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  1. kim23fly

    Hangzhou Photography Club

    Sorry for the late notice here but tomorrow (Sunday, April 19th) we are meeting at the main gate of the Botanical Gardens (yep, even in the rain! Will make it interesting) at 2PM. Message here if you're interested in coming!
  2. kim23fly

    Hangzhou Photography Club

    Hey guys! We've been posting all the photography club info on an old thread so I thought I would start a new one. I wanted to let everyone know we've started a Facebook group where people can share their pictures and we will also post info for future events. We've had a few meetups so far and we hope to have more! It's a group on Facebook so you have to request to become a member. You can find the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1516909308588506/ Or just search for Hangzhou Photography Club on Facebook. We also have a wechat group so let me know if you want to be added to that.
  3. kim23fly

    Hangzhou Photography Club QQ group

    Tomorrow (Sunday) we are going to head to the former residence of Xueyan Hu (at 18 Yuanbao St) to take some pictures. We're meeting at 1:30 at Vineyard Cafe to head over there together. You can also meet there directly - we should be there by 2:30. If you're interested, please join us!
  4. kim23fly

    Hangzhou Photography Club QQ group

    Hey, for those of you not part of the wechat group, we're going to meet up this Sunday (Nov 16th), 3 PM at Amigos. We'll have a chance to meet and figure out what each others interests are, and possibly talk about future photoshoots/events!
  5. kim23fly

    Hangzhou Photography Club QQ group

    I'm happy for all the interest! Qualtagh - I send you a friend request. If there is anyone else interested, let us know! Right now since the group is so small and our schedules are different we've just been discussing interests and casually meeting up. When we get a larger group we can possibly make this into something more regular.
  6. kim23fly

    嘿嘿 - 24yo American gurl

    Hi! There were only two of us yesterday, we're just getting started! If you message me your Wechat info, I can add you to the Wechat group.
  7. kim23fly

    Hangzhou Photography Club QQ group

    If there is anyone still interested in meeting up (it may just be me), I'm still free tomorrow! If you message me by 3PM tomorrow we can make it happen.
  8. Over the holiday last year, my husband and I went to a few places nearby, one I would definitely NOT recommend during the holiday (Sanqingshan) and two were actually pleasant experiences. If you like small villages, I would recommend a night or two in Guodong in Wuyi county and also the villages in Wuyuan county. In Wuyuan, if you stay away from the main villages, the smaller and less popular ones were fine. We actually wrote a couple blogs about our trip, http://imissmyvacuum.wordpress.com/2013/10/19/relaxing-in-guodong-ancient-ecological-village/
  9. kim23fly

    嘿嘿 - 24yo American gurl

    Did you guys see the post about meeting up for photography tomorrow (the 28th) at 4PM? We're meeting at Slims.
  10. kim23fly

    "It's time to start RUNNING!"

    Yep, every Tuesday there's at least a small group. Lately it's been closer to around 10 people, so it's been a good size. If your friend went yesterday, I think most people started a little early (I was there only a couple minutes late and the group had already left), but normally we wait a few minutes after 7:30 to start. There were also a lot of new students last night at Maya so the running attire may have gotten mixed in and hard to recognize. Usually it's pretty empty at that time so we're easy to spot. Next week I'll make sure and try to look for new people so that doesn't happen again. Hope to see you soon! And for anyone else out there, if you're wanting to join please do! The more people there are the more chance everyone can find someone to run with. I'm usually the slowest runner so if there's anyone else out there that may be intimidated by fast runners, know that all ability levels are welcome!
  11. kim23fly

    Hangzhou Photography Club QQ group

    Awesome. Sounds like there are a few people interested, we definitely should plan to meetup. I think the first step is to figure out when everyone would be free. I'm busy on Tuesday evenings and Saturdays, but other then that my schedule is pretty flexible. I think afternoon is best because the light is best then, but we could also do early morning if that's better for other people....
  12. kim23fly

    Should i buy my new laptop from China?

    If you have the chance, I would definitely buy a laptop before moving here. While I haven't had personal experience in buying a laptop in China, I've compared prices and it's quite a bit more expensive here for the same laptop, as others have mentioned. I also think the quality of electronics here are never guaranteed. I've bought two external hard drives here (same models as I've had before), and they've both had problems almost immediately. On the other hand, fixing electronics in China is relatively easy (if you use some Chinese) and cheap. I've fully replaced a laptop screen for less then 500 RMB, and recovered data from a broken hard drive for less then 400 RMB (it would cost ten times that amount in the US). So don't worry about buying something cheap before moving here...
  13. kim23fly

    Hangzhou Photography Club QQ group

    I would be interested as well if the group is still going....doesn't look it has been. Maybe we can start one back up again. Is there anyone else interested?
  14. kim23fly

    A month trip to T1bet and Mt.Everest

    My husband and I just got back from a short trip to T1bet. It was actually easier getting the permits then I had anticipated, we had to give our travel agency copies of our passports/visas, and some additional information depending on what kind of Visa you have, but they didn't have any problems with our permits. We only traveled for 8 days because we were limited on time, but it's definitely a trip worth doing. We used Snowlion Tours as our travel agent because of all the good reviews I had read online and they were among one of the cheapest. They weren't the best but they were reliable. (I would give them a "B" rating). Whatever travel agent you decide to use, make sure they use local Tibetan guides in T1bet. I knew prior to our trip I would have problems with altitude so we planned our trip around that. We all took Diamox (unless you know you don't have problems with altitude,if you can somehow get that would recommend you do so, it helped everyone in our group). We also spent 2 nights in Xining and did some tours around the area before taking the train to Lhasa. I'm not sure if you're planning to take the train but I personally wouldn't recommend it because I had a miserable time, due of the altitude, even with the extra oxygen. I wasn't the only one who got sick, the sinks were clogged with vomit, but I was fine once we got to Lhasa. Someone else may have a better experience though. Good luck with your planning! If you have any specific questions, let me know.