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    Last week I moved into my apartment in Linping in the Yuhang District of Hangzhou. I've been silently browsing the forum for a couple of months and now that I'm actually here I figure I'd say hello and take the opportunity to introduce myself. I'm Evan and I'm still shaking off the jetlag. I'm a new teacher and will be teaching at a new center here in town. It would be awesome to make some friends and I'm also totally open to any and all advice on how to "survive" here in China. So far it's been pretty great and things seem to be getting easier every day. I'm definitely working on learning Mandarin too. "Hello. How are you." and "Thank you." are just not enough to get by. I'm looking forward to what this next year will bring.
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    Hi magically83, you have probably got the address by now. The new place is at: No. 2 Wensan Road, Hanghzou 文三路2号浙江国际旅游卫生保健中心 Checkup time: 8:00-10:30, Monday - Friday Phone: 87852410/87852407/87852408 Necessary documents to take there: passport and 4 color photos bareheaded white background 2 inches. Skip your breakfast on the examination day.
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    Hello everyone,i am lady,32 age old,and at hotel need outcall oil massage,anyone can tell me who can do it for business,i tired,thx.
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    I am Chinese woman, young lady worked in a magazine as a assistant editor .I am 32years old,, elegant, gentle and dignified, well–educated,funny and simple person. I always admire western mature guys, their charming smile, and beautiful eyes. I am locals and grew up in here but I have been traveled a lot of places in the world .so l would like to spend some time to invite you .go for dinner,chat together or go for a walk to park. Maybe we can become friends, business partners or plan future together. You never know... give us a chance. I am interested in casual dating, meeting friends or some serious relationship, depends who I will meet. As one of my friend talk to me that Love is a soul to other soul attraction. Sometimes In some cases, status and money doesn't matter: And the most exciting appearance doesn't matter。 Sometimes to find love, is to make ourselves and the other closer to the soul, Only With her or his is a rest 。love is find your soul mates. Please write to me, we can exchange photos and know each other more first. [please send me private message for my contact information]
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    I'm tempted to ask wtf again. Are you able to create OS. What does your start up do/offer, why the hell would whatever you do require an OS building from the ground up?? Did you mean UI? I'd go into more detail but it might be lost on you and I probably should be charging a consultancy fee...
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