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    "Doctor" Matt Marko at it again

    Here we are 5 years later and "Dr Matthew Marko" is living here in South Carolina USA, near Greenville. I spotted his profile on Nextdoor.com, a neighborhood social media site. Only people in the neighborhood can see profiles so he might be comfortable on that platform knowing people far away can't see it. But I was immediately suspicious. Most people who sign up for Next Door just jump right into discussions, but he took the time to introduce himself on January 28th. And his profile says "Dr. Matthew Marko". That was unusual too because the doctors I know don't use their title on social media and in fact would rather everyone not know they are doctors. He also used a profile picture of himself wearing a white lab coat with a stethoscope around his neck. It screamed "Look at me, I'm a doctor!" And then there was the content of his first post: "Hello and thanks for the welcome to Adams Run, glad to be here but lord the packing-unpacking, organizing and all that moving stuff, wow, think my back is done and need a masseuse but still too busy to go look for one. Guess I'll recover ha. Looking forward to this new place and new friends and learning about the area. Was a psychiatrist internationally but took early retirement due to constant vertigo last year. Still do some consulting, private life counseling and working on a book, (if I ever finish unpacking and setting up lol). Wishing everyone the best and thanks again. Matt" It appeared that it was designed to attract women and he drew a lot of responses from women. I started Googling his name and it brought me to this 4 1/2 year old thread. I wasn't sure it was the same guy but watched the video link provided by Peter Atkins. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEPAD4yPZy0&feature=youtu.be Yep, that's him. He has a beard now. In his second post a few days later, he writes that as guy he has little in the way of decorating skills and wonders if someone might provide advice over coffee. Also writes that he still does "some consulting, private life counseling and working on a book." He also says he does voiceover work. Here is his voiceover website. https://mmarkoproductions.com/ The picture is the one he uses on Next Door.