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  1. NelsonMichaels

    Is there a Hangzhou business network for expats

    Did anyone start this Wechat group? I am from the USA and looking for other like-minded individuals in China. Currently i Hangzhou. Michael
  2. NelsonMichaels

    Expat from UK to Hangzhou bay

    Hello Amit, How are you? I am from USA and have been living in the area for a year now. I also have family friends here for 10 generations. I would be glad to assist you with the process. You can email me directly at mnr3667@gmail.com. Let's chat! I will let my other friends from England know you are heading this way as well. :)
  3. NelsonMichaels

    Hi everyone!

    There are some schools that do not require bachelor degree just relevant experience and proper certification. If you are serious about working legally in China. Please email me at mnr3667@gmail.com in order to assist with employers, certification, training and work permits. Michael