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  1. Helping a friend look for an English teacher, preferably a native English speaker. Details: - Location: West Hangzhou, near Zhejiang University Zijingang campus - 2-4 times a week, probably 1 hour each time. Timing still flexible. - Pay: 120-250 yuan an hour, depending on teacher qualifications/experience - Job starts in September, and will run long term - No teaching experience required, because course materials will be provided - Your English must be either native or very good, especially with pronunciation If you're interested, please message me with either a CV or a description of your background/experience. Please note that's not my primary phone so I may not be checking it often. Thanks! KL PS - If you're EN-CN bilingual, please see my other job post:
  2. Dark Helmet

    2011 Lexus LX 570: $17,000 and 2013 Lexus ES 350: $10,000 (OBO)

    Someone else posted something similar, and I corresponded with him. Here's what I found out. The car is outside China, and in order to have it shipped in, you would have to pay customs/tax or what not. IN ADVANCE. Go figure. :D PS - Not saying that this post is similar to my case, but you might find it interesting.
  3. Dark Helmet

    Looking to buy small CAR

    Thanks again, guys! Much appreciated!
  4. Oh wow, you guys are fantastic!!! THANK YOU ALL! So very helpful, so quickly! I think I have all the info here to get cracking. Vlad - thanks for your very generous offer, but no worries, I'll just pick it up from the counter. Wendy - thanks for that, I'll drop you a PM in a sec! (btw, I PM'd already, but not sure if it went through, cos everytime I post something it just times out. If you didn't get it, please let me know!)
  5. Dark Helmet

    Looking to buy small CAR

    Will check that out! Do you know what their number is so I can call them and ask them some questions? I did a search but not sure if I got the right one... PS - Katerina - thanks, I appreciate that comment more than you'll know... :clap:
  6. Dark Helmet

    Looking to buy small CAR

    THanks so much, Zhang! I'm most interested in the Polo. I called one dealership though but they said the cheapest automatic model would be over 100K, including insurance. Was looking for something below 80K.
  7. Dark Helmet

    How to stop double, tripple etc Postings

    This problem still hasn't been fixed? I thought it was a Chrome problem, but using IE 10 now and it's still the same.
  8. Dark Helmet

    Looking to buy small CAR

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a small car for my wife to drive around town. Any advice on what/where to buy, or if you have one that you're considering selling, please let me know, thanks! KL
  9. Do any of you know what's the process for getting a local driver's license if you aready have a foreign license or an international one? Any help there would be most appreciated, thanks! PS - While I'm here: Anyone with a car they want to sell? Looking for a small car my wife can drive around in.
  10. Dark Helmet

    sir run run vip clinic

    Hi Raiyan, That's interesting - I just got my Z Visa and work permit booklet, just waiting for my residence permit coming this Friday. What medical book are you referring to and how can I get it? From which bureau? Thanks lots. KL
  11. Dark Helmet

    Clothes donating

    I'm in Binjiang. HOw would I get clothes to you?
  12. Hi CaptainQue!! Sorry, only just came back to this site and saw your reply (I thought I would have been notified by email when there was a reply like some other forums). YES! That was me with my wife Gemma and daughter Felicity (not "Katie", but um, close... ;))! Heh, yes, fancy seeing you again too! You guys been back to the ice skating rink since? We haven't yet. Felicity was thoroughly enjoying the snow that fell shortly after that, as it was her first time experiencing real snow. Anyway, hope to bump into you guys again soon one day! Regards, KL
  13. Looking for some cheap temporary furniture to put into my study room and bedroom. In particular, looking for desk, chair and cabinets, and also clothes wardrobe/closet. Please let me know if you have any you'd like to get rid of. Thanks!
  14. Hi all! Just moved here with the family (wife and 7 year old daughter, as well as her pet dog, chameleon and 2 hamsters!). I was born in Malaysia, then studied and worked in the UK for over 10 years, and had been living in Hong Kong for the past 16 years till we got here earlier this week. We're staying in the Binjiang area (close to my daughter's Hangzhou International School). I'm of Chinese descent and speak Mandarin too, so things are probably not as foreign to me here as non-Chinese-speakers, though it's still quite a bit of an adjustment in lifestyle and culture! Just thought I'd introduce myself and say hi to everyone! Regards, KL