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  1. Hello 
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  2. Hello Dear 
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  3. Iain Mackenzie

    looking for guitarist /singer/band/models/dancer

    but honestly: I dont know
  4. Iain Mackenzie

    looking for guitarist /singer/band/models/dancer

    first you got to lose the nine you currently have..... then one more. You gotta be sooo bad
  5. Reaking of testosterone in here aaaahhh to be young
  6. Iain Mackenzie

    looking for a venue to play guitar in Shanghai

    Hi SH Thanks for asking and yes I did. I like the venue and he seems pretty keen to get some musicians down there. So maybe just a question of when. Do you have plans to go there in near future? If anyone is heading to SH for music I can certainly recommend Thirsty Seahorse as a chilled spot :-)
  7. Iain Mackenzie

    looking for a venue to play guitar in Shanghai

    No prob. Thanks anyway. It will be good to pop in to explore the scene
  8. Iain Mackenzie

    looking for a venue to play guitar in Shanghai

    I will try visit seahorse this weekend
  9. Iain Mackenzie

    Chinese girls and wechat

    Definitely noticed this too. Married Chinese friends have a single persons language compared with UK. Rarely referring to 'we' or 'us' or even the name of the partner..... (always "my husband") I wonder if it is a little less intense than Western way? less intimate? Less mushy or clingy too...? Maybe more healthy though? is it like a family / business type arrangement as well as (or rather than) a romantic bond?
  10. Iain Mackenzie

    Looking for a Girl to get along with (friends,dating,love)

    Just preparing the ground for a soft landing....
  11. Iain Mackenzie

    Looking for a Girl to get along with (friends,dating,love)

    Really? seems refreshingly direct. Guy knows what he wants and what he is offering. Who isn't looking for someone to get along with??? Good luck to us all on that front :-)
  12. Iain Mackenzie

    Meditation group

    Sorry I live too far to join regularly But if I was there, i would be looking for a place to share experience and try new approaches. Not looking for (or hoping to be) a guru. Good luck with whatever evolves. i
  13. Iain Mackenzie

    Buy a guitar

    hi I bought two in HZ here is my experience Chinese copies are not so good Guitars in China are more expensive than in UK (import tax??) If I could I would prefer to buy used guitar after trying it out and meeting the seller. Bring a Chinese speaking friend if it helps. Good luck iain
  14. Iain Mackenzie

    looking for a venue to play guitar in Shanghai

    thanks Sainthood can I pass my details on to you / him please??
  15. Hi I am looking for a venue in Shanghai that does open mic or similar. My style of musics is folk/ blues/ ballad. If you have been to a place that you liked or know of one that might be worth trying, I would appreciate any suggestions for a weekend trip to the big city. Here is a sample of the kind of stuff I write n sing. Thanks in advance iain https://iainmackenzie.bandcamp.com/track/when-i-found-your-love