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  1. pangxie

    Hangzhou or Shanghai ?

    Yeah I totally agree. There is more money to make in Shanghai but its more expensive to live, busier and more cosmo than most cities. All my friends who have moved to SH from HZ recently have regretted it everyday. HZ is a better city to live and relax with more culture and chinese influence.
  2. pangxie

    Ellen's bar

    If its on the same street (xue yuan road), how close to reggae, north/south?
  3. pangxie

    Somewhere to get lucky....

    I suggest your mama, but maya-reggae may have chance...
  4. Yep, the turnover is really high....why?
  5. pangxie

    Depressed, any solutions ?

    Every year millions of people feel depressed especially in Jan-Feb and this is due to the winter( not weather) but lack of sunlight or sunshine in your life. This happens every year to me, some of my family member, friends you name it. The cure isn't drugs, alcohol or sex. You can get a lamp in your house that will shed some light into your life. Sports not only excerise helps. Watching comedies and more TV does not, although comedy and being around funny people helps. Its a big fight depression as the winter is a time of slumber, but spending time with a loved one helps, dating, playing and listening helps. The winter is a good time to start at the gym or indoor sports. Lving in China makes this worse as there is even less sunlight due to pollution not cloudy days, and chinese people aren\t the most positive people so your colleagues and your environment can make it worse like it does, I mean did for me this year. Change everything you are doing so that you don\t fall idle. Smile more, glass full not half full "always look at the bright side of life" kind of thing. Join the Hangzhou riding team of other groups that are doing positive things in and around Hangzhou. Goodluck!
  6. pangxie

    Be Careful

    Thanks for sharing. If a school can't offer and help you get a Z-working visa than they truly won't be a good school to work for. If they don't know the process of getting a work visa than they are not established and you are taking a chance. Remember if you are a TESOL graduate you are required certain things that protect you and your employer and they must follow the laws set doen from your country for TESOL graduates and by the Gov of China. These laws are there to make sure you have a certain amount of classes, free accom, free working visa and paid trip to HK to get visa. If your school can't do these things, they are ripping you off and squeezing you for everything you got. Alot of schools are well etablished in Hangzhou, but just be careful and talk to older teachers before you sign a contract and move to China. Thanks
  7. pangxie

    Moving to Hangzhou, would like to host movie/ wine night

    welcome to hangzhou
  8. pangxie

    Where to buy a guitar in Hangzhou?

    my friends is selling his Fender guitar before he leaves to go back home...PM me or send him a message 18868893895
  9. pangxie

    LF P/T English "Teachers" for little kids

    Iam interested as well, please PM me...thanks
  10. maybe you are right maybe not...some kidcastles are good!
  11. pangxie

    8000rmb p/m Teaching English.

    I am sorry I agree. The students are crazy alot of the time but just having fun, and its the teachers job to discipline them and demand respect. I usually dont blame the teacher, but its sounds like she she find another job. Sorry.
  12. It sounds like an opportunity so dont diss this mans proposal, just b/c of the money.If you dont live like a tourist and foreign here all the time, the money isnt that bad, compared to teaching. Teaching is more money b/c its more demanding physically. Thanks David
  13. pangxie

    Bowling in Hangzhou?

    I think its time to get together and go bowling again since its gonna rain for awhile longer...who is interested in an evening next week, maybe monday or tuesday evening at after 7pm?
  14. pangxie

    What's the story with Echo English?

    My friend Dolphin is the foreign manager there in Binjiang and he hasnt really complained about anything there. Everyone who gets cheated out of some money was a result of missed classes/ no shows or not completing their contracts usually. If you work hard they will reward you. Chinese bosses are good as long as you are honest with them, show up and teach well. Problems may arise if you leave to soon.