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  1. ChrisBM

    looking for a single man

    a kind of decent man,: Dan Tan. The same guy saying that touching boobs was a common trait of white guys?
  2. ChrisBM

    Black woman for White or Asian Guy

    should be that any different than having sex with a chinese woman?
  3. ChrisBM

    Free trial class for Lo Man Kam WingChun KungFu Training

    Coming from karate and judo, in my opinion wing chun is the most misunderstood martial art. One reason and maybe the main is because of Ip Man and his way of teaching. He had 5 students (even if people claim otherwise): Leung Sheung, Lok Yiu and Chu Song Tin and other 2 who never taught anyone. Wing Chun in my opinion is about position, sensitivity and timing. - Position is your internal position, your bone alignment, deep relaxation (not being sloppy), internal stretching, using the fascia to generate power. Being aware of your centre and using it. - Sensitivity comes from correct position. (which doesn't mean sitting like in the siu nim tao or having a man and wusao forwar and moving like a robot) - Timing, comes from listening urself and the other (which I don't see in most "fights") We have conditioning but usually people interested in wing chun are not ready to do the hard work. Is not the same mindset of people going to practice boxe or mma: you sweat, you train. When I was practicing karate I was training at least everyday 3 hours. Who does this in wing chun???and u wonder about the results?
  4. ChrisBM

    Free trial class for Lo Man Kam WingChun KungFu Training

    In my opinion these kind of comparison doesn't really make sense. First if we are talking about Xu Xiaodong VS "Wing Chun" master, lets not forget a couple of things: 1. XuShadong chooses who to fight with. After he smashed the "tai qi" guy he probably had really a good choice of who fight next to promote his association. I know people that challenged him and that are still trying to find a way to meet him, Sifu Fernandez. Check the guy and then lets continue the discussion 2. The "wing chun" guy doesn't really represent anyone except himself: if I upload a fight with a boxer, and I beat the xxx out of him, can I claim that wing chun is superior to boxing? 3. The wing chun guy is not really doing wing chun, not according our standard. too many things missing, starting from his stance to the way he kicks (completely without structure), no sense of timing nor positioning. Last but not least Ip Man never thought a fighting stance with a man sao and a wusao like many chunners do.
  5. Trustmover professional moving service,sunny:15683720558(wechat)  :)

  6. Wing Chun fundamental course (2 weeks FREE!)

  7. Wing Chun fundamental course (2 weeks FREE!)

  8. ChrisBM

    wing chun class in hangzhou

    first 2 weeks free to try
  9. ChrisBM

    wing chun class in hangzhou

    Hello Tully, let me know when you are free to meet up.:)
  10. ChrisBM

    wing chun class in hangzhou

    Dajia Hao! If anyone is interested in this kind of "soft" wing chun, please let me know. For more information I'd suggest you to go trough this article: A path to wing chun Location: I live near xixi wetland, at the junction of Wensanxi lu and Jingzhou lu Bests,
  11. ChrisBM

    Shanghai bans fatties

    Discrimination in china is nothing new and it affects also foreigners: see blacks or asians applying for an english teaching job. I've heard that now there is a new trend in discrimination, according to your zodiac sign...
  12. back to the topic...are u asking if china should?u forget that most expat and companies all relies on visa agents...otherwise now there would be so much foreigners like back in 1997....
  13. seriously....everytime in some expat forum people talks about law in china i cant help but laughing. Does the new labor law really protects workers?does the smoking ban really stop chinese people to smoke in public places?does this law stop some visa agent to do miracles and get u a visa? guanxi bitch
  14. ChrisBM

    wing chun class in hangzhou

    hahaha, unfortunately no idea what you're talking about ;)