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    Hi, my name is Darius and I moved to Hangzhou one week ago to teach at a primary school in Jianggan district. I am 22 years old and looking for English speaking friends (my Chinese in non-existent) to go for coffee/beer/hikes with. I would also like to explore the live music scene here, so if you know any good venues let me know!
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    Hello there. I am wanting to transfer money to family back in the UK. I tried to use paypal but its having issues and wont let me set one up. I have an ISBC account here in China and am hoping to transfer. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would be so grateful. Thanks Amelia
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    Easiest way is to have a local do it for you. Find one you trust i.e. that you work with and can beat up with a stick if they pocket your cash.
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    Hello everyone. I am new to the forum. What's going on here? Anyone is still into gaming? I finally got a good system and now is trying it out. Any suggestions on good games? I'm a little old for this world, used to hang at http://automatenspielex.com/casino-spiele/beste and that was it. Now I'm ready to expand my horizons
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    If I were you, I would cover that shit up.
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    Seriously...are you fuckin kidding me. I asked about a pizza place. At lunch i picked up a flier from a place advertising pizza. Now i'm following up. If that's marketing you must be getting a pretty hefty check from Dominos
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    MIB88 where you at? I ain't seen a pink massage shop for ages now, fuckin' G20
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    I think you should have talked with my buddy mib88 hehe
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    Dannyboy... Do your thing, or maybe even mib88???
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    Reading Tree Coffee 悦览数 Address: 1/F Xinhua Bookstore, 225-227 Jiefang Road 解放路225-227号新华书店1楼 related news: Bookstores try new concepts to lure customers 24-hour café-cum-bookstore opens Curl up with a good book at these places