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  1. I hope you didn't recognize yourself in my post.
  2. A bulk of English teachers in China would be rejected for a dust sweeper job back home, considering their qualifications, expertise and working habits.
  3. I had a situation of a similar bizarre kind recently. My cousin sent me some money as a job fee. Not much, around 1.500 Euro. Anyhow, the bank called me, said there is a problem with the payment and that I should go to the ICBC center to sort it out. They told me the cousin needs to send a statement, as well as I need to write one: what is the money for, why is it being sent to me, what am I doing in China and so on... all that plus some forms and numerous passport copies. Normally I would never have done this, but unless I did, the cash would have been blocked for good.
  4. Goldstein

    Where to find photo store that develops film

    Hey~ Color or BW? Color 135 is developed in every photo shop. They are one by one closing down, but downtown You might still find them. As for BW that is a bit more complex. Most of them gave up on it. However, I have all the right gear and can help You if You like.
  5. Goldstein

    Stay away from a School named English Alive

    No offense dude, but according to the grammar and orthography displayed, you shouldn't be teaching English in the first place. As for the money being owed, it all depends on the contract. If you have a proper working visa and a valid contract signed, that is one thing. However, in case of a student visa, working is illegal and thus you can say 再见 to the 50.000.
  6. Goldstein


    Stay Away from these scammers at any cost. I know several people that worked there and all say it's a place to avoid in a wide circle.
  7. Goldstein

    The Fast Jets

    I've used them before, but where I truly discovered the blessing of earplugs was in China. Having 'm if living next to a big boulevard is a must. I guess it would help with the jets. As for the accidents, they tend to happen quite often during pilot training anywhere. Knowing that at any given point there is at least half a dozen commercial jet liners above Hz at any given moment, it's a far bigger chance to get touched by one of them.
  8. Goldstein


    Not that I support the one message job advertisers, but removing their contact information in the post will just annul the chances of someone actually applying for a job. Many of them post their ad and never come back. Chinese don't use forums that much anyways. What is the point of having the job vacancy sub forum if one can't make a contact with the employer?
  9. Goldstein

    How can my parents mail me stuff?

    If your day started with diarrhea, try to keep it for yourself~ All address writing in China starts with the name. And the order generally has no particular meaning for international mail.
  10. Goldstein

    Bloody Incompetent Chinese Builders

    Chinese philosophy of construction can be sublimed as~ Maybe this should hold it. In many cases... it doesn't.
  11. Goldstein

    How can my parents mail me stuff?

    UPS or DHL will be no problem, considering that they both operate in China. Ordinary post also works. I got several packages from Europe, though, it took some time. As for the address, it's best to write both in English and Chinese. Don't translate anything, just write pinyin as it is. Also leave Your Chinese phone number so the courier can call You once the shipment arrives. If not too big, they will bring it to Your home. Also, use Your real name for the address. Mr. Zheng isn't going to do it. The proper way to fill in the address is as follows: - Name - Street and number, building, floor, apartment number - Area - City - Province - State Good luck~
  12. A 800 Euro ride. Damn... Last time I was coming back from Pudong, some poor sod with zero Mandarin capabilities mistook Hongqiao for Hanzghou, thinking he was just going to the railway station the long way. After an hour or so he started wondering how come it's so far away from Shanghai.
  13. It's kinda tricky. Usually the best solution is the bus which goes straight from Pudong to Hangzhou downtown. However, if you land at 9, plus passport control and luggage, this would mean reaching the bus station around 10 at best. I'm not sure if they have buses going that late. Forget about the train, since it takes almost 2 hours oh subway ride until Hongqiao, and they close the ticket office around 10 anyway. My suggestion is to go straight to the bus station once You land. Follow the signs "long distance bus". However if it turns out it's closed, the only option left are the private buses. They usually charge 2-3 times more than the regular one, plus one has to wait until the bus gets full, but still, they will take You to HZ within the night.
  14. Goldstein

    Americans are fucking dense. Fact.

    US is powerful not due to guns in private hands, but the link between economy and war. This his however is not the question of world powers, but the understanding of power on a personal level. The fact is Americans are persuaded that their ego and personal qualities will rise with a gun ownership, or, having the power to kill, harm or just destroy. It's sinister in it's core and it will implode the society sooner or later.
  15. Goldstein

    Americans are fucking dense. Fact.

    Brazil has a very serious social issue of class and wealth segregation. Guns and crime are just a consequence in this case.