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  1. Balle Lewis

    A bike trip to Guilin

    More cycling photos in Guilin! On October 24, 2017, the first GREE "UCI WorldTour - Tour of Guangxi" completed as the #Guilin Criterium of 2017 GREE UCI WorldTour Tour of Guangxi achieved a complete success.
  2. Here is a story of 3 friends traveling in Guilin by bike, which turned out to be a fantastic experience of rural China. For those who want to see something different in China, I highly recommend you to read it at GuilinCyclingTours.com.
  3. Balle Lewis

    A bike trip to Guilin

    Guilin is a hot travel destination for the travelers coming from all over the world. To avoid the crowds of domestic tourists, you can choose to ride a mountain bike in the countryside, that is a fantastic experience!
  4. Balle Lewis

    Travel Agent: Ennlsih speaker?

    Hi glaynebaker, Yes, get any travel ideas from tripadvisor.com. But, First, which chinese cities do you like to visit? Or, what are your points of interest? Nature, hisotory, or adventrure? Agree with you, glaynebaker! For me, planning a trip around the big country would be crazy not to do it through a travel agent. There is othing to worry about, booking flight tickets, hotels, transportation, attractions and much more... Then, all that I will do is to enjoy a pleasant trip. One of my friends has recommended me a travel agent - easytourchina.com. Of course, English speaking. They can tailor-made a china tour based on your budget, interest and time.
  5. Balle Lewis

    Top 5 Places to Visit in China

    Vote for Guilin. Just come back from there. If you visit China you're supposed to visit Guilin. The city of Guilin is certainly attractive and legendary for its natural beauty. And I believe, there is nothing else like it in the world. Well, A picture is worth a thousand words.
  6. Balle Lewis

    Travel in Guilin

    Sounds great! Did you take the photo?
  7. Balle Lewis

    Travel in Guilin

    It is a good idea, Karellen, Thank you for your suggestions!
  8. Balle Lewis

    Travel in Guilin

    Hi there, I am considering a trip to Guilin, Guangxi. I have seen some pictures, it is really an amazing city with picturesque landscape. Does anyone know something about Guilin? Would you have any suggestions for the agency or the must-see scenic spots.
  9. Balle Lewis

    A New Girl Here

    Hi,there, This is Bella from Malaysia. I have been working in hangzhou for about 2 years. Glad to join this forum and look forward to know more about Hangzhou. Feel free to make friends with me!