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    Dude you had me lmao about this one you have no idea... That was until I saw the wu mao post below yours... :p
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    Considering that Chinese girls (east Asian women in general) lack curves, legs have become a form of erotic expression. Whats butts and boobs in the west, legs are in China.
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    I read about it somewhere. It seems they are always open to an upgrade. Also the amount of crazy selfies... and always selfies as a wallpaper. weird.
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    Please, people, answer me something... I meet a Chinese girl, we exchange wechat/weixin details, and (being curious about this person), I look over her 'moments'. And, for about 90+% of them, there are the usual selfies, and friends, and foodies, and flowers, and trips, and pop-stars etc etc... They'll also have photos of their babies/children (millions of those photos!!) And a few of their parents.. However, there is almost never a photo (or more than just 1) of their apparent love of their life (be it husband or boyfriend). I can currently think of just 1 (and only 1) female friend/contact who actually posts pics of her significant other! (I'm reminded of this again today, as 1 of my ex- students only today posted a shot of her bf... who she's been with for 4 years!) I do not understand why this is so!!! If I was with the love of my life (which, obviously, won't happen - which is why I'm posting questions on an expat forum at 10:30 pm ;p), I'd have bucketloads of photos of them (with me) having a great time together! I do get the idea of 'privacy' and of having separate lives (hobbies, interests, etc)... but this thing is just beyond ridiculous! (pretty close to the "I'm meeting a friend", when they really mean "I'm waiting for my boyfriend"...!) Why is this so? (and, guys, does your Chinese girl have photos of you on her social media/networking sites?)
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    definitely noticed that... I think my girlfriend has only posted photos of me twice, much less than I have posted of her. The first time she did, she was flooded with comments (mostly good, some weird). Of course, I've never brought it up, nothing to moan about. Yet I too have become acute to that with the other women I'm friends with, rarely see their husband/boyfriend/partner. Plenty with their kids and friends. Quite different from the US, I feel. Interesting observation.
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    Easier to have 4/5/6 suitors this way.
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    Sainthood can find a Chinese girl in Australia, and take her to China! What's the fuck, such a short distance costs nearly 5 dollars
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    I hate it when they're pretty, but have a business going on, and they post 10 posts a day with creams and stuff like that, and I have to block them. Also, the People Nearby function - wow. Ever lived in a central area, like near a hotel? starting 20:00... the people nearby change.
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    And all those pics of legs? Why? I propose we men start posting our hairy legs in the moments, too. San, sorry that you have to pass on this one :D T
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    Huh well... dating that starts online usually ends online. Just ask facebook~
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    They will normally only deliver if you live within a certain distance..... I'm thinking you are probably beyond that distance. You can order in English, no problem. Follow the steps below and try your luck: Step 1 Call 4008-517-517 from your home phone or mobile Step 2 Press ’2′ for English (or press ’1′ for Chinese) Step 3 If this is your first time calling, you need to register your address with them. So just tell them your address (they are speaking English after all). If it’s not your first time, they will tell you your phone number and address before proceeding to Step 4… Step 4 Order your Big Mac, McChicken sandwich or whatever other delicious food that you want! Good luck.
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    Hello! I am looking t export hair extensions to South Africa, very lucrative business - anyone have any leads of places making pure Remy hair extensions that I could meet with to discuss product, quantity and price? Also, if you are interested in joining this venture with me, personal message me to get in touch Thanks :)
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    Hi My name is Rachel and I'm from the UK currently living and working in Hangzhou. I am working in several areas including marketing of foreign goods and sales material which may be used to target the western market. I have worked with several Chinese firms to rebrand their currant image and update it. Along with redesigning and developing marketing material and attending trade shows as a reprisentive of the company. If this is something you are interested in and would like to know more, please message me for an online portfolio of my latest works. Thank you, Rachel
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    In China, recently, there is a popular saying among net friends that the friendship of the boat turn over quickly when one of them do not give a hand that the other one needs. But Great Tao is here to help you whenever you need, so the friendship of boat between us is very firm and will never turn over. With our Great Tao Credit Purchasing, you are no longer need to worry about the money, because we will first settle with factories, giving you a credit term to pay back later and freeing up cash flow. So come to join us! We can be friends forever!
