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  1. ivanoros87

    Burger King: Where?

    There is a Burger King at EAC center (Jiao gong lu). There is also a Mc donalds so you can check if they have milkshake or not Another BK is located in Wen Er Lu.
  2. ivanoros87

    problem with wechat group

    May i know the Wechat group and how to add my self in? I have Jake among my contacts but not the group. Thank you.
  3. ivanoros87

    Close the door! Close the window! It's winter now!

    My in law's house - going to the bathroom to take a shit i have to wear jacket. Note that they have AC in every room of the house.
  4. ivanoros87

    Haida education

    Guess, this topic require more posts...
  5. ivanoros87

    Hotel for pets

    In general how those place are? Do you have any picture? Aftef the stay do you find any changes in your pet?
  6. ivanoros87

    Help me. Work visa not approved

    Think i know that guy XD
  7. ivanoros87


    Hi Ancelotti, i bought a pair of Kipsta as well like last month but i had to get a new pair of boots because the kispta don't really suit my feet well causes blister and pain. I just bought a pair of adidas ace tango for turf field and they are not too bad. Good grip and feedback just the right big toe feel a bit unconfortable (my weid feet...). Btw, i found a quite good stores that only sells football equipments which is located on wen yi xi lu. the store is located inside a university campus (cai jing da xue) and is called Xiao Li Zi. The store has some high end boots and others brands that you can't really find at the shopping malls such as Puma and Mizuno. Unfortunatly i've eneded up to buy the adidas because the biggest size available at that store was 43 while i wear 44. But it worth to have a look since is the only store in the whole city. I am lucky because where i live there are duded play football everyday in the night (i live far from HZ) so i have the chance to play very often and they are not very weak...
  8. ivanoros87

    Animal welfare?

    What are you waiting for this night get the rabbit outside the cage and release him somwhere or take it with you till you find him a new home. The first place where i lived in Hz in wen yi lu just close to the Wumei supermarket (the one near the speed way) has a garden on the third floor and i saw many rabbits free to walk around. I not sure if they have endend up on someone kitchen but they seemed happy that time.
  9. ivanoros87

    Are foreign restaurant companies clueless? Signage in English.

    Globalization. For all the rest papa jhon's pizza is terrible. The worst culinary experience in my life.
  10. ivanoros87


    Yes. Speaking about football, anyone knows where i can find pro store that sell several football shoes? I have already been in all the shopping mall around the city and only found the Nike and Adidas... i am looking for store that sell Puma, Mizuno, Jomla in order to try as more model as i can. Tks
  11. ivanoros87

    Buying real estate in Hangzhou

    you have to proof you will stay in the country for at least 1y. No matter what kind of visa you have. You can buy an apartament with a student visa as well. If you have all the cash you can buy with no much problme if you have to start the mortage the banks will 80% denied. Real estate here is a f***ing nightmare. Let's keep update this post and please in english
  12. ivanoros87

    Proper Protein Powder

    I guess its the kind known in english as brown rice but i'm not sure. If so, i ilke it. Did you bought in normal supermarket or online?
  13. ivanoros87

    Proper Protein Powder

    Yeah i know... About the rice i usually buy no OGM imported from (since 2y ago there was no option for no OGM rice in the whole country) Thailand or i buy the brown rice or similar things. About the fruit as the meat is like a roulette you will never know what are you eating.
  14. ivanoros87

    Proper Protein Powder

    Speaking of chicken filled with hormones, do you don't eat it at all or you never eat more than a specific amount? I am trying to eat more beans (chickbeans, soya beans, fava etc) to supply the right quantity of daily protein but i still love to eat chicken...