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    This a a quick reference for new members to this forum and even forums in general. Many on this forum started right where you are, and have over time built up and become part of the "family", so to say. If you are familiar to forums, great. If not here is the most basic of things you need to know. Straight off the bat, the term newbie, will be your tag for a while, this does not mean anything bad. It is simply a reference to the fact that you are new to the forum. "A person new to a game, concept, or forum. Not to be confused with n00b, a stupid person. Newbies are just new." - Urban Dictionary. You have come to this forum, either to meet other/new people, or to simply ask a question. Both are fine, but please pay attention to the guides when asking questions. The chances that you will get a solid answer, covering the question/s you have asked will depend on a couple of factors: Use the search function within the forum, to possibly find the same or similar question you have. This way, it makes it easier for the next person to find the answer to their question. If you do not find the question/answer you are looking for, you can create a new topic under Hangzhou Questions & Answers. When posting, keep it as simple and as clear as possible. This makes it easier for our multi-national, multi-lingual community to assist you. (We know and understand that not everyone on this forum is a native English speaker.) Please use common sense. "Dumb" questions will have our unique trolls and keyboard warriors on you quicker than you think. This goes for repeated questions as well. Manners cost you nothing. We are a community of different races, cultures and beliefs. Try and ask or say something in the same way you would to someone on the street, without the possibility of being punched in the teeth. If you do create a topic, do not simply "hit and run". Meaning, do not post your question, get your answer and disappear. Give credit where credit is due. On the bottom right of the answer you have received, there is a green arrow pointing up, simple click on that, and say thanks to the user for the information. I hope that this gives a better idea of how to co-exist a little easier, and make the adjustment to China smoother.
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    Language Tester and Terminologist (Contractor) Responsibilities · Work with the product designer and developer to verify technical concepts and define English terms for Alibaba Cloud products and features. · Manage Term-Base content and coordinate multilingual terminology projects. · Maintain quality standards for English authoring and translation. · Design, verify, and review English UI strings of Alibaba Cloud products. · Test product UIs to identify language issues. · Edit English content for ad hoc projects and tasks, with small workloads but high visibility and challenging deadlines. · Maintain the English Style Guide and design checking rules for scanning tools. · Deliver English style and authoring training to team members. Qualifications · Native English speaker. · Experience in technical writing is a plus. · Engineering or sciences majors preferred. · The ability to acquire new technology concepts. · IT knowledge. · Attention to detail. If you're interested in this position, [please send me private message for my contact information] Cheers! Jingyue
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    The part-time job has been done. Thanks everybody!
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    Hi everyone! Here is the thing:This is Eric comes from Fuyang,Hangzhou. I have been running a foreign-trading company over one and a half years. Luckily,my company runs really good,and lately i decide to re-decorate my website,to decorate the website, beautiful pics will be needed. I need 2-3 foreign friends for help,location is in my office in Fuyang, i want you guys to pretend to be my colleagues(at present,i don't have any plan to recruit foreign employees). work details: just to sit in my office and pretend that you do work in my office,after taking some pics,i will pay each one of you guys 200RMB :), or i'll treat you guys food and drinks in KTV. Anyone feels interested,pls call me:18258822050,or add me on wechat:825951574
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    Hi Greyeyes0409, Is that a coworking space or private offices ? Thanks, GProulx
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    Hi I'm Enrico, a graphic designer based in italy. My objective is to find a job in hangzhou as graphic designer. Can you help me? [please send me private message for my contact information]
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    Keep in mind this list is not my personel experience but from my research 1 - WeChat 2 - AliPay 3 - Pleco 4 - Baidu Maps 5 - MetroMan 6 - Waygo 7 - Tantan 8 - ChineseSkill 9 - Ctrip 10 - A good VPN
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    Hi! Did you end up finding coworking space? I am looking to briefly interview people who work in coworking environments. Many thanks for your help!
