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    Anyone looking for a new look with good quality tape in or clip in hair extensions, message me with your preferred type, Colour and length and I will send you a quote asap! Top quality, delivery to your door and best prices offered. You can also add my wechat [please send me private message for my contact information] to speak to me directly!! Let's make you even more beautiful!
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    Hello, Does anyone have experience with a Shared Office in Hangzhou or Xiaoshan? Would appreciate any information. Thanks.
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    Hi everyone! Here is the thing:This is Eric comes from Fuyang,Hangzhou. I have been running a foreign-trading company over one and a half years. Luckily,my company runs really good,and lately i decide to re-decorate my website,to decorate the website, beautiful pics will be needed. I need 2-3 foreign friends for help,location is in my office in Fuyang, i want you guys to pretend to be my colleagues(at present,i don't have any plan to recruit foreign employees). work details: just to sit in my office and pretend that you do work in my office,after taking some pics,i will pay each one of you guys 200RMB :), or i'll treat you guys food and drinks in KTV. Anyone feels interested,pls call me:18258822050,or add me on wechat:825951574
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    Best for you would be 51 jobs and look for a job where you can do foreign business with your home country. That way u don't have the whole native English part, unless u want that of course.
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    Hi Everyone and thanks to Jake for letting me know its cool to post here. If you love Italian then you'll be happy to hear this news. We've been in China 17 years and excited that our newly launched D'Mario's homemade Italian family recipe delivery biz is off to a great start. Right now we're focusing one super authentic, unique dish - traditional eggplant parmigiana, meticulously prepared, available in 1kg tray delivered to your door in Hangzhou and surrounding cities as well. Feel free to inquire on any biz/catering/promotion/event ideas you may have to work together as well. We'll be doing plenty of catering / dinner events along the way. Cheers and thanks kindly, Mario 'n Nana
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    FYI A new american curriculum school is opening in Hangzhou next year. BASIS International School Hangzhou opens its doors in September 2018. The head is a Brit who actually started out as a comedian and police investigator. Really cool guy. A bit pricey, but another option.
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    As you have clearly noticed - barely anyone posts in the forum anymore. You have 1-3 guys covering the topics, some that aren't even in HZ anymore... 42k+ members and hardly manage 20 comments a day (NOT THREADS). As you might also know - the owner of hzexpat is pushing away from the forum and on to another platform - wechat. The hzexpat wechat group is quite more active and you can get an instant response. It's also the only place where Jake posts articles (like 2-3 a day) on what is happening in HZ or any relative news. I don't think this a good thing really. First of, wechat groups are limited to 500 users. at the moment, there are 450. If Jake decided to clean up and kick inactive users, maybe that can go down to 300. That means there's enough space for 200 users (at best). So it is a very limited space. Second, wechat groups are exclusive - you can't see posts or post, unless you are invited. That sucks for people NOT in HZ doing their research before coming here. All the info that gets posted on the group chat never makes it to the HZexpat forums. EVER. And they share some good info... Third, wechat group means members are even less likely to visit a forum or post on it, which leads to less discussion and less willingness to post and visit the forum... you get the idea and where this is going. With the way things are going and if nothing changes, I think the forum will just die. It's already very sluggish. I think it's better to have the info posted on the forum for everyone to see and revisit the threads with updates, rather than picking out nibbles of wisdom from a chatroom. Cheers.
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    Can i get an invitation to that wechat group?
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    Hello /bonjour ! Je suis Ada, a native speaker à Hangzhou. J’étudie le français lately, in l’alliance française. Just finished lessons of A1-1. I am eager to learn, but next semester starts from Q2/2018 I suppose. So in the meantime, I would like to strengthen current skills and improve, especially about dialogue pratiqué. It’ll be really génial if someone could teach me. Of course we can always communicate in Anglais ou chinois! We can make friends! Not sure if this language typing annoys you, but I do find a lot of fun writing in this way! Lol [please send me private message for my contact information] add me if you want to get connected! Ada
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    Have fun in hz only sorry to be the bringer of bad news Iris but China is not a coffee country ;p
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    Hi Everyone, I am Iris, I'm not currently in Hangzhou yet but I am arriving in Hangzhou in March, staying until January 2019 for studies. I am a university student from Sydney studying law and international studies. For my international studies degree, I major in Chinese language and culture and therefore have decided to come to Hangzhou's Zhejiang University (Yuquan campus) to study Chinese. I am really looking forward to experience Hangzhou and immerse myself in the Chinese culture. I am always looking forward to meeting new people and learning new things to enrich my experience. I am a huge foodie and coffee lover so if you have any food or coffee recommendations please let me know. I also really enjoy learning new things and have recently picked up pottery in Sydney, if anyone knows of any good pottery studios or darkroom photography places please let me know too or even any exciting things to do around Hangzhou would be greatly appreciated. :)) I look forward to joining this community and hopefully get to meet some of you during my year long stay in Hangzhou!
