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  1. InCity shopping center is about 10 minutes away by car. You’ll need to buy a membership at Sam’s Club. They offer many imported brands.
  2. BigMac

    The Imported Beef in China

    Sam's Club now sells US beef.
  3. Recently I went to Slim's New York Steak & Burger in Binjiang and had an A&W Root Beer. I'm sure they must serve ice cream at Slim's. You might want to consider asking the staff to make you a root beer float. They are always helpful and friendly at both locations in Hangzhou (Binjiang & West Lake). Slim's New York Steak & Burger, Binjiang Branch 213, Building 4, Star Avenue, 228 Jiangnan Avenue, Binjiang 滨江江南大道228号星光国际广场4号楼213 (优衣库楼上)
  4. BigMac

    Landlord Wants to Break Lease

    Sucks to hear about your a$$hole landlord. It’s best to just move on and cut your losses as others have suggested. Ultimate PAYBACK: Go to a pet store and purchase a bunch of crickets and cockroaches (They’re sold as pet food). Release them go before you return the keys to the owner
  5. BigMac

    Please help - my brother is in Hangzhou

    You might want to contact the US Consulate in Shanghai. They might be able to offer your family advice with regards to helping your brother in Hangzhou. Check out the link below. https://china.usembassy-china.org.cn/embassy-consulates/shanghai/
  6. BigMac

    Teachers wanted :revising IELTS writing essays

    This might be one of the lowest salaries I’ve ever seen on the forum. 20RMB per essay is pathetic....
  7. BigMac

    Help me. Work visa not approved

    You should consider applying with one of the large golf resorts in southern China (Guangdong or Hainan Province). Mission Hills has several large resorts in Shenzhen and Haikou. http://www.missionhillschina.com/en-US/shenzhen/golf http://www.missionhillschina.com/en-US/haikou Good luck:)
  8. BigMac

    Indian Buffets?

    Indian Taste closed last year. FYI there is a new Indian restaurant at PowerLong mall in Binjiang on the 4th or 5th floor. I'm not sure if they have a buffet. I had a dinner at this place a couple of weeks ago and the food and service were good.
  9. BigMac

    New Menu Suggestions For Wade's

    Pita bread and humus sound good:)
  10. BigMac

    Import Supermarket

    Most of the supermarkets in Hangzhou will offer a small section with imported foods. Below you’ll see the names of several of the large supermarkets which offer imported foods. 1. Hangzhou Tower {Dasha} (Wulin Square downtown) 2. Sam’s Club (close to Xixi Wetlands) 3. Metro (2 locations-North HZ and East HZ) 4. Carrefour (Yanan Road) Another option is to consider ordering food from Shanghai. Several of companies offer delivery service to HZ every week.
  11. BigMac

    Rent prices near West Lake?

    2500RMB per month for the entire place (no roommates)? SongChen area or ZhiJiang area?
  12. BigMac

    I'd Like to Buy a Computer

    There are a couple of large computer markets on WenSan Road and Jiaogong Road area. Ego Computer Market/颐高旗舰广场 29 Huanggushan Road 黄姑山路29号 BuyNow Hui Jiaogong Road (across the street from EAC) Another option is to have one of your Chinese friends order you a computer online. JD.com is one of the better sites for offering genuine products. Amazon.cn and Taobao also have a large selection of new and used products. http://diannao.jd.com/
  13. BigMac

    I want indian food!

    I've heard YIWU has a nice selection of Indian restaurants.
  14. BigMac

    Sending money to Australian Banks

    I don't have any experience dealing with Australian bank in China. You might want to consider talking wth the local ANZ Bank in Hangzhou. I'm sure they'll be able to assist you. Good luck:) ANZ Bank (China) Hangzhou Branch Unit 302, Building 1 and Unit 102, Building 2, Euro America Center (EAC), 26 Jiao Gong Road, Hangzhou, 310012 Retail banking: P: +86 571 2689 0888 F: +86 571 2689 0877 Institutional banking: P: +86 571 2689 0888 F: +86 571 2689 0877 http://www.anz.com/common/forms/Enquiry/default.asp?intId=254
  15. BigMac

    Steak Resturants still running

    Yes. The JW Marriott is a 5* hotel and charges 5* prices. It's a nice treat from time to time.