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    Hey everyone, I am a volleyball coach and player from US and am starting a group of people interested in playing open gym, league, and clinics. We are putting a group together for this Sunday Feb. 4th 2018 if you are interested join the group on WeChat.
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    As I'm sure many of you have experienced, finding good competent sales and marketing is very difficult. And the concept of 'initiative' is a complete unknown. I've had a 'professional' marketing person say they don't know how to contact a university to organise a seminar there... And the number of people who don't bother following up on leads is ridiculous!!! So, has anyone actually managed to find that incredibly rare breed of person who can actually do what they say they can? I'm in need of good people... not just people who say they're good
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    I'd also be interested! What WeChat group are you referring to? Also, how competitive will it be?
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    O dear lord this is the third time already. Give it some time for people to react man.
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    I‘m a young writter and film maker,but a good action designer. I love different cultures and I mean it,not just one or two legendary story,but the modern one,and the flesh one that I can take part in. Hope to find you. The one could share joy and madness together. Nemesis Meng
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    from Slovenia. Ok, I'll take a look, thank you!
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    "I am really looking forward to experience Hangzhou and immerse myself in the Chinese culture." No, you're not. And no, you won't. What we think of as 'Chinese culture' isn't actually here :( It's history.. long gone! Think of what Christmas means to most in Australia now... compared to what it used to mean and its origins. You'll feel vastly more at home here than what you currently imagine! (I know - I sound jaded and pessimistic. But, come back to me in a year and respond) As said above - China isn't a coffee place. But, there are some cafes around that aren't too bad.
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    Hey welkom in hz, je zult het vast wel gezien hebben maar de meeste yoga lessen worden in een gym gegeven. Veel succes ;p
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    a big room with walk in closet and a small room in a 4-bedroom apartment is available now --located in a compound near the crossroad of Rd. Wensan & Rd. Xueyuan downtown Hangzhou. Walk to Subway Line2 The apartment is fully furnished. Move in condition The flat is on the top floor of the building(the 16th floor) so it is quiet and has a good view. prefer a longterm at least 6month. Please contact me for more details if you are interested. [please send me private message for my contact information]
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    Hi everyone! My name's Jim and I'm new to Hangzhou. I'm originally from the UK but I've moved here by way of Dijon, France and Foshan/Guangzhou, Guangdong. Looking to take part in as many activities as possible and, of course, make new friends in this beautiful city! I'm based out in Fuyang district - is anyone else on the forum based out here? Jim
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    Hi, my name Uli, I'm from Russia, I've been working as a teacher for 3 years at schools like tefl academy, power English, kid castle) I would really appreciate to work with you:)
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    Hello I have Masters in Computers and live in Canada. I have more than 5 years of teaching experience. I am attaching my resume. [please send me private message for my contact information] if you like my profile. Thanks
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    hello, sorry for the very late reply. I guess it's not me, but would like to meet you and your friends!
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    For us, we found that Servcorp was too expensive. We found a small business that rents an apartment in a semi commercial building was our answer. We pay half of the 3,000rmb monthly rent. It has 2 bedrooms that have been turned into offices and then a large siting room with table and chairs and a couch and armchairs as shared areas for meetings etc. There is a kitchen and a bathroom also. This is enough to give us what we need. The internet is paid by the other business as they are there 7 days per week and are happy to share. So we have an address, somewhere to have meetings etc yet we don't need o be there al of the time.
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    Hi, Same here! looking for a co-working space for a month as well. @GProulx, @GProulx have you found anything? Thanks!