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    Hi My name is Rachel and I'm from the UK currently living and working in Hangzhou. I am working in several areas including marketing of foreign goods and sales material which may be used to target the western market. I have worked with several Chinese firms to rebrand their currant image and update it. Along with redesigning and developing marketing material and attending trade shows as a reprisentive of the company. If this is something you are interested in and would like to know more, please message me for an online portfolio of my latest works. Thank you, Rachel
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    Hi Folks, Are you interested to sale your goods in India and USA? If yes please make a list of your product along with pricing and will be help you to sell.
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    DOH!! Yippee. I can sleep better at night now, knowing this riveting info.
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    Hello i'm a Chinese doing international job i need a friend who can translate spainish for me i can pay or also do you a favor if you need please send me private message thanks
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    Two person power and intelligence are better than one, I am looking for a business partner who want to expanded business areas in here as we can together cooperate business .we are bound by common interests and will act together to share resource and ensure our business benefits .if you 1.have a project or further investment 2.have good ideas and strategies in business 3.Can be a sources or suppliers in FMCG (food, beverages, cosmetics)areas 4.will created new life in China My family background will support for us if we start business as they have some channel and platform to be retail sales spots among several east cities.if we are a team which may use various platforms to develop our business.I 'm honest,open-minded,optimistic person and honored to invite you to be my business partner together created a great future. Please contact me if you are interest in those ,Thanks a lot . [please send me private message for my contact information]
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    good, I have signed up for this conference.
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    We love us some boobies. The guy was a jerk but I think it is quite funny how the netizens are talking about deportation. I lost count how many times I saw drunken Chinese dudes asking the same thing.
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    Hello! I am looking t export hair extensions to South Africa, very lucrative business - anyone have any leads of places making pure Remy hair extensions that I could meet with to discuss product, quantity and price? Also, if you are interested in joining this venture with me, personal message me to get in touch Thanks :)
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    Hello all. I am Mengan, new to this forum but have been living in Hangzhou for 3 years. I am Chinese Australian. I am an occupational therapist. I look forward to meeting more international friends here and share what I know about Hangzhou. I love this city and feel happy to live here, except the hot weather!
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    I have been in Hangzhou for 15 years and have seen the city change a lot, some for the better, others not so much. Sometimes you can see me in my favorite bar/alternate living room (7 Club) crying in my cups about how fun this city used to be in the early 00's and how much charm this city has really lost over the years. But I also think that when I was here, I was 15 years younger, left my country after some bad experiences, had a sexy ass Oriental girlfriend/wife and desired for a "new start" and Hangzhou gave me that new start. Now 15 years later, most of me wants to return back to the USA, partly because my mother is dying and my father will be alone and I have no other siblings. Two reasons make me aprehensive about going home, getting a job and readjusting to living there again. Locals and Foreigner/locals like myself really forget how BIG this city is. I read once years ago that Hangzhou was actually something like the 32nd largest city in the World. I would dare to say if Hangzhou was an American city, it would be the third or fourth largest city in that nation. It is HUGE, but even still now, has the feel of a smaller city and place. Another nice thing about the city is that it is close to Shanghai, and from Shanghai, the World. My favorite big Chinese city is Xi'an. Xi'an is badass. But if I lived in Xi'an, I would have to pay for a ticket to get to Shanghai or Beijing to "get over the hump" to America. One thing I have always praised China about is the good public transportation system. For some odd reason, the Chinese are efficient to very efficient in this. Taxis, busses, the subway. Very convenient. The Hangzhou Metro has been a godsend the last five years. Yes, it is crowded, but remember, this city has about 5-6 million people and many folks do not have a car. I would advise and have to people not to get a car because of the issues of driver safety (Chinese are insane drivers) and really the lack of parking for the cars. But it is nice not to have a car and I do not miss it. Another wonderful thing that I cherish here is the people whom I have had the priviledge of knowing all of these