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  1. YangGuiZi

    Chinese addresses for foreigners

    Hi! Foreigners have their problems with Chinese addresses … because they are in Chinese The website “service d'adresse mondial” http://sedamo.info/ creates a 8-letter code out of any address. So anyone can print out the address in Chinese/native writing. Here an example: The US embassy in Moscow can be found at: YF-DF-YP-DW http://sedamo.info/YFDFYPDW Okay, here's an example for Hangzhou: JX-CT-LY-BA http://sedamo.info/JXCTLYBA (Guess what place that is!) I wonder if anyone is willing to write a small APP which can display the address on a mobile phone – full-screen – for the taxi driver? Wouldn't that be quite useful? Or – for the advanced users – that I somehow can transfer the address from that code to my beloved GaoDe DiTu app? BTW, Wikipedia knows more about this, including a link to the API for developers. Greetings, YangGuiZi
  2. Who says the press has no power in China? I did not receive any reply neither from Hangzhou Metro nor from Hangzhou Tourist Board nor from Hangzhou Fire Department. Thank you Jake for your initiative! Well, now I feel totally save / YangGuiZi
  3. Hi! As I did not get any reply neither from Baletu nor from Hangzhou Metro (what a surprise), I forwarded my question to the fire brigade: http://www.zjhz119.com/FireOut/Repaly.aspx?cid=6&&id=2181
  4. Hello! This is the letter I sent to both the Hangzhou Metro Group and the Hangzhou Tourist Board: So far, I did not receive an answer. I think you live in China long enough so you may decide yourself if the advertisement company added flame retardants -- or not. As long as we do not know, I strongly suggest to avoid this train and wait for a second train. As there is another train every few minutes, this is not a big burden. I will keep you updated about any news in this matter. Greetings, YangGuiZi