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    Hi, my name is Darius and I moved to Hangzhou one week ago to teach at a primary school in Jianggan district. I am 22 years old and looking for English speaking friends (my Chinese in non-existent) to go for coffee/beer/hikes with. I would also like to explore the live music scene here, so if you know any good venues let me know!
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    Hello there. I am wanting to transfer money to family back in the UK. I tried to use paypal but its having issues and wont let me set one up. I have an ISBC account here in China and am hoping to transfer. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would be so grateful. Thanks Amelia
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    Easiest way is to have a local do it for you. Find one you trust i.e. that you work with and can beat up with a stick if they pocket your cash.
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    From what I heard Raggae is now dead and out of business. The old location on ShuGuang Lu was amazing, just a very special place in my heart. Just the right size, loud as hell, as much of a party outside as in, pizza, cold beer, just the place itself and really I am sad thinking about now like a dead friend. The newer location just lacked what the other place had for some reason. Many say that it was too big, or too impersonal. It was the same distance almost from the University to there. I used to be a very regular customer of the old location, but rarely went in their new location, especially as time went on. When the staff wears the same shirt with Bob Marley's face and there is a sign under a camera saying the bar is under survaillance and the police will be called sort of killed the buzz of the joint. Not very Raggae like. Had hookahs Still the place was there about eight years, and the old place opened around 2000-2001, so it had a good run. Eudora Station is pretty good, I go there sometimes. The inside of the place has a lot of character to it, like an American bar, its a cozy place too. Two for one beers between 5-9PM. Good food there, and this is where I get a steak if I am willing to pay for it, The wait staff are pretty decent, they dont follow you and leaves your ass alone unless you call them, which I appreciate. Lastly, Eudora is the only place I know that plays 1960's-1980's rock and roll music. It is also not LOUD in there which I appreciate. Well, not LOUD unless a band starts playing around 9:00. Has pool table. I would say to go to Vineyard on Yugu Lu. Much nicer now inside, decent staff, foreigners work there. Lots of younger people go there, and there is a patio/lawn type garden outside. There is or was a board game community who would play inside or outside. Never had the food there outside of a pizza slice (which was thin, good, but greasy!) Very comfortable bar. Two takeaways, the music they play is awful, it's not LOUD but its just weird, meloncholy music, one is like a French lady song from the 1920's or something. If alone, bring head phones. Wildcard place would be the bar inside the Marco Polo Hotel on Pinghai Road which is hosted by the famous Kana who is back in the community. This place is really chill until about 10 PM for a bit, if that. Has a fooseball table and a pool table and Kana will be more than happy to play you. Blue Frog I went once or twice when I worked near there, but I didnt like it that much. I never really to seem to know what they are, and really they are more of a restaurant with a bar, than a bar that sells food. There were little kids when I was there, and you had to smoke outside. Cant tell you if the food is good or bad, but I dont trust food in these places, usually crap and expensive. This is a chain bar/restaurant in many cities in China and exactly alike. My bar is the 7 Club. I like it because they know me, the place doesnt change, and you can smoke like a Chinese shoe factory. The pizza there is actually pretty decent. Some other foreigners like me like the place, your milage may vary.
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    Hello everyone. I am new to the forum. What's going on here? Anyone is still into gaming? I finally got a good system and now is trying it out. Any suggestions on good games? I'm a little old for this world, used to hang at http://automatenspielex.com/casino-spiele/beste and that was it. Now I'm ready to expand my horizons
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    If I were you, I would cover that shit up.
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    Seriously...are you fuckin kidding me. I asked about a pizza place. At lunch i picked up a flier from a place advertising pizza. Now i'm following up. If that's marketing you must be getting a pretty hefty check from Dominos
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    MIB88 where you at? I ain't seen a pink massage shop for ages now, fuckin' G20
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    I think you should have talked with my buddy mib88 hehe
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    Dannyboy... Do your thing, or maybe even mib88???
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    Reading Tree Coffee 悦览数 Address: 1/F Xinhua Bookstore, 225-227 Jiefang Road 解放路225-227号新华书店1楼 related news: Bookstores try new concepts to lure customers 24-hour café-cum-bookstore opens Curl up with a good book at these places