years, literally from all over the Planet. All continents, everywhere. I was thinking about a guy I knew from Togo. My all time best friend and brother from another mother comes from Iceland. I know three guys from Burundi, a country that I doubt most people can find on a map. I wish I had the wealth to see the Earth, but the second best thing is to have representives from everywhere meeting and knowing me. There are people from all six inhabited continents who know me. I didnt say like me, but know me. Hangzhou is getting more and more expensive. Housing definitely. Traffic here is bad for most of the day, and has increased, which tells me that more and more people are moving here from somewhere else, raising housing prices and prices for goods and services. I am a teacher and like what I do (although now less), but the salaries have not kept up with the inflation of the city. Employment is limiting and would like the freedom to do what I want professionally, but I am a foreigner here and must follow their dictates. Personally, I do not like about 90 percent of "Chinese food" and never have. Yuck is the best word I can describe it. Chou Dofu is the hallmark of it all. The supermarkets here suck balls. Awful. I returned back to my hometown in the United States after 14 years, and on the ride back to the house, my mother (my parents have come seen me in China several times, sort of like sitcom parents on a bad TV show which never ends) mentioned they built a new supermarket in their community and I asked to go there before we went home. I walked inside and felt I heard 10,000 angels singing in my ear and I would have dropped to my knees in tears and ecstasy if it werent for my folks. I would have dropped to my knees and thanked the Lord Jesus for allowing me to enter that Holy Place, and I am an agnostic. Bars and restaurants here for foreigners is a joke and it always has been. Most of them serve substandard fare, mediocre food, served by unfriendly drones. Most of them have little understanding of what service should be, or how to truly treat a customer, and it is also the foreigner not really knowing or really accepting how things are done here. A lot of them do act when you enter their establishment of "why are you here?" These places all serve the same crap and none of the crap is better than any crap served anywhere else. However, it is nice not having to tip anyone. I guess some will take tips, but it is not a part of the culture. When I was in Taiwan in my first week in Asia, I tried to tip the bartenders at a disco type place for drinks and they would not take it. Not that anyone should tip these worthless, lazy bartenders and servers here anyway. They would rather be hidden away in their dark corner masterbating with their Iphone 8. Moving on..... One can get stuck here, and the longer you are here, the more stuck you are (and I am up to my neck). I am also married to a Chinese citizen, a woman I love very much, but we are having mostly financial and communication problems which has grown wider and wider, like a rip in the pants which gets bigger once someone sits down. I would tell any foreigner actually, don't have sex with the locals (foreign ladies included). I say "Don't fuck the locals" which as much seriousness as "Don't shoot heroin" or "Don't kick the grizzly bear in the nuts". Chinese psychology and thinking is very, very different than ours. Chinese are not strange to us, they are strange to all cultures. Chinese are a dichotomy, they are the sweetest, kindest people ever (and they are) while being the most insensitive, boorish assholes ever (and they really are). Chinese are very hardworking and industrious. They are also lazy and self serving. They are intellectual and fucking dumb. Marrying one and being intimate with them is like dealing with the "Three Faces of Eve", you don't know what personality you will get when you come home. One thing about Chinese is that they tell so many lies that they dont know what the truth is themselves. It is remarkable to me really that this culture ever became a culture, a civilization, much less a World power. Lastly (applause) the weather here is insane. Really. If you could turn the climate of this area into a human being, it would be in a straight jacket in a mental hospital, spitting and throwing feces at orderlies, and screaming. Horrible, unbearable heat in summer (got up to 105F/43C in July), with bone chilling, wet, nasty winters. I will say if I was a King of my nation, October 1 would also be a holiday because it harkens the coming of Holy Autumn and the furthest time distance between then and the next summer of hell. Chinese for some reason do not insulate their buildings. I think someone with a business spirit could sell these idiots INSULATION, might get rich. But the Chinese seem to love wearing coats inside and leave the doors and windows open in 1000 degree heat. Don't expect something different because it wont happen. Learn this and you might make it in the Land of Chou Dofu Neverland. The stories I can tell. The older you are the more stories you have and the less experiences you have left. To young people, enjoy your year or two and leave for the rest of your life. I have already warned some young men of this. But we cannot expect the youth to listen and think of wise advisement as foolish. Youth is wasted on the young. Even if you make really good money, dont make this place your life, because it will be your life and it will consume you. Good hunting.
