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  1. Consider somewhere like Thailand for this type of major surgery You do not want to go through it more than once
  2. First aid classes

    I think it's more that people are too selfish to not use the "Nanjing judge" excuse and help others.
  3. What to do on Chinese New Year?

    Only if you like eating. That's the only thing to do
  4. The Imported Beef in China

    The australian beef thing is weird. Lamb maybe, but beef? If you bring several pounds of frozen USDA prime in your suitcase wrapped in a blanket, you will unlikely get stopped at customs into Shanghai. Just don't smuggle it in boxes-- they check people with boxes.
  5. How to survive hell (or a Hangzhou summer).

    Pretty sure they were doing this 10+ years ago, too. Which is not to say summer 2013 didn't suck..
  6. Do the local ones here eat snakes?

    .... Of course, how else are you supposed to expel the pathogenic winds from your body without snake bile? Fucking Aleve?
  7. Are foreign restaurant companies clueless? Signage in English.

    I think Popcorn Sutton might be clueless. The English signage is to demonstrate that it is an authentic restaurant from an English-speaking country. Same reason you see Italian on Italian restaurant menus in America, Spanish on Spanish ones, etc. I think the locals walking by can still figure out that it's a pizza place even without that sign cluing them in. As for the t-shirts with random English words, this demonstrates that the t-shirts are not authentic. All seems pretty simple to me..
  8. Degree Authentication required?

    Have you tried the degree authentication document market? It is next to the college degree market on genshan dong rd
  9. Can we turn off the goofy snow?

    Just as soon as your office takes down the Christmas decorations, Zheng
  10. With hospitals often housing patients sin migrant worker housing, the overflowing sewers, apt complex pipes thinner than spaghetti and smelling like onions, and parking garages built one-level deep for a 25 storey apt complex, I guess we better focus on the G train lines and claim China is making great strides in infrastructure. What a superficial place
  11. Be careful what cleaners you put down drains here due to the material of the pipes. A computer mousepad placed over the drain when not in use is also helpful
  12. you should eat more greens, your poop would come out cleaner
  13. Donating Blood in Hangzhou

    I think there is still one on Wulin road near Fengqi road. You will see the blood donation reserved parking spot on the road. But some guy in Asia might have gotten HIV from giving blood some time in the last 100 years, so it is still a little taboo to give blood here. Plus it'll just be sold on the black market
  14. Can I fly my pet into Hangzhou airport?

    You're OK if you fly into Pudong T2. Watch out if you're landing in T1, though...