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  1. Locky

    Do any of you go to METRO supermarket?

    If you are at BLT on Fengtan Lu, then Metro is approximately 10 RMB more for a taxi. At least with Metro you can see the products you are purchasing rather than relying on Taobao.
  2. Locky

    Do any of you go to METRO supermarket?

    Both North and East are now identical in terms of layout and products. Improved compared to which other supermarket? BLT probably has a better range of imported products but is very expensive. North how has Decathlon sharing its premises which is a definite improvement.
  3. Locky

    Do any of you go to METRO supermarket?

    I love Metro. They have the best beef and lamb selection at good prices. They also have commercial sized blocks of cheese available at very reasonable prices. I like the fact that they promote the traceability of their products to ensure that the stuff they sell is genuine. It is quiet, and that is another reason why I like it- I don't need to compete with the hordes in other supermarkets. They do sell quality soda (saltine) crackers which are great with the range of Italian salumi/ processed meats they sell. The reason they are so far out is probably due to the size of land needed, and like IKEA (which is even further out) they were probably got land given to them as an incentive by government. I go once a month and fill up. Metro is much better value than BLT. Membership is free- just take your passport and a business card to sign up. cheers Locky
  4. There is already a thread about this on the forum. There is also a very good explanation about the steps involved in how to get your license. I have my license, and enjoy driving. I got my license about two years ago and it was a lot easier than I expected. cheers Locky
  5. Hi Babette, We have a mini schnauzer, and live here in Xihu district. Bobby gets to go out two or three times a day for pee-mail and exercise. We have had no problem with a curfew here. In the morning (when there are no toddlers or young children about) he is often off the leash, but in the afternoon, around when kindy and school is out, he is on the leash. Many Chinese owners never put their dogs on the leash which can be a problem (esp between male dogs). The one good thing about having a dog is that it is a good way to meet your neighbours. I have met a lot of people around the apartment complex who have dogs. About vets and pet shops, there are a lot about. Bob gets a haircut every two months and costs between RMB 130 and 170. We can get a range of food for him (wet and dry, as well as bones) easily. For his heart and fleas, we can get 'Revolution' which is a topical parasiticide. (not cheap- RMB 100 per month). cheers Locky
  6. I'm interested. We have a couple of enterprises happening now and would be good to do some networking.
  7. I have had a car and a license for over 2 years now. If you have been here long enough and can read the 'flow' of traffic, and anticipate that there will be problems like erratic lane changing, ebikes pulling out in front of you etc., driving is fine. The process to get a license was straight forward and took around a month to go from registering and health check to completing the theory test. About the parking- you just need to be strategic and know in advance about car parking options where you live, where you work and where you want to drive to. Having a car has made life a lot easier for the family and we are no longer reliant on Uber or taxis.
  8. Locky

    Current best pizza in HZ

    We have a local pizza place in West Hangzhou near Shan Shui Ren Jia on Lianhua Jie which makes a pretty decent pizza.( I don't even know their name.) Thin crust and decent toppings, but nothing fancy. We can get two quite large pizzas for RMB 130 delivered. They accept COD or Alipay. Menu is attached.
  9. Locky

    shared office- West Hangzhou

    Hi Poonam, sorry for the late reply. I have just returned from holidays. I have leased space already near Wen San Lu and Jingzhou Lu (approx 30sqm). I have a small trading company and education business. cheers Locky
  10. Locky

    IKEA may open its store in Hangzhou in 2015

    We enjoy the food on offer at IKEA also, especially the Swedish meatballs. Usually we go to the IKEA near Xujiahui in Shanghai. The last time we almost couldn't get a table and wondered why there were so many people in the cafe. Turns out that the local senior citizens have made it the place for singles dating... I wonder how long before it happens here
  11. Locky

    IKEA may open its store in Hangzhou in 2015

    Finally IKEA opens this week in Hangzhou (25 June 15). Open already for members.
  12. Locky

    Resources for new parents

    AIMA hospital on Gudun Rd for the delivery (check your budget); IKEA for changing table/ cot etc. and other baby needs. Apparently the IKEA in HZ will open soon; there is a big baby store in the basement of Intime on Fengtan Lu which has almost everything.
  13. Locky

    imported food(?) + jacket

    Maaf ya sudah lama tidak login di HZexpat website. Sya org Australia. Dulu di Malang, sekerang di Hangzhou. Isteri saya orang sini (Zhejiang). Kamu masih di Hangzhou? Salam hangat ya Locky
  14. Hi there, Is anyone looking at sharing an office in West HZ or has some space to share? I am looking around Gudun Rd and Wen Er/ Wen San area. I need a space (maybe 20-25sqm) but don't need a full office and won't use it every day. If you are interested, please post. Locky
  15. First step is to get your original drivers license officially translated. We had to go to the PSB translation service (next door to where you go to lodge your visa application) and it took around a week. WIth that and a few other documents like your passport, visa and something with your address on it you go to the license office for lodging the paperwork and the medical. If you pass the battery of medical tests, the last window you are given a date for the theory test which is at another location. The test that a few have difficulties with is the test for colour blindness. I know a couple of lads who haven't been able to get past it. The theory test is a hundred questions and you get a couple of tries to pass. If you fail, you need to re-book another time. It is best to practice the questions in the exam for a couple of weeks before you do the theory test. There are indeed hundreds of questions. I found a great app called China Drive by ThinkNao from Google Play.It really helped get me across the line. I scraped in with 92. Good luck!