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  1. ANtoine儿

    Expat from UK to Hangzhou bay

    Well, you are in Ningbo, not Hangzhou. I cross Hangzhou bay bridge from time to time when I was living in SH but never stopped on this side but I don’t remenber anything else than a giant industrial zone (with one of the biggest coal power station in the world), the other side is not Shanghaï either it’s Jiaxing (Zhejiang too), 100km south of SH city center and even south district of Hangzhou seem a little bit far. You should look for something more inside the land in Ningbo, don’t really now the city so I can’t tell you which side you should look at, sorry.
  2. Bonjour. Antoine from France, new in Hangzhou, briefly in Shanghaï before. I am trying to learn Chinese on my own and teaching French here and there. For now i’m walking and biking around the city, discovering my new home. Any tips / insolite places is appreciated. If you need help with your French, please don’t hesitate to contact me...