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    Credibility marks a typical villa builder in Calicut and they have completed maximum number of villas in Calicut. Fantastic designs, personalized customer services, high quality construction and on time project delivery are the cherished features of villa builders in Calicut. Each and every villa builder in Calicut is committed to provide elegant residential spaces with a difference. Team at villa builders in Calicut consist of well experienced managers, architects, engineers and designers. Calicut has been making significant contributions to the real estate sector of south India. Villas in Calicut are so popular among Calicut population who always embraced innovative things. They are the most favoured residential options among professionals and Non Resident Indians. Leading housing companies in Calicut come up with villas, duplexes, and luxury apartments. Adjoining areas of Calicut city too witness increased real estate activity and rental rates of Calicut villas are increasing steadily. It is possible for an average person to buy villa in Calicut and it is the most talked about benefit of Calicut villa. Different land areas available in Calicut as independent land are suitable for building a villa. Calicut has shown tremendous improvement in the real estate sector and good urban infrastructure of Calicut woes investors. A typical Calicut villa is equipped with health clubs, halls, and rain water harvesting system. 2 and 3BHK Villas in Calicut are beautiful as well as aesthetically designed according to latest design patterns. Most of the Calicut villas conform to the principles of Vastu and the upscale residences in the city are equipped with state of the art features.
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    The part-time job has been done. Thanks everybody!
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    Hi My name is Rachel and I'm from the UK currently living and working in Hangzhou. I am working in several areas including marketing of foreign goods and sales material which may be used to target the western market. I have worked with several Chinese firms to rebrand their currant image and update it. Along with redesigning and developing marketing material and attending trade shows as a reprisentive of the company. If this is something you are interested in and would like to know more, please message me for an online portfolio of my latest works. Thank you, Rachel
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    Hi Folks, Are you interested to sale your goods in India and USA? If yes please make a list of your product along with pricing and will be help you to sell.
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    Hello i'm a Chinese doing international job i need a friend who can translate spainish for me i can pay or also do you a favor if you need please send me private message thanks
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    Two person power and intelligence are better than one, I am looking for a business partner who want to expanded business areas in here as we can together cooperate business .we are bound by common interests and will act together to share resource and ensure our business benefits .if you 1.have a project or further investment 2.have good ideas and strategies in business 3.Can be a sources or suppliers in FMCG (food, beverages, cosmetics)areas 4.will created new life in China My family background will support for us if we start business as they have some channel and platform to be retail sales spots among several east cities.if we are a team which may use various platforms to develop our business.I 'm honest,open-minded,optimistic person and honored to invite you to be my business partner together created a great future. Please contact me if you are interest in those ,Thanks a lot . [please send me private message for my contact information]
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    Hello everybody, AB Lingo Translation company on sale. It has constant customers and company has good reputation. We have Russian English French Chinese and Turkish translators. We sell website 10000RMB. Company's website domain and hosting serviced paid till end of 2018. Countless emails you can create (test@ablingo.com) We will provide all details information for a buyer. Interested persons can contact me or PM me. Best regards, Ruslan
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    My name is Tulina , we're looking for an Sales managers. Europe and the United States Key Client Manager 1、负责 欧美业务的开发、跟进、维护; 1, Responsible for the European and American business development, follow-up and maintenance; 2、负责欧美市场的产品宣传、推广和销售,完成公司下达的销售任务指标; Responsible for the European and American markets of product promotion and sales, to complete the company issued sales targets; 3、挖掘客户需求,及时与相关负责人沟通,并制定相关产品开发建议; Mining customer needs, timely communication with the relevant person in charge, and formulate relevant product development proposals; 任职要求: Job requirements: 1、欧美外籍人士. European or American expatriates. 2、英文流利,中文能简单沟通即可; Fluent in English or German . Know some Chinese 3、从事过销售工作或者做过英语老师。有一些零售店及网络推广经验。 Engaged in the sales work or English teacher.Have some experience in retail stores and online marketing. ------------------------- thanks. Tu,lina
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    DOH!! Yippee. I can sleep better at night now, knowing this riveting info.
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    Hi I'm Enrico, a graphic designer based in italy. My objective is to find a job in hangzhou as graphic designer. Can you help me? [please send me private message for my contact information]
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    I'm looking for a native spanish speaker as my teacher. Times: 5-10 h/ week ( from Monday to Friday ) for about 4 weeks. Location: Hu Bin ( near metro station Long Xiang Qiao), Hangzhou Fee:100 RMB/hour Know some basic in spanish, want to improve listening and speaking Jian
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    Do you have a business idea or do you want to join an already existing founders team?
