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  1. Anti-pollution face masks?

    Well, if you are from Murica, then try Alen Paralda, that device is pretty good. Don't trust Xiaomi. Of course, it's always good to get one more. Check the link: https://www.amazon.com/Alen-Paralda-Purifier-Allergies-Bacteria/dp/B06X6GC2C6/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1507201326&sr=8-3&keywords=alen+paralda Other suggestions, buy aloe vera, say at least 10 pots of aloe vera in your flat, and also a led light special for plants. Keep windows shut throughout the winter. True, it's imperative to outlive others who live nearby.
  2. seeking other men

    Well, be careful, please use “冈本” instead of other brands, HIV is not far away. And it's ok to say no.
  3. Anti-pollution face masks?

    What? If you smoke, why the heck do you care about air pollution?
  4. Some stupid "foreigner" is playing dumb and pretending innocent, why not get the f... off. Sorry, no previledges here. Stop being a drama queen, oh, sure, keep kissing your previous "foreign" colleague's ass.
  5. "Hangzhou is beautiful.." why?

    Oh, dear Sainthood, stop being naughty, or we will NOT like you. You are not three-year-old, you are already 5 now. See, you can't deny something just if you don't like it, as most consider it beautiful.
  6. "Hangzhou is beautiful.." why?

    As a beloved English tutor, Sainthood is kinda of weird on such a topic. Compared with some places, of course, in Down-Under, Hangzhou is much more exquisite. Remotes in NZ could be a final destiny for you, Sainthood. Maybe someday we can go fishin'
  7. New to Hangzhou, from New Zealand

    Good for you! You can fill the hole in.....
  8. Well, VPN should be banned, so from Feb 2018 onwards, everything will be so harmonious.
  9. Hello I am Mengan

  10. Looking for 40+ Asian women

    I guess this guys has brought magic drugs to China and he can handle 40+ women each night. Perhaps it's like a rooster, the interactive process lasts 2-3 seconds each time
  11. Chinese girl wanna make some Foreign friends in HZ

    Seriously? This girl might be married now.
  12. Hi

    You'd better show your boobs and hips, or else sainthood will not pay any interest in you.
  13. New "possible" ZUST student

    German? You can bring some german stuff to China, such as a helmet, mask... Sainthood rented a flat nearby, perhaps you can ask for a spare room, unless you cannot stand his loud snoring and his peeks from time to time. ZUST is located in a remote place, no, my mistake, not remote anymore. Make sure you buy some wine, instead of beer, it's cheaper in China. Ebike is a must. Keep your pants tight all the time--got loose even for one second, you can contract STD. Living in this biggest victim country of one German douchebag--Marx, I highly suggest you keep a low profile as you also come from there.
  14. There are some important considerations when it comes to this... the most important should be health.If you're having kids, education and access to good, safe food and healthcare, as well as housing. ---------------------------------------------------- Guess what? Speak for yourself. For a country where those kids could not do calculations above their finger numbers, seriously, I doubt the education quality here, not to mention those donkeys who just graduated from universities, except those top ones. Healthcare? It's a joke. Those GPs are really incapable of telling you what you've contracted. Either paying for expensive private insurance, or stay on a long list waiting for a physical check with medicare. Specialists do have theories, but are far less experienced than their counterparts in China. Want to see a specialist? Fine, pay 250 bucks first.
  15. Jesus, old fashion guy, you don't need to take this topic so seriously. Just hit on her, and use condoms, make sure it's double-bagged! Or you just have to pay some pennis or don't have to at all, chicks will dig. Not bad for your freezing-cold bed. Will you come back on Chrismas? Those beaches are really getting pleasant as Summer's coming