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  1. lissie


    Almost you don't have to bargain because I believe most of your shopping places are supermarkets, shopping malls or chain shops. The only situation you might bargain is when you buy some souvenirs, fruits or food from a street stall. but usually you can't bargain much. As a Chinese, I even don't like to bargain.
  2. well, it makes sense. in fact there are some other unis which have better international education. here's the list, I think there must be one's fee not too expensive.anyway, good luck! 浙江大学 中国美术学院 浙江师范大学 浙江工商大学 浙江科技学院
  3. ZUMC is far from downtown why not chosing Zhejiang University? one of the top 3 Uni in China, better environment, in dwontown
  4. lissie

    New "possible" ZUST student

    Hey Julian, I happen to know ZUST quite well. You'll find a lot exchange students from Germany there. For accommodation, I suggest you find somewhere not far from the uni. Liuxia(留下) is not a bad choice, where the traffic is very convenient. 193\B7\310\B4 bus are all to downtown. by taking bus, only 10 minutes to campus, 35 minutes to Gudang(古荡) where I think is the downtown. A e-bike is necessary. But I heard the traffic department of Hangzhou are going to control the unqualified e-bike this year, so I suggest you buy one which could be registered. ZUST located in Xiao he shan, a very beautiful area not like the downtown. the pollution there is the lowest. haha~ Hope you enjoy the life there!
  5. lissie

    DSRL Camera

    DSLR is not very expensive in China. You can always bargain with the sellers if you buy it in a physical store.but you'd better ask a Chinese friend to go with you. if you prefer to buy the camera from the online store, there are several choices: www.jd.com; http://www.tmall.com; or amazon online products usually offer a lower price, the former two are local Chinese companies, which usually offer lower price the amazon.
  6. lissie

    Here come Willem!

    Hey, there are plenty gyms aroud Yuquan campus, such as Huanglong, PHYSICAL FITNESS(舒适堡健身). if you just wanna play basketball and football, there are several fields in Yuquan campus, and you will always find partners to play with you. FYI: Have fun!
  7. lissie

    Advice on a Chinese tutor/class

    Suggest you go to a university to post a notice on the school board directly.
  8. lissie

    American Family on the way

    Hey, I suggest you live in a hotel for several days first. And then look for a flat or house near a university, where is good for your kids. Zhejiang Universty Yuquan or Zijingang campuses are good choice. There are plenty gyms for girls and adults in Hangzhou. But I'm not sure there is baseball training or team for your boy.
  9. lissie

    Chinese Practise

    You can register in cc98.( http://www.cc98.org ), which is the Zheda BBS, and find a language partner there.
  10. sounds very interesting. Waiting for more info :thumbup:
  11. lissie

    Where/How Can I get Business Cards Made?

    Hey, You can go any print store to make it. But strongly recommend those in a university like Zheda. You can both make a template one or let the store owner do it. You should say 我想做名片 when you walk in. Usually the price is less than 50 yuan.Good luck.