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    The latest China PCC Service website -www.chinapoliceclearance.com- is online now, people can apply China PCC online by submit scan copy without return to China. As the branch of Beijing Expat Service Center, the www.chinapoliceclearance.com is professional, reliable and got PCC in China for many clients for the past 7 years when they started as beijingesc.com. Hangzhou is one of the cities in it's service area. So if anyone need Hangzhou Police Clearance, please check it out.
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    Hi there, The website works but when I try to apply for it I've got a beautiful Error 404 page. And nothing about the price? I guess it's not free...
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    Ok, will see what i can find too. Well, just interested in exporting other possible products, not hair stuff, but ja... same concept/
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    I´m interested too, let´s see if someone has an answer.. So far,I know that there is a group in meetup about startups...
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    good, I have signed up for this conference.
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    Hi Lisa, we are currently using service office in Hangzhou, it's a shared office with different separate office rooms, with shared space as coffee minibar, meeting room, and reception desk. let me know if you need more info. Daniel
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    In China, recently, there is a popular saying among net friends that the friendship of the boat turn over quickly when one of them do not give a hand that the other one needs. But Great Tao is here to help you whenever you need, so the friendship of boat between us is very firm and will never turn over. With our Great Tao Credit Purchasing, you are no longer need to worry about the money, because we will first settle with factories, giving you a credit term to pay back later and freeing up cash flow. So come to join us! We can be friends forever!
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    The 119th Canton Fair lasts three different phases from April 15th to May 5th 2016 at the China Import & Export Fair Complex. Now, the third phase is going on successfully in Guangzhou, and our colleagues are getting along well with the buyers. Why? Because, With smile, we have happy talks with the buyers! With kindness, we make buyers feel the hospitality of Chinese! With credit cards, we help buyers purchase more goods in China! Come to join us, and you can also purchase more goods without any trouble!
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    Hello! I am looking t export hair extensions to South Africa, very lucrative business - anyone have any leads of places making pure Remy hair extensions that I could meet with to discuss product, quantity and price? Also, if you are interested in joining this venture with me, personal message me to get in touch Thanks :)
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    Hello, Does anyone have experience with a Shared Office in Hangzhou or Xiaoshan? Would appreciate any information. Thanks.
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    Language Tester and Terminologist (Contractor) Responsibilities · Work with the product designer and developer to verify technical concepts and define English terms for Alibaba Cloud products and features. · Manage Term-Base content and coordinate multilingual terminology projects. · Maintain quality standards for English authoring and translation. · Design, verify, and review English UI strings of Alibaba Cloud products. · Test product UIs to identify language issues. · Edit English content for ad hoc projects and tasks, with small workloads but high visibility and challenging deadlines. · Maintain the English Style Guide and design checking rules for scanning tools. · Deliver English style and authoring training to team members. Qualifications · Native English speaker. · Experience in technical writing is a plus. · Engineering or sciences majors preferred. · The ability to acquire new technology concepts. · IT knowledge. · Attention to detail. If you're interested in this position, [please send me private message for my contact information] Cheers! Jingyue
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    Hello everyone. I am new to the forum. What's going on here? Anyone is still into gaming? I finally got a good system and now is trying it out. Any suggestions on good games? I'm a little old for this world, used to hang at http://automatenspielex.com/casino-spiele/beste and that was it. Now I'm ready to expand my horizons
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    Hi Greyeyes0409, Is that a coworking space or private offices ? Thanks, GProulx
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    Hi! Did you end up finding coworking space? I am looking to briefly interview people who work in coworking environments. Many thanks for your help!
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    I know a very good Spanish teacher, he is native, but I think he is organizing a smalll group of 2-3 people. and need learners with some basic English, since his Chinese is not good. if you are interested, let me know.
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    It would appear that this service is TOTALLY FREE!!!! This must be true, as a) it doesn't mention paying a fee anywhere in the procedures (except for an additional cost for authentication... which I think is stupid, cos it should already be authenticated... or come as a normal part of the service - but TiC!!!); and b) there is no price listed anywhere on the website!! And we all know it would be illegal to charge for a service without stipulating a price, or going through the procedure without payment and price being mentioned!
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    Jip, south african. Ok, Will send you a PM with my WeChat details. Actually have a SA group on WeChat, can add you to that too.
