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    Hello everyone,i am lady,32 age old,and at hotel need outcall oil massage,anyone can tell me who can do it for business,i tired,thx.
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    Hi there. I'm Jessica and I'll be coming to Hangzhou in a matter of weeks to teach at a language school in the Xiaoshan district. I'm looking for friends and possibly an apartment in that area. It's nice to meet you all.
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    Hey guys, I'm Judy. I speak Chinese, English and French. Hope to get to know some new friends in Hangzhou.
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    Hi everyone, I am Yannick, from France, i have been in Hangzhou for 1 year now, just thought would be useful to register here for future plans or getting some info. I currently live in Xihu Qu, near Xixi park. I am a french teacher, Nice to meet you all, have a nice day :)
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    Hello all, my name is Nick and I am from the Russia. I have been here in HZ for about 3 week. Nice to meet you all
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    Hello everyone! My name is David, from Spain. :D nice to meet you all
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    Dear Sir/Madam, We offer Financial Bank Instruments such as Bank Guarantees (BG), Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC), Letter of Credit (LC), Performance Bonds (PB), Medium Term Notes (MTN), which are specifically for Lease & Purchase but not direct funding. Our Bank Instrument can be engage into PPP Trading, Outright Discount, Signature Project(s) such as Aviation, Agriculture, Petroleum, Telecommunication, Construction of Dams, Bridges, Real Estate and all kind of projects. It can also serve as collateral with any bank in the world to secure loan for your project or to activate credit line to finance your business as well as any project that need financing. You can also use our bank instrument to purchase goods and service from any manufacturer irrespective of their location. We Will Be Glad To Share Our Working Procedures With You Upon Request To Help Us Proceed Towards Closing Deals Effectively. Intermediaries/Consultants/Brokers Are Welcome To Bring Their Clients And Are 100% Protected And Open To Their Commission. In Complete Confidence, We Will Work Together For The Benefits Of All Parties Involved. Kindly Contact for genuine inquiries and i can provide you with the needed information. Roberto Montoya
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    Abie English School based in Hangzhou needs foreign teachers as soon as possible. Location: Gonshu district, Hangzhou Salary: Full Time: between 12.000¥ -20.000¥ (depending on applicants' education, teaching experience,) Working time: 1pm-8pm(Dinner break) Days Off: Two days off Students: 3-12 years old kids Qualification &Requirements: -Bachelor degree or above / -Having related teaching experience(minimum 1-2 years’ teaching experience)/-Native speakers How to apply: [please send me private message for my contact information] About us ABIE, American Baby International Education Ltd. is a high-end American English education brand. Utilizing American public-school curriculum and cutting-edge products, ABIE focuses on providing a wide range of English language learning opportunities for children aged 3-12. Moreover, our international education group is committed to building comprehensive, diversified, and high-tech educational resources to seamlessly integrate with our wider educational services. Our motto, 'Better, Easier, Faster,' reflects our goal of assisting children in the development of learning, life, occupational, and social skills.
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    Firstly, I have no idea what a Walmart is supposed to be like... we don't have them back in my home. (we have K-mart though... might be the same). So, I can't make a real comparison. But, K-mart isn't a supermarket. I don't go to K-mart for food (except maybe cheap chips and drinks). Just like I don't go to Coles or Woollies for clothes, bikes, camping gear, etc etc...I go there for food! Similarly, I go to Walmart for... well, nothing actually! But, I go to Lianhua for food, and not clothes. Secondly, the Walmart here isn't for foreigners... if's for the locals. Your standards have no meaning here. Your desires have no meaning here.
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    Hello everyone:) I am new in HZ. I live in Binjiang district. I'm a little bit scared and facinated this city. This is my first time in China. I came here with my husband. I feel lonley because I don't work and I don't have any friends here so I write:) I have a hope that I meet here some openmind and helpful people to go somewhere on coffe, beer or lunch:) If someone have o lot of time like I write me :)
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    I am Chinese woman, young lady worked in a magazine as a assistant editor .I am 32years old,, elegant, gentle and dignified, well–educated,funny and simple person. I always admire western mature guys, their charming smile, and beautiful eyes. I am locals and grew up in here but I have been traveled a lot of places in the world .so l would like to spend some time to invite you .go for dinner,chat together or go for a walk to park. Maybe we can become friends, business partners or plan future together. You never know... give us a chance. I am interested in casual dating, meeting friends or some serious relationship, depends who I will meet. As one of my friend talk to me that Love is a soul to other soul attraction. Sometimes In some cases, status and money doesn't matter: And the most exciting appearance doesn't matter。 Sometimes to find love, is to make ourselves and the other closer to the soul, Only With her or his is a rest 。love is find your soul mates. Please write to me, we can exchange photos and know each other more first. [please send me private message for my contact information]
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    I'm tempted to ask wtf again. Are you able to create OS. What does your start up do/offer, why the hell would whatever you do require an OS building from the ground up?? Did you mean UI? I'd go into more detail but it might be lost on you and I probably should be charging a consultancy fee...
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    Definitely noticed this too. Married Chinese friends have a single persons language compared with UK. Rarely referring to 'we' or 'us' or even the name of the partner..... (always "my husband") I wonder if it is a little less intense than Western way? less intimate? Less mushy or clingy too...? Maybe more healthy though? is it like a family / business type arrangement as well as (or rather than) a romantic bond?
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    Easier to have 4/5/6 suitors this way.
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    There is a hard outdoor court at Yuquan campus that we could play at. Its not by any means a great court but if you can't find anything else it would work as a last resort.
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    We are going for a volleyball tenement in xiaoshan.. So we can't play this weekend.. Let me know anyone wanna join next weekend..!
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    Chucky, Please leave us you phone number or email or wechat, that we can contact you..
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    Hi Nunziosize, Yum. A nice piece of Dong Po Pork is tasty indeed!!! Hopefully with plenty of meat in the meat layer though! I guess you've already seen the cooking lessons thread??? viewtopic.php?p=171997#p171997 I guess now that the height of the Spring Festival is past that another get together might happen in the next few weeks...? Check out the book stores too, even Chinese ones. There are quite a few bilingual cooking books around. My Mum told me about an Aussie TV Chef (and Sydney restauranter), Kylie Kwong, who came to China just before the Olympics. She visited Hangzhou and showed her audience how to cook Dong Po Pork. I think this might be a video of her making it. But, I'm not sure as I can't get YouTube to check. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0CAcEi9gd8 She has a bunch of other nice looking Chinese/Asian recipes online here. http://www.lifestylefood.com.au/shows/k ... -my-china/ This isn't Dong Po Pork, but looks very tasty anyway!!! Caramelized Pork Belly with Thai sausage (Recipe by Jeff Piper from Signature Dish) Good luck, LFA
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    So, here we go for number 2! it's on again tonight! it sounds as if everyone in the city is coming to this so lets hope we can live up to the hype! We had around 250 at the last one and judging by the talk and messages we have recieved i think we shall comfortably beat that! If it's your second time, welcome back, if it's your first, welcome! DjTam2010-07-15 01:39:33
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    Quick word regarding the theme of this Elements night. It's called 'The Midsummer Masquerade' so as you may probably well guess we shall be wearing masks. Duh. When you get to the Garden Club you can get your masks at the entrance, they should be priced between 8 and 15rmb so it's not exactly bank busting.
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    wo xihuan doupi he qiancengbing, wo hai xihuan hubuxiang,ni kandong le ma ?
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