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  1. 洪飞龙

    China Police Clearance Service website is online

    I'm suspicious when neither FREE nor a price are mentioned... That could be an agent, who knows? The APPLY NOW button doesn't work anyway.
  2. Hi Helen, I definitely recommend you the app 杭洲公共出行 Hangzhou gonggongchuxing, which shows your current location and the public bus and bike stations around.
  3. 洪飞龙

    China Police Clearance Service website is online

    Hi there, The website works but when I try to apply for it I've got a beautiful Error 404 page. And nothing about the price? I guess it's not free...
  4. 洪飞龙

    Forum Activity

    I think it would be good to sort the newbies in Hangzhou and the more experienced guys, and to remember that the content of a forum is made of questions (some can be repeated, stupid, requiring a warning, some more technical), of answers, of shared experiences and of other USEFUL comments. I'm not new in Hangzhou and I'm checking hangzhouexpat.com every single day. It's definitely full of good information, but I only posted 22 times...and half of them for things to sell / buy or job offers. Does it mean that I always use the search function and always find the information I need? Sure I use the search function, I only find some answers, so I search deeper, then after 5 minutes I check that high rate of trolls or that it's off topic. For sure if I started trolling right now I would reach 2000 posts within next week... and here is the problem for the newbies as for the ones who would like to share their experience. It's boring to read the same questions or to have to recommend again the use of the search function, for sure, but trolling or expressing your personal frustration won't fix the problem at the moment, or for the next newbie who will use the search function. Just let the firm and patient moderators (if there are some here) do their job by posting or by sending private messages to these newbies. About the more experienced ones now, they're not moderators, so just let the police do its job, ignore any repeated or stupid question and write more useful content. If you can't shut it up and if there is a lack of moderator, just apply for that! I'm glad this topic came out. I bet after G20 a lot of foreigners will come for tourism, studying, working, better be ready for that!
  5. 洪飞龙

    G20 security checks harassments

    My girlfriend told me that the delivery guys won't deliver anything from August 1st. And by the way I've just been controlled for the second time at my school (after the police came home twice), they took pictures of me showing my documents and asked me some questions. Just the usual "You're french and teach English?"
  6. 洪飞龙


    You can go to the public bikes office, Ding'An road metro station, exit C, Address: num 27 Ding'An road beside Bank of Ningbo. Just ask them to unlock your card, then try to pick a bike at the station nearby.
  7. Hi Yule, I usually go to 家乐福 to buy Camembert, Brie, Emmental, saucisson, red wine and their bread is not bad at all. They also have some other kinds of cheese that your girlfriend might know. PS: Give your girl some Dutch cheese and she'll never forgive you...
  8. 洪飞龙


    This letter seems to be from HAIDA, since I've found the exact same one on two wechat groups.
  9. 洪飞龙

    residence registration

    There's a huge gap between what they want to show the world and all that crap that is really happening. China, you like it or you leave it.
  10. 洪飞龙

    residence registration

    Let's make it simple... What about the online registration? http://www.zjsgat.gov.cn/ywb/ This is the link:
  11. Job details: Full time jobs only! - small group ESL classes - Flexible scheduling with peak hours in evenings and on weekends - Students: from toddlers to teenagers - Curriculum, teaching materials, and training provided by foreign teacher management - 20-25 teaching (50-min.) hours per week Requirements: - Bachelor’s degree or above and 2+ years of education-related work experience (for visa purposes) - Candidates with TEFL/TESOL/CELTA or similar certification will be given priority - Minimum 1-year commitment *Due to China's visa regulations, applicants must be citizens of US, UK, CAN, AUS, NZ, IRE, or RSA in order to be considered for full-time teaching positions. Compensation: - Salary 10000rmb to 14000rmb per month depending on qualifications and experience, paid overtime, and opportunities for pay raises at semi-annual performance evaluations - Health and accident insurance, housing subsidies, round-trip airfare reimbursement (< 8000 RMB), and work (Z) visas provided - Paid Chinese holidays along with 5 to 10 days paid annual leave Who we are: RISE China is seeking dedicated, passionate, qualified individuals to teach English at one of our learning centers in Hangzhou. Established in 2007, RISE China has built a strong reputation as premium English language learning offering for students from Pre-K to Grade 6 in the 4 to 11 years-old age range. In addition to owning 25 centers, Rise also operates a franchise business, extending its presence to over 100 learning approach that is uniquely different from traditional EFL centers, offering the following: 1. An immersive approach to language acquisition, 2. Subject-based learning (teaching through math, science, language arts, social science) so that students find an academic use for English and learn in English 3. Award-winning interactive software and technology (interactive white boards in every classroom) that engage and motivate learners, and make the learning student-centric 4. Project-based learning and group activities that foster communication skills and address higher order thinking 5. A leadership training program that promotes social and life skills, and builds student confidence and initiative 6. A small classroom setting with two teachers in each classroom With its expanding presence and brand, RISE China offers an exciting opportunity for young graduates and qualified teachers to further their career and enrich their working experience. If you are an outgoing, open-minded individual with an adventurous spirit and a desire to teach English in one of the leading learning centers in China, we would love to know about you. Candidates should be available to start immediately. Are you interested? [please send me private message for my contact information]
  12. 洪飞龙

    Mountain Biking Information Update

    Hi! I've always been crazy about DH/Freeride and had to stop riding for a while. I'm checking the bikes now and am about to buy an all mountain, more suitable for the area. Are there any riders here?
  13. Hi there, I'm selling this amazing mountain bike because I'm about to buy a full-suspension one. I've been riding this jewel on asphalt mostly and it's in great condition since I've checked it after every ride. I bought it 3 298 rmb in 2013 and I'm asking 1 500 rmb for it. This price includes a 3 months guarantee (I'm qualified to check and repair bicycles, it was my job a few years ago), a pair of new pedals (black), new disk brakes pads and I can find the invoice if needed. Hydraulic front and rear brakes with new pads, hydraulic fork 100mm with lock out (helpful for steep uphills), 27 speeds, size: 17". You can see and try it at Wushan square area where I live, I'll also offer a beer if you take it Send me a message for more details!
  14. Dear Expats, are you looking for cheap imported beers? Last year I discovered Aishang Beer, a small imported beer store on Gaoyin Street, by Wushan Square, near my flat . More than 200 types of imported beer, only bottles and at affordable prices, you can grab chairs, table, peanuts and enjoy the sun outside till late in the night. Sometimes it's kinda hard to find your favorite beer at the right temperature because they only have a couple of refrigerators, due to the small surface. Well, just go and have a try! Then 2 weeks ago I was leaving my office and guess what? They just opened a new branch at 266 North Zhongshan Road. Much bigger, it's more a pub than a simple store and you will find more beers, and cold! You can sit there and watch the World Cup or play fooseball with the boss, a super friendly guy. I really recommend these places, it would be impossible for me to spend summer without imported beers, so I'm sharing that with you! If you have some more information about these places, just let us know!
  15. Thank you all for your applications!! We've just found a new foreign teacher now, no need to send us more applications. Sincerely, Paul.