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    Rainbow International Kindergarten We are an International IB kindergarten and primary school in Binjiang District of Hangzhou and we are looking for more home room teachers to join the team. We are expanding the amount of classes we have next semester. The school is located in a beautiful area of the city and is very convenient for living, shopping and seeing the iconic locations of the city, such as West Lake. Start Date: Early March 2018 Responsibilities: Students are 2-5 years old and you will work closely with 2 coteachers and a life teacher to plan and carry out lessons. That's four teachers (one English, one Chinese, one bilingual, and one life teacher) per class. Classes are capped at 25 students. This position is different from an English academy or training center as it is not class after class after class of English lessons. Rather, you will stay with the students all day, teaching the children English based on their needs or the activity and reinforce the daily routine using English. You will be in charge of the English class (once per day) and developing the IB (Inquiry Based) curriculum with the other teachers and give that lesson (also once per day). There is also PE, a special class(art, music, cooking, etc), and outdoor play time each day. Out of class work could also be required, such as painting the walls of the school or decorating classrooms(artists are very welcome!) Requirements: Native And Non native Teachers welcome based on accent. Teacher must have either 2 years of relevant teaching experience and/or must have a tefl/tesol certification (120 hours). Kindergarten experience, experience teaching young children, or a degree related to education or child development is strongly preferred. IB teaching experience not mandatory, but also strongly preferred. Must be able to provide paperwork for the working visa application. Benefits: *PAY 13,000-20,000RMB per month based on qualifications such as teaching experience, education level, major, tesol/tefl certification, special talents, etc. *HOUSING A one room apartment will be provided for you or a housing stipend of 2000rmb will be provided per month if you choose to pick your own place. *Paid winter and summer vacation and Chinese National Holidays *Accident insurance provided *Flight reimbursement of 3000rmb given at end of contract Please send your resume, contact information and times you are available for an interview to: [please send me private message for my contact information]
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    Work time: Mostly in the afternoon (3pm-6pm), sometimes in the evening (5pm-7pm) We can arrange work according to your own school schedule if you are an international student Work place Downtown Hangzhou, close to West lake and Fengqi road subway exit (we provide transport bonus) Job description Take notes about students’ grammatical, pronunciational and logical mistakes in speaking and writing Analyze those mistakes in front of students, and give sample answers when necessary Great opportunity to really experience Chinese culture by communicating with Chinese teenagers [please send me private message for my contact information] if you are interested
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    I have no idea why you cant use the internet yourself. A simple "where to buy a public transport card hangzhou" and 2 seconds later I found the following information. Hangzhou Transportation IC Card Put Your Transportation IC Card on the Electric Locker Transportation IC Card can be used on most of the transport means in the city, including buses, water buses, some taxis and public bicycle renting. Transportation IC Card includes D, T and Z card, among which Z type is the most suitable for visitors. Z Card Applying and Reloading Z card can be applied for at most bicycle service spots around West Lake as well as the Smart Card Center. When applying for a Z Card, show your valid identification at bicycle service spot or Smart Card center and fill in the Application Form. CNY300 must be stored (CNY200 as credit caution money, CNY100 for consumption) when applying. Once applied, it can be reloaded at any reloading office of IC Card in the city. Usage Z Card can be used on bicycle renting, buses, taxi, water bus and parking lot. The ticket fare of city buses will be deducted at 91% of ordinary fare while full amount will be charged at the other places. Refunding When refunding, you need to show the valid identification you used when applying. If you ask for a refund within ten days since the last time you used the card, you can claim your refund at either a refundable public bicycle service spot or a Smart Card Center. All your credit caution money and balance will be refunded. If you try to claim a refund 10 days or more after the last time you use it, you can only claim the refund at the Smart Card Center. The refund procedure is as for refunding D and T Card. Ordinary Card (D Card) Applying and Reloading Anyone can apply for and reload a D Card at any reloading offices in town including the Smart Card Center. You have to store at least CNY50 on it when applying. Usage D Card has electronic purse function which can be used in some stores including China Post. It can be used on all the buses and water buses. Ticket fare will be deducted at 91% of ordinary fare on city buses while full charge will be deducted when taking water buses. Refunding When claiming a refund, you need to show the valid identification and the application you used when applying. 90% of the balance will be refunded and 1% of the balance will be charged as poundage, the rest of the money will not be refunded. All Purpose Cards (T Card) T Card have the function of most IC Cards; they can be used on buses, the ticket fare being deducted at 91% of ordinary fare. They can also be used for taxis and water buses with IC Card Processors. You need to store at least CNY50 on it when applying. If you store more than CNY200, it can be used on public bicycle renting. The applying and refunding procedure for the T Card is the same as the D one. Tips 1. Declaring the loss of a T or D Card would not be accepted. 2. Do not store too much money on the D and T card, since there is no compensation for lost ones. 3. CNY25 would be charged as maintenance fee when applying for D, T and Z Card. Where to reload the Smart Card? 1. Smart Card Center: 20 Long Xiang Lu, Yan An Lu Bus Stop 2. Branches of China Merchants Bank, Hangzhou Daily and some cell phone reloading stores can reload the Transportation Smart Card. Apart from these, some book stores and other kind of store that have the sign on it are all available of reloading. The reloading time of each place are a little different, some just work from 20th of the 5th of the next month.
