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  1. Julia Rudeva

    Stuck for work here :-) Ukrainian in Hangzhou

    hahah ok, one VIP seat is reserved for Mr. Blue Pasta :-D
  2. Julia Rudeva

    Stuck for work here :-) Ukrainian in Hangzhou

    hey hey thanks, lets see what it has to offer :-) and how about you? what are you doing here?
  3. Hey guys, as i understood this is a place to introduce yourself if you are new in Hangzhou :-) Just recently arrived to Hangzhou from Ukraine to spend at least 2 years here for a contract of Cirque du Soleil show. Before comming here i have spent 2 years in Dubai. There is a new creation happening of canadian circus Cirque du Soleil in Hangzhou together with Xintiandi. We are artists and acrobats from all around the world who are stuck here for at least two years. The show will take place in "The New World" in Hangzhou also known as Xintiandi area. Apart of that i am willing to use the time here for learining chinese language, culture, cooking... my hobbies are everything what involves sports since i am an acrobat (trampolinist) especially scuba diving, diving, dancing, flyboard, roller and ice skating, snowboarding etc... also i like playing piano, volleyball, shooting and drawing.... love to meet new people and share experiences :-)