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  1. Hi! I´m Carlos, spanish native speaker. As part of my experience I trained several chinese post-graduate students in Shanghai for taking DELE test, and all of them passed. I live in Xiaoshan district but I´m able to move all around Hangzhou. If you may have any other question about my experience or myself, please send me a message! Hasta pronto~
  2. Hi, I´m new to the city and was wondering where could I find some metal/hard rock gigs in hangzhou? I think japanese metal is pretty awesome, I also like taiwanese band CHTHONIC but know almost nothing about chinese metal.... HEEELP Thanks in advance
  3. carloscabrera

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    Hi everyone, I´m Carlos from Peru, just moved to Hangzhou some weeks ago! I´m spanish native speaker, drummer, like online games such, and economics bachelor degree. Im currently living in xiaoshan district. Open to tutor jobs, teaching or making a band (don´t expect much tho, lol) or... any job actually.