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    Never been to osaka, just tokyo and according my japanese friends halloween is insane there :)
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    Dear Sir/Madam, We offer Financial Bank Instruments such as Bank Guarantees (BG), Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC), Letter of Credit (LC), Performance Bonds (PB), Medium Term Notes (MTN), which are specifically for Lease & Purchase but not direct funding. Our Bank Instrument can be engage into PPP Trading, Outright Discount, Signature Project(s) such as Aviation, Agriculture, Petroleum, Telecommunication, Construction of Dams, Bridges, Real Estate and all kind of projects. It can also serve as collateral with any bank in the world to secure loan for your project or to activate credit line to finance your business as well as any project that need financing. You can also use our bank instrument to purchase goods and service from any manufacturer irrespective of their location. We Will Be Glad To Share Our Working Procedures With You Upon Request To Help Us Proceed Towards Closing Deals Effectively. Intermediaries/Consultants/Brokers Are Welcome To Bring Their Clients And Are 100% Protected And Open To Their Commission. In Complete Confidence, We Will Work Together For The Benefits Of All Parties Involved. Kindly Contact for genuine inquiries and i can provide you with the needed information. Roberto Montoya
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    Hey there, I'm very interested in that teaching position, I'm an Egyptian with a Bachelor degree in Economics from the UK and also, I have a TEFL certificate. i had a previous teaching experience and i worked for a year in Experiential learning and team building activities for multinational Corporates. hope you can consider me for this opportunity. have a great day :) Omar
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    Hello everyone:) I am new in HZ. I live in Binjiang district. I'm a little bit scared and facinated this city. This is my first time in China. I came here with my husband. I feel lonley because I don't work and I don't have any friends here so I write:) I have a hope that I meet here some openmind and helpful people to go somewhere on coffe, beer or lunch:) If someone have o lot of time like I write me :)
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    In what context? And... why? Why contact you????
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    Language Tester and Terminologist (Contractor) Responsibilities · Work with the product designer and developer to verify technical concepts and define English terms for Alibaba Cloud products and features. · Manage Term-Base content and coordinate multilingual terminology projects. · Maintain quality standards for English authoring and translation. · Design, verify, and review English UI strings of Alibaba Cloud products. · Test product UIs to identify language issues. · Edit English content for ad hoc projects and tasks, with small workloads but high visibility and challenging deadlines. · Maintain the English Style Guide and design checking rules for scanning tools. · Deliver English style and authoring training to team members. Qualifications · Native English speaker. · Experience in technical writing is a plus. · Engineering or sciences majors preferred. · The ability to acquire new technology concepts. · IT knowledge. · Attention to detail. If you're interested in this position, [please send me private message for my contact information] Cheers! Jingyue
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    Hello everyone. I am new to the forum. What's going on here? Anyone is still into gaming? I finally got a good system and now is trying it out. Any suggestions on good games? I'm a little old for this world, used to hang at http://automatenspielex.com/casino-spiele/beste and that was it. Now I'm ready to expand my horizons
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    Are you learning Chinese? Please share your experiences by completing this survey! https://sojump.com/jq/11906053.aspx Thank you very much!
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    It seems too expensive for just 20 sqm.
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    Hello Nancy can you send me your charges please? I live in binjiang. My email is yasmeen.cole@gmail.com
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    My name is Tulina , we're looking for an Sales managers. Europe and the United States Key Client Manager 1、负责 欧美业务的开发、跟进、维护; 1, Responsible for the European and American business development, follow-up and maintenance; 2、负责欧美市场的产品宣传、推广和销售,完成公司下达的销售任务指标; Responsible for the European and American markets of product promotion and sales, to complete the company issued sales targets; 3、挖掘客户需求,及时与相关负责人沟通,并制定相关产品开发建议; Mining customer needs, timely communication with the relevant person in charge, and formulate relevant product development proposals; 任职要求: Job requirements: 1、欧美外籍人士. European or American expatriates. 2、英文流利,中文能简单沟通即可; Fluent in English or German . Know some Chinese 3、从事过销售工作或者做过英语老师。有一些零售店及网络推广经验。 Engaged in the sales work or English teacher.Have some experience in retail stores and online marketing. ------------------------- thanks. Tu,lina
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    Hi Folks, Are you interested to sale your goods in India and USA? If yes please make a list of your product along with pricing and will be help you to sell.
