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  1. I think i never had some so can't say much about their ham. Generally i am not eating anythings that i was used to eat everyday back to my home country. So i try to avoid things like ham, millk etc. Sadly i have drastically changed my diet since here
  2. http://skolovnet-msk.ru/ Ремонт сколов и трещин на автостекле любой сложности

  3. Никому не машаю, примус починяю

    1. gromoff_goscha


      Никому не машаю, примус починяю

  4. прокат тентов тентовый павильон 10 м. аренда тентов и шатров

  5. I found Smithfield bacon disgusting 90% fat 10 meat. The packaging f*uck you up because it's covering all the fat and let only that 10% of meat visible as result that when you open it you just realize that your breakfast of your carbonara going to be hard to digest. Generally i agree with what you said. I love chinese food as i love good food all over the world. What i do not like instead of chinese food is that everything you eat has not the real tast of the food you are actually eating. Everything is covered with seasoning or sauces. As far i know i could eat shit that still taste 黄豆酱 .
  6. The summer of 2013...hot as hell. I also remember when riding my ebike back then the wind hit my face was hellish. I also remember that i almost broke up with my lady when she proposed to have hot pot togheter. This topic is turning nostalgic.
  7. Yesterday, the Wulin suqare metro station has broken air con on the area of the ticket machine. Of couse 3 out of 6 machine didn't work or stop to work as result that tons of sweating peoples were in line and pushing you trying to get the ticket as fast as they can. Can anyone explain me why the hell there are no more person in charge to sell ticket at metro stations?
  8. salary

    30k 40k a month i think even Ma yun doesn't take that much
  9. Bonjour Marc, Welcome here!
  10. Close to Hangzhouo Da Sha at the intersection in front of the famous restaurant "Xin Bai Lu" there is a 6 floor building where at 5th floor you can play badminton. There is also a room for ping pong, dart, on the 4 floor there is bowling etc
  11. How much the microwave you will leave for?
  12. Instead, i am looking for a place where i can rent one as well. For those who don't live donwtonw and they need a scooter for just 1 or 2 days. Any place where e-bike can be rent?
  13. Thank you to share the details to everyone to not encounter future scam. As San said here the only way to get something back is threaten someone to make loose his face. Try to envolve the media if things get worse without any shame, good luck!