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    you are the spammer, dummy. Whats wrong with Romantic comedies ? I love Adam sandler, he is great. I am a 55 year old man, a little overweight, looking for romance with oriental woman, contact me if interested
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    Hi James! I hope you have a great experience in Hangzhou, when you get here in July of course! I will most likely be done with my stint here then, but I thought I would extend a welcome because I saw you were from Cinci. I'm from Dayton! I don't think that you will have any problem finding a place for your budget. My friend has a nice place not too far away from the main downtown areas of the city for only about 2000 a month. It is a little small, but your budget is larger so you can probably find a much nicer place! As for something to bring, personally I wish that someone had told me to bring lots of deodorant. I know that sounds weird, but it is really hard to find deodorant here in the winter. Maybe I was looking in the wrong places, but all the stores and even the specialty stores like Watsons didn't sell it in the winter. One more thing, try to ignore the rude comments on here. This is a really great forum to find answers to things, but sometimes you have to put up with the negative remarks. Not everyone is like that, and not everyone has time to sit and troll, i mean comment on, every post on here everyday! So again, I hope your stay in China is great!
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    I'm sorry if the welcome you received was less than enthusiastic. Let me try and fix it! Welcome to Hangzhou! How long are you planning on staying? I don't mind spending a few moments to fill you in on some places to go! No skin off my back. I can't tell you many places to go in Xiasha because I don't live out there, but if you are up to making the journey into town there are a few places a lot of foreigners congregate! The Vineyard is one, and there is Ellen's right down the street. Ellen's has cheaper drinks and food, but the music can be obnoxiously loud. Reggae Bar is another 5 minutes walk down from Ellen's, and there are also a few clubs in the area as well. Coco Bananas is a pretty common place to end the night, and there is also In Club and Maya Bar. Amigos is a tad out of the way, but they have late night drink specials and they make a decent cocktail. Around the west lake there are a few more places definitely worth checking out. Eudora Station has good food and a nice atmosphere, but they are a little pricey, Slims is right down the street and is more of a restaurant than a bar, but they have a nice foreign beer selection. G+ is a club in the area that is pretty popular, but I think it is a bit small (although that seems to be a common theme for clubs here in China). Usually a group of us is always out at one bar or another on Friday or Saturday (if i'm being honest, usually both) feel free to PM me if you want more info or would like to join us sometime! I hope this helps!
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    Dear Goldstein, I do not know where in Europe you come from, but in the Europe I come from there are nowhere near as many "daddy's little girls' as there are in China!! Now, as a European, I have funded myself throughout undergraduate and postgraduate university (in the UK where tuition fees have been criticised for increasing rapidly the recent years). I have never borrowed or asked for money from my parents since I was 16 (nor have they given me any). Most of my friends and flatmates from back then where also very independent financially from the moment they left home. Their parent may have paid for tuition fees, but rent, food, and any other financial extras were paid by them. And all of my friends (and yes they are under 30 and not married) are now completely financially independent and that, ever since their graduation. Compared to what I have seen in china, most of the girls I have worked with (or for) have relied on their parents/ boyfriend/ husband to satisfy their every need. These needs may not have been financial. It varies from housekeeping, to cooking, but don’t forget to trough in the odd LV bag or the brand new IPhone 5 every now and again. Of course I am not so ill-mannered that I will generalise for all Chinese girls as what you said is true and a lot of them work far away from home receiving a very low salary. That said you cannot generalise for all European girls either! :-D
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    For two pages members have insulted, castigated, berated and have not written a positive comment about Turbo. I wish to contribute my two cents worth by praising the poor guy. His writing skills are beyond reproach. He can write far better than 99% of native speakers. His ability to describe his attributes is admirable. The guy makes himself appear to be almost as good as I am, but I can't write as well as he can. Alas, that's probably why I'm a lonely old fart who spends nights in front of the TV smoking a cigar and drinking a cup of tea.
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    Two person power and intelligence are better than one, I am looking for a business partner who want to expanded business areas in here as we can together cooperate business .we are bound by common interests and will act together to share resource and ensure our business benefits .if you 1.have a project or further investment 2.have good ideas and strategies in business 3.Can be a sources or suppliers in FMCG (food, beverages, cosmetics)areas 4.will created new life in China My family background will support for us if we start business as they have some channel and platform to be retail sales spots among several east cities.if we are a team which may use various platforms to develop our business.I 'm honest,open-minded,optimistic person and honored to invite you to be my business partner together created a great future. Please contact me if you are interest in those ,Thanks a lot . [please send me private message for my contact information]
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    Wow, you have issues you smelly hollander idiot
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    G*d****n Chinese! We come to their country and they take our women!
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    We love us some boobies. The guy was a jerk but I think it is quite funny how the netizens are talking about deportation. I lost count how many times I saw drunken Chinese dudes asking the same thing.