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  1. ballroom dancing on the lake
  2. Pretty sure they only banned ebikes of a certain speed and/or mass-- it just happens that many of the lighter weight ones have pedals. The fake vespas that were just getting popular at the time were too heavy and fast, though, so lots got confiscated
  3. keaventh

    PlayStation4 for sale

    I didn't even know there was a 3
  4. keaventh

    To Hangzhou Expat, delete old posts.

    No, it should naturally fall off the board. Maybe you should host some nightlife activities
  5. keaventh

    Creating jobs for the poor, all over the world!

    you can also litter more often-- I've been told many times that it's a great idea for both sides because it keeps the street sweepers employed
  6. No one will care about the unmarried part (except for immigration if you are applying for a family visa), but you will experience racism and general racial ignorance, likely not to your face as much as behind your back in Chinese. It will also make it much harder for him to get a job..
  7. keaventh

    New to Hangzhou from San Francisco

    You're just saying that because you spend a lot of time in the town where they drink boys' urine. There are 2 or 3 small parts in China that have good food, in the far NW or NE of the country far from Xiasha.
  8. keaventh

    Need a foreign psychologist

    Deep, Zhengy. I think Dr. Marco is a psychologist, if he is still around and you want a molester who masquerades as a psychologist
  9. keaventh

    How to publish a book in China !?!

    Is it about how to be a good CEO? I don't think you are allowed to publish books that are about other topics
  10. keaventh

    Chinese new year

    maybe you can take a course on how to dry a braised duck or fish on your balcony
  11. Consider somewhere like Thailand for this type of major surgery You do not want to go through it more than once
  12. keaventh

    First aid classes

    I think it's more that people are too selfish to not use the "Nanjing judge" excuse and help others.
  13. keaventh

    What to do on Chinese New Year?

    Only if you like eating. That's the only thing to do