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  1. Looking for a Spanish tutor or German tutor we are a native hangzhouness( Live close to Gongshang University in Xiasha ), our 8-year-old son has already start English tutoring, now he wants to start a new language , I guess it could be Spanish or German. If you have a teenager boy or girl like to teach him, that's great! (Payment could be negotiable, at least one hour is nesscessary once a week.) If you are an adult( student or teacher) , that makes you expertise, PM me We wanna start lessons from September or Octorber. thanks.

  2. Hi how are u dear please i want to have a private talk with you but i`m not often here contact me to my email is important( fatimsambo8@gmail.com

  3. lavonneyu619

    Provide nanny and maids 缅甸女佣保姆服务

    send detailed infos in private plz
  4. lavonneyu619

    Expat children in Hangzhou (play dates)

    Where do you live? That will make sense to other playdates
  5. Great dad! How old is your boy? where do you live ? that's the question we may concern most.
  6. wow, wanna exchange in wechat, because we will start family travle there.
  7. lavonneyu619

    An English Speaking Teacher wanted! urgent

    Thanks for the guys showing interest. I received lots of Emails so far. our kids are great learners. so friends and colleagues ask me lots of questions. therefore, The position is still needed !!!!!!! i post a new one, [please send me private message for contact information]
  8. I am not working for some agencies. I am a mother of 5- year- old boy. we form 2 groups of English learning, 3-5 kids in one group.( 150-250 RMB per hour) the gourp parents agree with salaries. like 50 rmb/ per kid,one hour in one week. we may choose some certain books or you could recommeond yours. we live in Xiasha( it's quite far away from wulin . 40mins Metro to the center. if you are energetic in tutouring those in kindergarten or primary shcool with teaching experinces , don't hesisitate . working time: monday TO friday evenng for kids ,AND weekend requirements: 1.native english speakers 2 teaching experience with yound kids is priority Ps:send the following documents to 79474575@qq.com for an interview 1. Resume with photo (must) and how long will you stay? 2. Teaching certificate and college documents in universities (optional) last time my post: some newcomers send me Emails. Thanks for your guys showing interest. I would like to recommend other colleagues and friends. because they asked a lot. we find some great tutors but they will leave after one semester. so we still need ^^^^^^^^^^
  9. lavonneyu619

    Just wanted to say hello

    welcome , BOSCH girl ! is it Electronics.Co.ltd?
  10. lavonneyu619


    also in Xiasha , welcome!
  11. lavonneyu619

    Hallo! German girl working as an AuPair here

    lovely girl! welcome to HZ
  12. lavonneyu619

    An English Speaking Teacher wanted! urgent

    that makes you a racist professor
  13. lavonneyu619

    Kinder Garden to Primary School

    it depends on where you gonna stay , i mean district.
  14. lavonneyu619

    Xiasha-how is life in Xiasha?

    a little bit cold place compared with the center area. you would go to the gym at 宝龙, or swimming pools in some universities ,like 财经, 理工。YOGA , it's up to where you are. as for myself, i choose some around 海天城。 you can google the name on that map.
  15. lavonneyu619

    Hey Everyone