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    1. A good VPN (till they all gone) 2. Wechat (chat and payment if u like) 3. Alipay.
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    Hi everyone. I know, this is mostly an English language forum, so why would anyone want help with IELTS? But, anyway... I am a former IELTS examiner, and I now do research on IELTS in China, focussing mostly on how IELTS is taught (and, thus, its affects on scores). One piece of data is - since 2003, the scores for Reading and Listening have increased steadily (from both around 5.4 to now at 5.9/6.1) However, during that same period, the Speaking and Writing tests have remained the same at about 5.2/5.3). In 2005, two researchers from Cardiff University looked at almost 250 Chinese IELTS test papers... and found what we all know.... most of it is just copy & paste and cliche, cliche, cliche... with little signs of REAL English language ability. And, the copy and paste comes from the IELTS textbooks on the market, and the teachers. Research has also shown that something as simple as knowing how IELTS speaking and writing is scored is lacking amongst paid 'professional' IELTS teachers! (30% of teachers didn't even know that the marking criteria are NOT scored in half bands!) Secrets of IELTS is dedicated to helping students achieve higher scores - to getting students who have the ability to score at higher than 6.5 in Reading and Listening, but still have problems scoring above 5.5 in Speaking or Writing! And, what's more, I teach you what's most important to getting you that score in only 10 hours!!! You can pay a 'famous' school to tutor you for... months and months and months. (to just copy copy copy from the same books everyone else is using) Or - you can get your score increase NOW! PM me for details!
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    It seems too expensive for just 20 sqm.
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    well now I know why you have so much toilet paper, its because you're a shithead!
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    Hello everybody, AB Lingo Translation company on sale. It has constant customers and company has good reputation. We have Russian English French Chinese and Turkish translators. We sell website 10000RMB. Company's website domain and hosting serviced paid till end of 2018. Countless emails you can create (test@ablingo.com) We will provide all details information for a buyer. Interested persons can contact me or PM me. Best regards, Ruslan
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    My name is Tulina , we're looking for an Sales managers. Europe and the United States Key Client Manager 1、负责 欧美业务的开发、跟进、维护; 1, Responsible for the European and American business development, follow-up and maintenance; 2、负责欧美市场的产品宣传、推广和销售,完成公司下达的销售任务指标; Responsible for the European and American markets of product promotion and sales, to complete the company issued sales targets; 3、挖掘客户需求,及时与相关负责人沟通,并制定相关产品开发建议; Mining customer needs, timely communication with the relevant person in charge, and formulate relevant product development proposals; 任职要求: Job requirements: 1、欧美外籍人士. European or American expatriates. 2、英文流利,中文能简单沟通即可; Fluent in English or German . Know some Chinese 3、从事过销售工作或者做过英语老师。有一些零售店及网络推广经验。 Engaged in the sales work or English teacher.Have some experience in retail stores and online marketing. ------------------------- thanks. Tu,lina
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    I know a very good Spanish teacher, he is native, but I think he is organizing a smalll group of 2-3 people. and need learners with some basic English, since his Chinese is not good. if you are interested, let me know.
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    I'm looking for a native spanish speaker as my teacher. Times: 5-10 h/ week ( from Monday to Friday ) for about 4 weeks. Location: Hu Bin ( near metro station Long Xiang Qiao), Hangzhou Fee:100 RMB/hour Know some basic in spanish, want to improve listening and speaking Jian
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    Do you have a business idea or do you want to join an already existing founders team?