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    room2.mp4 is available now --located in a compound near the crossroad of Rd. Wensan & Rd. Xueyuan downtown Hangzhou. Subway Line2, Walking distance to Vinyard, starbucks etc... The apartment is fully furnished. Move in condition The flat is on the top floor of the building(the 16th floor) so it is quiet and has a good view. prefer a longterm at least 6month. Please contact me for more details if you are interested. Wechat_id: RoseLandChina
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    Hey Chourouk, Ya bent bladii i sent you wechat invitation
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    Nothing will be done. A few years, say 5 or so there would be a small firework show by the hotels at the westlake but after 2013 there was nothing anymore... B est bet would be places at nan shan road I guess.
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    More cycling photos in Guilin! On October 24, 2017, the first GREE "UCI WorldTour - Tour of Guangxi" completed as the #Guilin Criterium of 2017 GREE UCI WorldTour Tour of Guangxi achieved a complete success.
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    I am a male with more than 2 years of experience,and i believe i am an exceptional candidate for the job opening that you listed.After considering the position requirements and my professional credentials,i know that i would perform beyond expectations and excel as an enthusiastic teacher. please contact me for more information
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    Hi friendly people, My name is Wilson and I was born in Hangzhou 28 years ago. I left China 8 years ago to study in the U.S and work in Japan, and just got back home to work as a university teacher/architectural designer here. The city has changed so much and I don't know a lot of people around any more. I'm looking for friends to hang out together and hopefully will meet some of you from this forum :)
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    sounds interesting !! any requirement to join the team?
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    Hi, I'm looking for a co-working place in Hangzhou. I live in Xiacheng District and don't really want to spend time in public transportation. If you have any office in Xiacheng/Shangcheng/Jianggan/Gonshu district not so far from Huancheng Dong lu, please let me know. It's only for me and I don't need anything more than a quiet /peaceful environment and Wifi. Thanks in advance, Gwilherm
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    Hi everyone, I had been living in Hangzhou for past 2 years but new to Hangzhou expats community very excited to meet all of you in one place
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    Depends on what you need. I was working with getcasinobonus.net in different spheres and have some experience
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    interested in a rice cooker!!!
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    Hello everyone. I am new to the forum. What's going on here? Anyone is still into gaming? I finally got a good system and now is trying it out. Any suggestions on good games? I'm a little old for this world, used to hang at http://automatenspielex.com/casino-spiele/beste and that was it. Now I'm ready to expand my horizons
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    What makes you SO SURE that you will get a green card ? Only because you are eligible does not guarantees you will be given.
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    Hi! Did you end up finding coworking space? I am looking to briefly interview people who work in coworking environments. Many thanks for your help!
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    Greeting from Harbin, a cold cold place in winter wonderland ( and it's gonna be a hot hot place in Summer) I am going to live in Hangzhou soon, since my husband has got a new job in beautiful HZ so we are going to move move move (again). I am from Bangkok,Thailand,I teach at a school in Harbin and will have to figure out about the spouse visa later since now i am with FEC and work permit. (Headache//) If anybody knows the info. please please share with me. Also if you know where to fetch some good import ( from Thailand) food and ing. in Hangzhou( I cook Thai mostly) I would love to hear about it! Thanks in advance! :)
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    XiaoHeShan has a few middle-eastern type restaurants!!! I went to an Uzbeki restaurant called "Aladin" (sic) just the other day. Also, there is Sana'a - a Yemeni restaurant, a full Saudi restaurant only a few hundred meters from Sana'a (I forget the name of it, but it's a person's name), and another one I haven't tried called Hercules, only 100m from the other unnamed restaurant. I usually head over to Sana'a - nice food, good price, Barbican, saffron Arabic rice... yum yum yum!!! As for Wade's - I've already told you want I expect... PAVLOVA!!!! ::D :D :D (although, I can make it myself at home :D) How about Lasagne?? I think VY used to have it some years ago, no?? A good Risotto would also be nice!! Chicken and Mushroom. (but with good rice - not standard Chinese rice!) Waldorf Salad - apples, celery, walnuts, grapes in a (good, homemade) mayonnaise sauce. Potato and Bacon soup. And, please ORDER the kitchen staff to wash their hands after going to the loo! NO - not "in the kitchen" - in the bathroom, where we can see... cos It looks really really bad just seeing them walk out. I'm making this a public post, because I've told Wade & the managers MANY times... but it just doesn't seem to sink in....!
