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  1. Karellen

    H7N9 map

    Then we also need an excessive smoking and drinking fatalities map. However. When someone run on red light or pays no attention on the road and die, it's his/her mistake or an accident. When someone dies of illness to which there is no cure, and it is contagious, it's different.
  2. Karellen

    Public peeing

  3. Karellen

    Dye the hair in Hangzhou

    Be really-really careful with that, because in China women usually have thick hair (nothing bad with that), opposed to western fine hair. Hairdressers tend to use very strong dyes and components to get through, and this can cause irreversible damage to fine hair. I would go on the safe side and opt for Toni&Guy if I were you, but there may (or may not) be price issues, and not every master in T&G is the same anyway, so YMMV.
  4. Yep. Latex mattress and foam pillow would help, as these things http://s.taobao.com/search?tab=all&loc=%BD%AD%CB%D5%2C%D5%E3%BD%AD%2C%C9%CF%BA%A3&sort=sale-desc&cat=50018959&fs=1&cps=yes&initiative_id=tbindexz_20130312&promoted_service4=4&user_type=1&filterFineness=2&atype=b also would.
  5. Karellen

    Taxis in HZ

    Heh, you should visit Hong Kong to see what a geographically challenged city does really look like.
  6. Karellen


    If you break through relatively easy interface quirks of Baidu maps, it's even better - more accurate bus info, and loading speed much better. http://maps.baidu.com/
  7. Karellen

    Chinese guy seeking for a foreign GF

    Good luck! I know a few girls who married Chinese men, and they don't have regrets. Just don't think we're so different or better. Maybe 100 years ago yes (different), but now many asian girls would blend into western society without any problem. I still prefer an asian mindset, perspective and way, but your mileage may vary and why not. PS In half a year I saw three (!) AsianM-CaucasianF couples here in Suzhou. PPS A/C kids are usually very beautiful :)
  8. Karellen

    American photographer new to Hangzhou

    Hello Joe, Great samples by the way :)
  9. Karellen

    Where to extend WORK visa?

    Hey Ellis! I heard it's pretty strict that you have to be outside China and enter with the new visa. Good if it's not true, but I heard it from several people whom I trust on this, so maybe you guys should double check if the visa can be issued here and you just keep living in China, but with new visa in your passport.
  10. Karellen

    (Western) Classical Music Concerts?

    Much more of that in Shanghai, if you can afford a short trip there, much better choice.
  11. Karellen

    Material for wooden furniture (DIY)

    They also sell wood panels (finished and unfinished) in B&Q and can custom cut it, if you're looking for something very basic.
  12. Karellen

    Materials for DIY

    I would check these places: http://j.map.baidu.com/EomDh http://j.map.baidu.com/1rmDh http://j.map.baidu.com/VwmDh
  13. Karellen

    Materials for DIY

    I know that a lot of wooden Chinese-style furniture is made in Jinhua and Shaoxing, must be some sort of supply city there nearby.
  14. Karellen

    Hiking this weekend

    Sounds like a perfect plan. Isn't the place name 安吉 by any chance? Me and my wife are headed there next weekend (not this, have to meet my mom and dad on 03/02).
  15. Karellen

    Do you use WeChat?

    I enjoy what I do (software development, team management, analysis), so I work 3-4 hours in the morning on my own projects, and then 8-9 hours in the afternoon for my full-time telecommute job. Working from home allows for a relaxed environment, quiet, brightly lit, own hardware, good chair and table and all, so these 11-13 hours are fine. Now and then we spend the morning (my full-time job is since 3pm) outside, and on weekends we usually work one, rest one.