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  1. Ranieri

    Looking for baby sitter

    Hello, we're a couple with 1-year baby from Italy, we will arrive in Hangzhou within March 2019 and we are 2 singers performers, who will live in apartment. Our job will take us out of home 6 days per week, from 6 pm to 12 pm approximately. We're looking for a kind baby-sitter for our baby who : > speaks english (or italian too, but english is enough. it's ok if she speaks in chinese or other languages to the baby ^_^) > can stay with our baby, both in our apartment or at the venue we are working that night > is kind, educated, with a bit of experience Just to give more infos : Our baby is always happy, full of energy but he is educated and respectful. He generally has dinner around 7 p.m., then he plays and sometimes do a little rest of 30 minutes around 8.30 p.m (mostly, he asks for some cuddle^_^) . Don't have other meals after dinner, but maybe he wants to play before going to sleep for the night, which it happens around 11 p.m. So , for the last 1 hour and a half, Baby sitter will only have to look at his sleep and wait for our arrival at home (could be between 12.30 and 1 a.m.).