧山萧绍路847号(萧山汽车站对面) the address of contacting with us :