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  1. Hi, I'm currently a university student in Xiasha, majoring in biopharmaceutics. I've always been keen on learning English and bridging the gap between different cultures. Therefore I decided to study in England for six months to further improve my English as well as getting a better grip of what it is like to live in an English-speaking country. So I can communicate in English without any problem. I have interest in teaching Chinese(Mandarin) to foreigner. As I'm graduating this year, I realize that Chinese teaching might be one of my potential career options. I'll try my best to improve your Chinese according to your current ability, or we can learn based on the text-book, which might be more systematic. Let's do culture exchange, talk about food, science and other interesting subjects. But since I still have to take classes at school, we may only arrange the class once or twice a week. BTW, I can speak Amoy, one of Min Nan dialects, so if you want to learn a Chinese dialect in addition, I'm very willing to help you. Please feel free to contact me if you're interested.