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  1. PChoice


    by the way I forgot to say about me, I am 27, work Mon-Friday. I am clean, friendly, respectful of my other flatmates, likes to go out.
  2. PChoice


    Hi there ! Any people here interesting in CREATING a new flatshare ? location : as an indication let's say : xueyuan road with tianmushan road 3 bedroom would be nice when : ASAP rent per person : 2200-2800 RMB/ month + bills if interested email me on fabxb8@gmail.com with a brief description of you and what you are searchin for
  3. PChoice

    expat : Hangzhou or Shanghai ??

    Thanks Goldstein. Only reading your post now. I have finally chosen Hangzhou =) So I guess I'll see some of you around pretty soon.
  4. PChoice

    expat : Hangzhou or Shanghai ??

    thanks for those links Jake ! I can see that different ppl have different opinions.
  5. OK , guys thank you for your answers !
  6. Hello, I am being offered a job in Hangzhou or Shanghai. So I am trying to get more feedback from what it's like to live in Hangzhou (rather than Shanghai). I have been in Shanghai before as a tourist and was really impressed by the city, but I guess living there would be a different experience. I have never been to Hangzhou, but read that it is a pleasant city, to visit, but what about living there ? So I would like to know what you, as expats, foreign students, etc. think about Hangzhou vs Shanghai ? I speak a bit of Mandarin (I can have very basic convesations) and still have a bit of time to progress before coming to China. But I can not read characters (yet). I wonder if life could be difficult in Hangzhou if I don't read the characters. Would it take a long time to learn the chinese characters to be able to direct myself in the city, read a card in a restaurant, etc ? Can you have a english navigation app on your phone ? I am also wondering how big is the expat community in Hangzhou ? I bet that the week-end that would be ok, but is it hard to find people to go out during the week ? Pros and cons of having a smaller expat community than in shanghai ? (people looking at you in the streets ?) How 's the night life in Hangzhou ? and is it only Thursday to Saturday ? What about people ? I heard and read that Shanghai people are very money driven, will chose their friends depending on what they do, where they live, what car they drive, etc... is that really true ? How is it in Hangzhou ? Is it easy to mix with locals, do many of the young (20-30) speak good english ? (cause my mandarin might not be enough to have a very long and interesting conversation). Would you say that life is much cheaper in Hangzhou than in Shanghai ? I am afraid that Shanghai might be quite expensive, but I understand that Hangzhou is not that cheap given that it is very touristic. How much would you pay for the rent in Hangzhou compared to Shanghai ? (for example 2 BR in good location) for a meal for a beer, Or living with the same standards, how much money would you think i would save if I live in Hangzhou rather than Shanghai ? How is the traffic in Hangzhou ? is it easy to move around ? are the bikes useful to move in central Hangzhou ? Would you recommende to live near the West lake ? it looks like all the action is taking place there, no ? And also, what do you think of both cities in general, re parks, outdoors, culture, etc ? Thank you very much for you help !!
  7. Hello Hangzhou ! I have been offered a job in Yuhan Disctrict, more specifically in Gouzhuang industrial park. It is very far from the West lake, which I understand is where all the action (nightlife) is taking place. It is situated here : https://maps.google.fr/maps?q=Jiuqugang+lu,+hangzhou&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=fr&sa=N&tab=wl Does anyone work around there, or has any idea of much time it would take to commute to work if I chose to live close to the West lake (let's say Wulin square tube station for example, that would be 12km). Would it be very bad at rush hours ? If we don't consider the time to walk to bus stop and wait for the bus, is driving or taking a cab much faster than the bus in Hangzhou ? Google maps tells me about 25 min by car, but 1H20 to 1H40 min by bus (door to door). if I chose to live around Gouzhuang, what would be a good place ? Is there a lot happening there at night ? from what I have seen all the action seems to be happening near the lake... Any experience or thoughts about that are welcome. And hopefully see you soon in Hangzhou !
  8. PChoice

    French for a 6 month Internship in Hangzhou

    Hi Lucasse ! I will also have to work around that area, close to Gouzhuang Industrial Park. How did you find it to work over there ? Is it very far from Hangzhou city center ? Where did you live in the end ? Are there nice areas to live around Gouzhuang ? or is it really quiet at night if you want to go out ? Is it OK to communte every day closer to West lake (where I understand that all the action is happening) or is the traffic really bad ?