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    I haven’t authenticated my diplomas and I am not even American but I have authenticated other American–issued documents so I believe what I write below is accurate. Let me briefly explain about apostilles and document authentication. There is an internationally agreed procedure of how a private person can obtain a legal document in one country and present it in another. It is called apostille, it is basically a certificate of validity issued by the Foreign Ministry, the Department of State in DC in case of the US. Let’s start from the end. Say, you would like to submit an American–issued legal document to a Chinese institution. For it to be accepted in China it has to be authenticated by the Chinese embassy / consulate in the US. For the Chinese embassy to touch it, it has to be apostilled by the Department of State in DC. State Department will only apostille legal documents issued by the federal government (e.g. something issued by the FBI) OR a legal document that has already been apostilled by the respective Department of State in the capital of that state. Now comes the catch. Not everything is considered legal documents. Something authenticated by a notary public IS a legal document. But just any notary cannot “authenticate” your diploma because there is nothing for them to authenticate. Usually it is a University–provided authentication service where they employ a certified notary public, who when presented with the original of your diploma has the means to check that it is indeed authentic and will then make a certified copy. It will be a photocopy of your diploma on a legal size sheet of paper with an addendum below stating that it is indeed a notarized copy of the original diploma and the signature of the notary. Of course, if you can find a notary that will just blindly do it for you the outcome will be the same, the thing is that most notaries won’t. So to reiterate: Present the original diploma to your University -–> get the notarized copy –> get this copy apostilled in the state capital –> get it apostilled in DC –> get it authenticated at the Chinese embassy –> Bingo!
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    Hi there, The website works but when I try to apply for it I've got a beautiful Error 404 page. And nothing about the price? I guess it's not free...
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    I´m interested too, let´s see if someone has an answer.. So far,I know that there is a group in meetup about startups...
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    Hi Lisa, we are currently using service office in Hangzhou, it's a shared office with different separate office rooms, with shared space as coffee minibar, meeting room, and reception desk. let me know if you need more info. Daniel
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    Hi, are you guys still playing floorball in Hangzhou ? I saw the last update is in 2012. I would like join you to play floorball, cos I will be staying in HZ for a while. I am search on the web so your forum came up.
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    In China, recently, there is a popular saying among net friends that the friendship of the boat turn over quickly when one of them do not give a hand that the other one needs. But Great Tao is here to help you whenever you need, so the friendship of boat between us is very firm and will never turn over. With our Great Tao Credit Purchasing, you are no longer need to worry about the money, because we will first settle with factories, giving you a credit term to pay back later and freeing up cash flow. So come to join us! We can be friends forever!
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    The 119th Canton Fair lasts three different phases from April 15th to May 5th 2016 at the China Import & Export Fair Complex. Now, the third phase is going on successfully in Guangzhou, and our colleagues are getting along well with the buyers. Why? Because, With smile, we have happy talks with the buyers! With kindness, we make buyers feel the hospitality of Chinese! With credit cards, we help buyers purchase more goods in China! Come to join us, and you can also purchase more goods without any trouble!
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    Yeah, you got me. I knew that before, paying to touch boobs ( even people I knew).......... Until now, I can't understand how they have hormone to do that.
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    ]Yeah...agreed. Here 2 foreigners (Chinese citizen) touching boobs in Thailand
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    Hello, Does anyone have experience with a Shared Office in Hangzhou or Xiaoshan? Would appreciate any information. Thanks.
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    Hello, I am from Budding English Clubhhouse and I am looking for a part time English teacher right now. The school located in No. 165, Qiuyue RD, Gongshu District, Here are the followings: Job Description: 1. Be responsible for teaching English to students aged from 3-12 in an English training school in Hangzhou. 2. Part-time: evening 4:30-8:30 pm (weekdays) and 9:30 am-5:30 pm (weekend) 3. Prepare for the courses before the class. 4. Be positive and warm-hearted with vigor and patience, love children and teaching. Qualification: Native English speaker from USA , UK, Canada,Australia or New Zealand, ect; Bachelor’s degree or above, better with majors in Language, education, art or relative field. 1 year teaching experience preferably in EFL. TESOL or TEFL certificate is preferred. Age required: 20-45 years old. Payment: 200 RMB per hour; If you are interested in this job, [please send me private message for my contact information]
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    From my visit to Salzburg last year.
