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    That why you should go to teach in Dubai, Japan or South Korea :)... And its a kindergarten... not rocket science...
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    Wow that salary is crazy low especially with no housing.
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    Hello. First, if you are from the UK and coming in late July, prepare for some heat. It is hotter than hell here and you should be prepared for that. Concerning clothing, I am an overweight man and I would recommend going clothes shopping before coming here, as there is only one chain of stores which sells clothes my size. Chinese men also dress like faggots so you really don't want much of the fashion here. Also, shoes are difficult to find. Again the effeminate men here have little girl feet. I wear a 44 and there is only one store called Decathalon that sells shoes to fit me, bought a pair the other week. Hope to be a help.
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    Hey Rob, good on you for taking a step out of your comfort zone and into China. I did that for the first time 5 years ago and it was the best experience of my life. Can be a little stressful in the beginning, but make sure you utilise whatever resources you can to help you in the beginning until you learn a little Mandarin. With regards to clothing. I'd definitely say bring what you can. But there are always international options in hangzhou like H&M that generally stock larger sizes. Thats where I used to shop a lot. But more important than clothes, if you have average to large feet, chances are they won't have much here in your size. I would recommend bringing more shoes than clothes. Hope that helps. Fara
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    hope someone pick up you from the airport if not,I know some cars can run between Hangzhou and Pudong airport everyday. RMB 600(less than 100 Dollars)each car for the 200km,about 2.5 hours trip I work as a International sales when we go to other countries we always go by their cars, fast and safe contact me if you want
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    Hey there. Noticed the post is a big old (March), are you still looking for a partner to develop app together? I am currently in Australia and moving over to Hangzhou end of this month. Let me know if you still wanna have a chat. [please send me private message for contact information]