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    It might be worth adding... before posting the question (or ju7st answering any) to make a post in the "New Members" section first. I'd like to add to that - don't just say "Hi, I'm new here...". something a bit more informative about yourself would be nice! This is especially true if you're going to be looking for advice - so where in HZ you'll be staying is MOST IMPORTANT!!!
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    So you are also from south africa? I am meeting with a Chinese friend on Monday who has information and contacts for this kind of thing so I'll defo pass on anything I find to you, there's so much money to be made out here. [please send me private message for my wechat ID] if you want to share ideas, be great to know another south african
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    location, in Hangda Road, with internet no need to have VPN for Gmail, Facebook. :) it's called Servcorp; costwise, need to check with their manager separately. For my office, about 20sqm, 3 person, about 15,000RMB/month.
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    Interesting experiment... I'm looking forward to the next episode. I just couldn't agree whatsoever with the science teacher, however, when she said there's no classroom management in China. Nah, there is. I'm not just referring to training schools either, because I've been to public school classes, and the teacher still employs methods (strict, yes) to control the class. Or the idea that all Chinese kids are quiet and respectful. And shaped that way from birth, by family and society? No way. Maybe in the past. Actually, and I'll bet some others might echo this, I've had those same talks with my students- particularly the "you're constant interruptions are slowing the class down" bit. I remember that being kind of a shock for me, because I thought teachers were respected here... they are and they aren't. It's been awhile since I was in middle school, but wow, those kids are fat. I definitely have a lot of plumpness in my Chinese classes too. That's a scary trend. And yeah, the kids were excessively rude. I would've gone a little crazy too.
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    HI,Samuelluby, Glad to know you. firstly, welcome to China !!! also ,my pleasure to have you as students ,in July ,I have different kinds of classes,face to face class,group class ,and students summer vacation classess...which one would you prefer to attend?[please send me private message for contact information] we can talk in detail about you study. Nancy Mandarin
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    Hi to all My name is Jelle D’hoop, a Belgian student currently doing my internship at the Zhejiang Tourism Information Center. One of my tasks is to maintain a Facebook and Twitter page for the province of Zhejiang. Since this is still China, it is not that easy to reach a big crowd and gain many likes/followers. Especially not because they want to focus on foreigners, since they are already doing many things for the Chinese people. It's not going to bomb you with pop-ups and a hundred updates a day. I wouldn't even know how to do so even if they wanted me to ^^ Therefore it would be great if everybody who is interested in the province of Zhejiang (be it for travelling or just because you can) to like and/or follow these two pages: https://twitter.com/tourzj1 https://www.facebook.com/tourzj They contain frequent updates of news, events and nice pictures. FB is solely in English, while Twitter updates are in both English and French. They might give you some ideas for a weekend trip in the area J Greetz and thx in advance Jelle
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    I would be very interested to learn more about this too. Ayone have experience? any success stoies? :-) iain
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    Ive contacted my friend, but he didn't reply yet. Will tell you as soon as I hear something from him ^_^
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    Thanks again Jake. Looks like I'm on the wrong side of town.
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    The annual membership fee is 150yuan two news related to Sam's Club in Hangzhou
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    Since you don't even have a working visa with them, they can't do poo to you. They'd be in just as much trouble for hiring an illegal worker. If anything, you can use the excuse of not wanting to work on an illegal visa. Citing legal rules, any contract you signed wouldn't be legal. A one month contract? It's not worth their time and money honestly. It's a pure bluff. Have fun visiting home/wherever :clap:
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    I mind-blower if this forum is more ladies than men:) every like to rota on the forum I rarity if it might be somewhere in a forum where ladies prevail. Of line, I do not method forums down dernier cri:) I identify there is a
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    Don't give up - I need some entertainment.