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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm leaving Hangzhou within three weeks and looking for someone to take over my room. The place is located in Xihu district, about 20 minutes walk to Zhejiang Uni Yuquan campus or 8 minutes by bus(79). Plus, Century Mart and Subway Restaurant are within 7 minutes walk, while places like Coco Jeff and 9Club are about 10 minutes walk. The apartment has three bedrooms, kitchen, living room and a bathroom. The room's quite big with a double-bed, desk table, chair and a closet. You'll be paying 1500RMB per month paid every three months. For more details, you can call/text Chris 13738101422 Ashley(♂) 18324497779 or email(ash.tam0123@gmail.com)
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    MoneyGram International money order

    Usually any branch of Bank of China should be able to process MoneyGram transactions .
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    Appreciate Details On ZUST

    Thank you guys for all the information and details you provided , hope you all in good well and enjoyin' your time here :)/>
  4. Hello Dear Expats , I've been looking for schools providing programs taught in English and came across ZUST ( Zhejiang University of Science & Technology ) , any one to share experience or informations like ( campus location , services ,...) . Please feel free to e-mail me ( amel0oh@gmail.com ) if posting is troublesome somehow . Kind Regards , John Smith