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  1. bluegrace

    Buying real estate in Hangzhou

    Am wondering about the updated situation.. hahaļ¼
  2. Hi guys! I need your help. I did some research here, but I think it's better to ask questions directly. I know there might be some new rules and regulations recently! I've been in China for some years, and I've never thought of getting a credit card. When booking tickets or buying stuff, I will let my friend help me. But I was thinking of getting one, because it's more convienient and also I need it for renting cars both in China and abroad. Renting company only takes the credit card of the person renting the car, right?? Well, I have had an ICBC debit card for many years, actually i have a so called golden card. I used to get my salary in ICBC and some deposit in it. But my salary is from Merchants' Bank since last year. But I still will transfer it to ICBC . So regularly my icbc account has active transactions, and usually its balance is about 40k to 50k.. Unluckily I just withdrew money from icbc one week before I applied credt card to icbc. Anyway, I got provement of job and salary from my company, filled in the form in icbc about 20 days ago. I got a text note from icbc that my application was not approved and i can't get a credt card.. Am confused.. Maybe i should go to Merchants' bank??? And since i failed once, will it affect my future application??? Are there any tips i should know?? Thanks in advance!!
  3. Hi guys, I'd like to know how to get Chinese driver's lisence here.. Anyone ever did that? I needn't get any training.. My lisence in my country is expired, so i just wanna get a new one here.. Do they have test paper in English?? How to attend the driving test?? Thanks!!
  4. bluegrace

    Swimming pool

    Hey guys, does anyone know about a good swimming pool in Hangzhou? I mean clean, not crowded and with cool water. It's been a while since I swam. I remembered going To some pool on the Ti Yuchang Road once, water there was too warm to me. Thanks for your recommendation!
  5. bluegrace

    vibram five fingers

    Don't think so. Can ask your friends in shanghai to buy and deliver to you. Or buy it from Amazon.com.
  6. bluegrace

    How to play Hangzhou Mahjong

    The truth is Mahjong competition is held in the world annually now. People from all over the world take part in the game. So am pretty sure there're certain international rules for it.
  7. 3300 is not bad for this size.. But the furniture seems a little ...
  8. bluegrace

    Driving instructor

    So there's a theory test in English here??
  9. Hi guys! My landlord called me telling me he will take his apt back when our contract is due next month. So I guess I have to deal with landlord, real estate agents again. That's frustrating and boring.. Had that experience before. Most available apts on their websites are not real.. So you found the apt you staying now by yourself or real estate agency or?? Am not living in the west.. The rent seems to go up.. Have you ever considered od buying apartment here?? Let me know your idea.