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  1. Aww I can't believe you are leaving! so sudden! i was NOT ready for this, not today!
  2. Samaritan

    Book Club!

    Can I read the Chinese version or would it be really rude? B-)
  3. Samaritan

    Chinese people don't drink water?

    "Some of us" also need to hold back poops too, like during exams or before deadlines! Sorry if it sounds distasteful, can't help it! Haha!
  4. Samaritan

    Chinese people don't drink water?

    8 cups a day is the kind of advice usually give by a urologist in any Chinese hospitals, mainly because they have witness so much agony in calculus cases. But once away from hospital people tend to forget about doctors' advice. We don't really tend to think that far ahead. If a Chinese person gets kidney stones for drinking to little water or high-calcium water, s/he just goes under the lithotripter and gets rid of them. A lot of us get sucked into study/work so deeply that even nature's calls get in our way. So some of us avoid peeing as much as we can.
  5. Samaritan

    My Behaviour on this Forum...

    Awwww you are all bonding! Feels nice!
  6. Samaritan

    Irish music and tin whistle sharing session

    what time does it start Shen???
  7. Samaritan

    Nationalist issues (all views welcome)

    My boss bought a condo right behind Crowne Plaza and it's now used as the company's office.
  8. Samaritan

    Nationalist issues (all views welcome)

    Man I had water in my mouth while reading! Gotta gulp down first when I spot the Union Jack next time!
  9. Samaritan

    Athbhliain faoi mhaise duit!

    Hey there! Óró sé do bheatha abhaile!
  10. Samaritan

    Locking of threads

    Still, would someone please fill me in?
  11. Samaritan

    Locking of threads

    would someone please fill me in???
  12. Happy Christmas to you all!

    1. The SERVICE

      The SERVICE

      Merry Christmas Seamus

    2. Samaritan
    3. Cristina M

      Cristina M

      Merry Christmas Seamus!!

  13. Samaritan

    HZ > Changsha discount flights this month

    Thanks Lemphek, for sharing this info of value and integrity!
  14. Samaritan

    Book Club!

    . It takes seconds to load a book in my iPad from a cloud account. This moment I have in my Baidu Cloud about 1800 books in .epub format. Surely we can find one or two classics by anyone's standard. I downloaded them on torrent sites like verycd.com, kickass.to, and Baidu Cloud share. Guilty as charged. But this shall not be my official confession. PS the books usually come both in epub for iPad and mobi for Kindle.
  15. Samaritan

    25 Year Old American

    Yes, you will 'even meet some of' us.I guess it depends on where you will be staying. Welcome aboard Raider!