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    The 2nd Global Trade & Credit Conference will be held on 24th Sept. 2016 in Ningbo, China. The conference is themed as “Trade on Credit”, hoping to build up a platform for international traders, and share resources between buyers, suppliers, exporters, banks, factoring companies, etc. At this conference, you would have the chance to participate in the Global Credit Grand Award, Global Purchase Conference, and communicate with all representatives of different fields. The Conference will also customize your personal services, such as the services of Gate to China, and GT Credit Pays. What's more, huge amounts of great promotion packages are waiting for you at the 09.24 scene as well! PACKAGE OF FREE OFFERS AT 0924 FREE Great Tao coupons of max 5,000 USD. FREE Chinese suppliers in investigation report. FREE consulting services on international trade law, finance and new business. FREE office seat in Changsha, Qingdao and Ningbo. And you can see this conference schedule as follows: Date: 24-25 September, 2016 Date Time Event 23 September 13:00 Bus Departure to Ningbo 18:00-18:30 Hotel Check In 19:00-20:00 Dinner 20:00-21:30 Party Time 24 September 9:30-12:00 GTCC Time 12:00 -13:00 Lunch 13:30-17:00 Purchasing Matching Conference 17:30-18:30 Dinner Free Time 25th September 9:30 -11:30 Visit to the Business Incubator Center 12:00 -13:00 Lunch 13:30 Return Location: Ningbo, China Hotline: 400 159 8448 Sponsor: Great Tao Group (platform: http//www.gttown.com) More infos please visit homepage and even sign up directly to attend the Conference @www.0919.com Any question or interest, please no hesitation to send your email at yaohongmei@great-tao.com OR call the hotline to contact us. Great Tao is looking forward to your coming!
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    The 15th China International Consumer Goods Fair (CICGF) will be held from June 9 to 12, 2016 in Ningbo. Great Tao Group is sincerely inviting you and your company representatives to attend this conference. We expect to provide the best platform for the international trade between you and your suppliers. We will provide free airport pickup and transportation, free meals and accommodation during the fair. Our online yoopay registration system, as a special treatment, has been open to our clients. Click the following link to register: https://lnkd.in/fEvB2uY. So, Join Us Right Now!
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    Heya can you add me to that group again
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    We need a part time English teacher for a group of kids in Yuhang district, 2km distance from Hangzhou Normal University. Native/ European would be preferred, still people from other countries having good pronunciation and skills to teach children are also welcome to apply. We need as soon as possible. If you are interested, send me your cv or pm me for details. Thanks.
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    Hi, this is hillary . i just saw your notice and interesting in this job position which organise seminar here as i have some of resource in unviersity areas . i am wonder could you sent me email to offer more details to be about this work. [please send me private message for my contact information] many thanks .
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    Depends on what you need. I was working with getcasinobonus.net in different spheres and have some experience
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    Hi everyone! Here is the thing:This is Eric comes from Fuyang,Hangzhou. I have been running a foreign-trading company over one and a half years. Luckily,my company runs really good,and lately i decide to re-decorate my website,to decorate the website, beautiful pics will be needed. I need 2-3 foreign friends for help,location is in my office in Fuyang, i want you guys to pretend to be my colleagues(at present,i don't have any plan to recruit foreign employees). work details: just to sit in my office and pretend that you do work in my office,after taking some pics,i will pay each one of you guys 200RMB :), or i'll treat you guys food and drinks in KTV. Anyone feels interested,pls call me:18258822050,or add me on wechat:825951574
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    We can deliver Financial service/instruments(BG/SBLC/MTN/DLC/LC) at affordable price to our customers in other to derive maximum utility. We understand that finding the right company to provide financial instrument is not easy. We are certified financial company that delivers banking instrument for lease which we adhere to our terms and condition. Over 96% of our clients are satisfied with our work whether it is business or financial service. Once transaction is in progress, we ensure we keep you posted on the progress of your paper. We also get you connected to the provider for personalized service. Instead of stressing yourself out looking for financial instrument or company why not let professional like us deliver financial instrument to you within the time frame required by you. For further details contact us with the below information.... Contact : Mr. SIVAJOTHI GNANATHEEVAM Email: leasingmandate@gmail.com Skype ID: leasingmandate
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    Hi, our IT support team is working on it. Yes, our website doesn't mentioned a fee, because each Chinese city has different fee according to the cost.
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    So you are also from south africa? I am meeting with a Chinese friend on Monday who has information and contacts for this kind of thing so I'll defo pass on anything I find to you, there's so much money to be made out here. [please send me private message for my wechat ID] if you want to share ideas, be great to know another south african
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    No apparently we need some sort of license so I am trying to source relevant info but it's proving to be quite a challenge. Are u trying to do the same?
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    I think you will have more luck if you post this in the correct forum ( jobs). I am surprised none of the mods moved your thread there by now.. They are lazying around or still on tea time? :P
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    The 15th China International Consumer Goods Fair (CICGF) will be held from June 9 to 12, 2016 in Ningbo. Great Tao Group is sincerely inviting you and your company representatives to attend this conference. We expect to provide the best platform for the international trade between you and your suppliers. We will provide free airport pickup and transportation, free meals and accommodation during the fair. Our online yoopay registration system, as a special treatment, has been open to our clients. Click the following link to register: https://lnkd.in/fEvB2uY. So, Join Us Right Now!