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  1. Dear all, I see several job offers, which could be interesting for me. Im just thinking about the salary level, which is quite different by different companies. So its between 15 to 35 K per month. Why is it so? Is there some hidden costs/taxes i am not familiar with? What generally should I ask by salary discussion? Thank you for help!
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    What to do on Chinese New Year?

    Heheheh)) no, i dont think that I will ever win the lottery! My Mandarin is very poor at the moment. Just HASK2. thank you!
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    Frida from Sweden

    Dear Owlman, I work for Chinese company now. As the purchaser in Ukraine Russia etc. We are working mostly like trader of frozen. I am covering sometime the whole chain - Sourcing, logistic and sales in HK or Vietnam. I didnt think about my own business, but who knows.. To be honest I am still a bit afraid of being in China alone. So trying to use to it and especially see the costs of being here. Thank you!
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    The salary. What should i think about

    Ding2go, Thanks for your advise! Dont know who this HELEN is, but I will keep it in my mind!! I am Ukrainian (Ukraine is close to Russia, and some people dont see the difference, but there is!)), and currently work for chinese processing and trading company. I am responsible for sourcing (purchasing) of frozen meat from CIS coutries (Ua, RU, BEL, Kaz etc) and delivering it into china. I actually dont see any further grow in this company - so i decided to go to China. Have got the business visa (for now I feel it must be enough for try some interviews). Now choosing the positions which can be connected with my previously activity. Especially because my current Mandarin level is not enough HSK2 - but i am working on it)) So. That is the story. Thank you Ding2Go again!
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    The salary. What should i think about

    Sorry, Gentlemen, i just have got all the responses. We are here to help each other. Dont be nervous if somebody (me!) stupidly can't find all the answers. Sorry and many thanks for your help!
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    Recruitment agencies

    Dear all, Could anybody advise the reliable recruitment agencies. There are many offers, but I feel myself totally confused now. Maybe somebody has some useful links. Thank you very much! Yurii
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    Chinese New Year

    Dear all, Need your advise. When exactly the Chinese companies take a vocation due to Chinese New Year? My chinese friend told me that everybody are off from 15th of January till 15th of February. Is it true? I am planning my next visit to Hangzhou now but cant be sure regarding the vocations. I would like to have several meeting. So.. Thanks for you help!
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    Chinese New Year

    Many thanks for help!