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  1. ESL blacklist

    There is definitely a time to accept the TIC phrase, but I wouldn't just toss that phrase around and passively accept what some schools do. There are times when we should address certain things that effect us. The only thing we can do when a school treats us badly is to post our story on whatever online forums we can.
  2. ESL blacklist

    Jake seems like a real decent guy. I'm sure he won't remove a bad school of a blacklist just because they offer him money.
  3. ESL blacklist

    Well I'm definitely not gonna lie on my form then.
  4. ESL blacklist

    What was the result?
  5. ESL blacklist

    That's interesting. Do you know anyone who that happened to?
  6. ESL blacklist

    Just out of curiosity, did you apply for a new visa ever with a new passport and say on the visa application form you never been to china before when really you have?
  7. ESL blacklist

    Good points made about Hampson.
  8. ESL blacklist

    I said that any job offer that says NO degree is required should be taken seriously. I also said earlier that a degree is an absolute must. I didn't say whether it was right or wrong. I simply said that job offers that say you don't need a degree can't get you the right visa. Whether I personally think you should have a degree or not to teach doesn't matter. And I also did not say whether or not I agreed with it. San you have major issues. All you do in your free time is argue with other people. Go back home and become a politician. That's all they do is argue.
  9. ESL blacklist

    I knew the guy.
  10. ESL blacklist

    The leader of the resistance quote was just sarcasm. Now every time heavy_breath makes a comment or any future post on any topic at all. Now you're gonna troll against him. Just like you did to me as well as to Alien1982 when he talked about the way Echo treated him.
  11. ESL blacklist

    Those other three topics were just three things that mattered to me. And nowhere did I say I was anyone's savior. Martin Luther King Jr isn't the savior to black people either. The schools definitely have grey areas. 50 shades of grey I'd say. Some people who had the Stockholm syndrome would certainly switch schools at the end of a contract. I can't explain how much of a relief it is to go from a bad school to one where the management and teachers like and respect you.
  12. ESL blacklist

    Exactly. And regardless of how negative some of my threads may have been, you san5324 said nothing helpful at all.
  13. ESL blacklist

    hmmm..... Tell me how you would feel. If you did absolutely nothing wrong at all, you had a girlfriend you wanted to return to, personal friends, or whatever. But some idiot in the system abused his power and you couldn't get back into China. A country you came to see as a second home. And you did absolutely nothing wrong at all. For once, put your emotions aside and tell me how you would feel. And what you would do. Give me a step by step sequence as to what you would do.
  14. ESL blacklist

    Well said.
  15. ESL blacklist

    If you're not so negative, just leave the conversation.