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    Thank you to everyone for your practical and honest responses! I understand the realities but was hoping to understand the legalities and my rights before going into the meeting. In case you wondered about the outcome... The wife has paperwork proving her ownership and with advice from her lawyer (who was also in the meeting), she decided not to ask me to move out. The former agent is still trying to get her money (and the contents which she purchased) but the attorney has taken over all discussions and has advised me (witnessed by the police) to simply enjoy living where I am, pay my rent on time - to the legal owner- and not to worry about anything else. So ... happy ending! For now ... :)
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    "For westerners, being loyal, or monogamous, IS a very serious step." I disagree. I think that really comes down to the sort of person one is. I would say, for the majority of people, that once one is in a 'relationship' (even one as simple as 'boyfriend/girlfriend') then the idea of loyalty is usually implicit - or at least, expected... even if the relationship isn't particularly 'serious' (ie, expecting to lead to marriage or permanence). That's why we have different words for various levels of relationships... from one-night stands, to casual sex, to FWB, to 'dating'.., to bf.gf, to... partners, fiance and spouse. I, personally, don't think that 'boyfriend/girlfriend' is 'serious'... these come and go. And breaking up from this stage is hurtful, but not particularly devastating (like long-term partners, spouses, etc). @Chen - yes, I generalised. But, if one doesn't use generalisations, then most questions become pointless, as they're always case by case basis. However, it is true that the majority of Chinese girls intend to be married by the time they're 30. (and, frankly, the ones that don't care about this are MUCH better to be with!!!) Humans like to complicate things. They also have great difficulty in accepting responsibility (and the consequences of their actions). They also tend not to change - unless they are given a big/good enough reason to do so - a reason that is usually unique to that individual (what's important enough for me will not be important enough for you). People would rather die than change (look at smokers... and habitual cheaters). Often it takes hitting rock bottom. However, It's also true that many people completely misjudge what's truly important to them - and are willing to draw lines in the sand far too often (contrary to what seems to be popular opinion now, this phrase refers to the idea that the line will quickly be washed away - not one that actually means much) . It's also difficult (and usually futile) to try to change someone into something that you want - the person in your head. People usually resent this, and it will lead to a break-up, or at the very least, resentment and hostility (usually over something else). People also fear letting go. Breaking up. The possibility of being 'alone' (ie, not getting any). They tolerate behaviours that they would tell other people not to accept. Fear of loss and separation (and emotion). They're ALWAYS much worse when going through it. And, as we all know, we DO come through it, and get on with our lives. You're being unhappy with his disloyalty is NOT his rock bottom... If he's going to be leaving soon, you have virtually no chance of expecting him to be monogamous with you. If you have accepted it (forgiven), it also suggests that your line in the sand was washed away, and you've capitulated for comfort's sake (do you want loyalty, or do you want him?) I'm going to take a stab here, and suggest that if you want 'serious', then you'll also want someone who is 'spiritual'. Someone who at least understands where you're coming from with regards to life. (I'm reminded of a girl who recently expressed unhappiness with her good-looking boyfriend - and I made the point that it only takes a few months of intense gym-work to get a great body, but getting a great personality is MUCH more difficult!) The other thing you need to consider is, again, time. Many guys will be 'loyal' to their girlfriend from a fairly short period of time (but, be aware that it may mean a break-up not long after). Loyalty does NOT equal serious (in the sense that all issues need to be 'fixed' rather than just ending it). These things are usually not discussed... humans think this complicates things, or makes them responsible... it doesn't! But, what YOU really NEED to do is sort out your priorities! What is REALLY important to you?
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    I found this interesting – the CIA has made its historical declassified documents available online and I was able to find this guide to Hangzhou from 1975! CIA-RDP86T00608R000600130003-0.pdf
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    Ok, will see what i can find too. Well, just interested in exporting other possible products, not hair stuff, but ja... same concept/
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    Yearning for a job? Dreading being evicted by your landlord? In desperation about when your next meal is comming? Free dinners, free accommodation, free sexual favors, what are you waiting for? Still deeply concerned about your sausage, and someday its being rusty? Here's the chance!
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    and the drunken chinese abroad gives a bad picture about all foreigners?
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    Auto playing videos are evil Jake, stop that. They love to hate but hate to look in the mirror. I wonder if they'll set up a deportation hot line like after the beijing rape attempt "I still think she threw something in the bushes".