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  1. the girls at Guoli hotel (tianmushan lu west of gucui lu) used to moon you wearing g-strings if you bought a giant teddy bear. That was 10+ years ago. Not sure if the place exists, if you want to get mooned by girls in g-strings, but i bet the price of teddy bears has gone up.
  2. Have you tried the degree authentication document market? It is next to the college degree market on genshan dong rd
  3. Just as soon as your office takes down the Christmas decorations, Zheng
  4. With hospitals often housing patients sin migrant worker housing, the overflowing sewers, apt complex pipes thinner than spaghetti and smelling like onions, and parking garages built one-level deep for a 25 storey apt complex, I guess we better focus on the G train lines and claim China is making great strides in infrastructure. What a superficial place
  5. Be careful what cleaners you put down drains here due to the material of the pipes. A computer mousepad placed over the drain when not in use is also helpful
  6. you should eat more greens, your poop would come out cleaner
  7. I think there is still one on Wulin road near Fengqi road. You will see the blood donation reserved parking spot on the road. But some guy in Asia might have gotten HIV from giving blood some time in the last 100 years, so it is still a little taboo to give blood here. Plus it'll just be sold on the black market
  8. You're OK if you fly into Pudong T2. Watch out if you're landing in T1, though...
  9. Linping area (north of downtown hz) - crappy Old yuhang area (west/nw of downtown hz) - a lot better But who knows anymore
  10. Suggest a moving company with this specialty, not a vet
  11. Looks like the roof is not yet complete? It is snowing inside...
  12. I'd say the downside is that those other 2 bedrooms are getting dusty. But I disagree that downtown, esecpailly the lake area, is quieter than the outskirts of the city. Outskirts have more xiangbalao, more dudes playing louadspeakers on their shop counters, more honking, lots more construction, more construction trucks, and most importantly-- more likely that your neighbours just bought a place and are going to renovate using loud hand labour and pointless drilling
  13. Read between the lines. It was always about periods, just some users are a bit bashful
  14. they are all the same
  15. Yeah lots of good memories at the Maoming blue frog. But eventually lots of better burger places popped up.. Blue frog was only good when there were few if any other options. Sounds like ideal for Hz. The Montana burger was a good one