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    Hey guys,first time here, I‘m a young writter and film maker,but a good action designer. Just started my work here in Hangzhou 2 months ago. I love different cultures and I mean it,not just one or two legendary story,but the modern one,and the flesh one that I can take part in. And I Hope to find a girl who could share joy and madness together. love watch movies、videogames,sports and kung fu. Still keep practicing Brazilian jiujitsu and Wing chun now. Hope I could find you here, [please send me private message for my contact information] I built an action team before,here is a short video for it,so you can know me a little better. https://v.qq.com/x/page/s0332asj9hi.html
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    Hi everyone. I am (visa permitting) supposed to be arriving in Hangzhou in early to mid December. I am a recently qualified EFL/ESL teacher and am moving to start a job with EF. I have joined now mostly to gather information prior to arrival but also to start the process of hopefully meeting fellow expats once I arrive. I am not sure how much information is required here so if the following is too much or too little I apologise. Apart from being an English language teacher I have a PhD in history. I love football, music, reading, history and current affairs. I hope to stay in China for a few years and cannot wait to do some exploring. My current list of 'must visit' places includes The Great Wall, Terracotta Army, and Hong Kong, but I imagine I will add more later. I guess that's it for me for the moment other than 'hi' once again. Regards Meylan1910 (Nick)
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    Interesting... I've heard they are ok... but that's just hearsay, so don't take my word for it!!! Gabby - does the flag under your pic indicate your actual nationality? If so, a) do you have dual citizenship with a different country, and if not, b) did you do a bachelor (or above) degree in an English speaking country? If you have 'no' to both, then legally you can't work here as an English teacher! And, thus, no matter what they may tell you, and what others may say, they can't be trusted on that alone. As for the link San provided, and the information on it regarding pay... yes, if you go through a recruiter, that's what you can expect. They will take a large cut of the money the school pays to the recruiter. Most schools aren't legally allowed to hire foreigners, but some agencies ARE allowed to do it for them. If you're happy with the pay, just accept it! If you're not, then don't!
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    "Let Chinese steal your Chinese business"
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    Head Start, an American early childhood education company, wants to do business in China. I am currently in contact with a Child Development Specialist and I will be acting as a broker between the American and Chinese business parties. If you're in the business of early childhood education this is the perfect opportunity for you to start and grow your entrepreneurship skills. Here's the link to the Head Start website: http://eclkc.ohs.acf.hhs.gov/hslc If you are interested in this project please contact me by email, QQ, or Wechat. Thank you. Sincerely, Jason Cardona The SERVICE USA LLC www.the-service.us [please send me private message for contact information]
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    Thanks, Popcorn Sutton! I will be going to QIngdao over New Year's, but I decided to do a mini-splurge (an additional 150 RMB) and take a flight around noon. They had the cheap flight for around 315 RMB from HGH to Qingdao at 7:40am, but I decided to sleep in and get to the airport later in the day. This way I can land in Qingdao and be energized and ready to party/ring in the new year! Otherwise I was nervous my original plan of flying there at 7:40am and taking a power nap after arriving wouldn't materialize for whatever reason and I would arrive and be drained then fall asleep on NYE around 10:30p, lol. So, this way I can wake up around 8-something AM, get ready and head to the airport then fly out around noon! On that note, if any of you have been to Qingdao outside of the Beer Festival time in August, please advise me on good places to get the 2 RMB Tsingtao beer in the small plastic bags! I want to drink Qingdao-style!
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    Seriously dudes, typing with caps is annoying as hell plus it's considered everywhere on the interwebs as screaming, not only here.
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    Waterproofing expected to be finished by 2042
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    With a VPN, Google Maps is good for bus routes. Click on or just hover over the bus symbols and you'll see bus stop names. Baidu maps has similar functions. HIS = Hangzhou Intl School? The 197 bus goes down YuGu Road (parallel to the west side of the Yellow Dragon Stadium). You can change to another bus (172???) after you reach the big interchange bus station just south of the river. Good luck!
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    Interboys (Mr 3 posts), who are you? This is the first time you've posted in this thread. Why should people post their WeChat IDs publicly just because you ask them to? About which group are you speaking??? FYI, as I see Misc mentioned on this thread a year ago, there is a "Hangzhou Business Network" group on Linked-In. Good luck to all Business Networkers and Socialisers in Hangzhou...!
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    What is yours about iain? Do you have a link? Also do you live in Hangzhou as I noticed you are from Newcastle and I also used to live there.....
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    Hi Noel Happy to involved to some degree and help if I can though time for me is limited unitl after Chinese New Year. But put me on your list of people to ask along to first meeting for help n ideas. cheers iain
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    You're welcome. There are. Lots of older posts for some reason have a problem with the reduced font size. I can't go back and edit them all though... If someone brings an informative post like this to the mod or OP's attention they can re-edit. If you really want to see a post though and the font is tiny, just copy and paste the text into something like Notepad or Textedit then you can read it in normal size.
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    http://www.zjrail.com/ this one is offcial website of China Train Dexue...u can check all of schechule in here( HZ start)...and got times ,price and station infor
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    We found a hair in our pizza at Pizza Hut, called the fuwuyuan over and he said he had planted it there, because it happened to be in the last piece.
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    True but subways + luggage are not fun, plus this would not work for Pudong
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