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  1. I found podcast very intresting, you can have a try...
  2. Looking for a present for your -in law? Say it with scent!
  3. Why you guys act like chineses , borrow money each others... this is the result!
  4. Hello guys! I want to inroduce you, especially to all the ladies of Hangzhou expat community, this candle brand that makes great scented candles for every taste (also for men!) wich really improve your home interior and your mood by releaseing beautiful fragrance. They smell great, natural and burn clean. All the soy wax used is come from certified US cultivation and the fragrances are carefully selected with perfumers from France and United Kingdom. Also, the wick is made in natural cotton fibres imported from Germany. I am telling you all this details just because they are in contrast with the chinese trend (the profit above all). They are more quality as first. The price is absolutely affordable (90~110RMBeach) and if you are already used to buy this kind of product you probably know that to buy some famous brand you'd be ready to spend 2 or 3 times their price. Their are great also as gift and all of them come in a super nice packaging! This is the link to their website NinfeHome Co. And this is their brand new TaoBao shop Instantgram: ninfehome For all the friends if you decide to buy one drop me a message first i will make sure you GET ONE FOR FREE! Also, if you don't wich one you would love most ask me i'll help you to choose the right fragrance for you! Thank you all!
  5. You should had say "Yingguo"
  6. So just let your parents introducing someone to you. If you need someone to satisfy your ego and make your parents happy and show to the society there's nothing wrong with you next time you have a blind date just lie. Instead of scuba diving you can say your favourite sport is Taobao. Instead reading book you'd say you like watching tv. If you finding real love better you get a dog or a cat.
  7. The only thing i can say to you is: the life is only one and more short than we really think, so live it as you want. Not as your parents wants not as the cultural enviroment wants. Since i get in China i have the feeling thing run faster, days are shorter etc etc. Never understand why 30y equal old. Trust me do not searching for love you wasting you time, it will come suddnley and unexpected. Oh, and anyway i found much more intresting a woman who do scuba diving rather than a woman who spend whole day watching chinese/korean soap opera (series). Cheers
  8. Hi guys, my macbook pro seems not recognize the HD, i suppose is broken. The laptop is still able to switch on but can't do anything since there is only an error screen (the folder with question mark in the middle). Do you know any reliable store that fix apple computer at reasonable price?
  9. ...
  10. where you come from?
  11. You can go to Hangzhou Da Sha. You'll probably find there what you want. About lentils it is hard to find in regular super markets. Taobao is the solution.
  12. The thing is when you drink boiled water aside from kill the bacteria and eliminate heavy metals you also eliminate the good things water bring to us such as mineral and calcium (wich water is the major source). I also use to drink nong fu and... cross my finger.
  13. photo attached
  14. Okay is pretty far from the place i found mine. That a nice thing of you take care of her hope you can find someone to take her. I will spread the word if anyone of my contact wants a cat! Ps i send you a private message!
  15. Hi, may i ask you where did you find this kitten? Where in Hangzhou? I am asking you because i also found a kitten in Hz about almost 2 weeks ago and she looks pretty similiar to yours. What if they are sister!