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  1. Hi, I am looking for a flat in Binjiang, preferably between bridges 1 and 4. I am coming alone for one month, so nothing big is needed. Oct 15-Nov 15 is the time I would need it. If someone has a flat there and plans to go on a longer vacation or has to give up his/her rent early, we would be a perfect match :) Best, T
  2. thidalgos

    IKEA may open its store in Hangzhou in 2015

    And they have the real deal Absolut for reasonable price :)
  3. You only have to explain jokes to Dan Tan... I got you, maybe because I can also relate to it :D
  4. thidalgos

    Uber and Alipay for foreigners?

    I think that our problem is that we have certified Alipay accounts, but we still cannot use it on Uber, and we get this error message. For example, I am able to charge my mobile phone with Alipay. But I cannot associate it with Uber. smb, have you tried?
  5. thidalgos

    Green card threshold lowered

    How is your PR helping you with the stock? We have a similar problem and our PR decided to exclude us from stock because it was "too much trouble". I would like to present them with some viable alternatives.
  6. Has any foreigner had any luck associating an Uber account with his Alipay?
  7. thidalgos

    Moving to Hangzhou in August

    I would use it all. You can get a very nice place with that allowance, maybe some servicing included. And the best advice is always: find a nice place close to your working place. Transportation for your leisure time is cheap and convenient.
  8. thidalgos

    Landlord selling flat while rental contract ongoing

    Thanks Joce. Everything went as smooth as it could go due to the lucky coincidence that the buyer is a friend of mine. I expect the last two months of the contract to go smoothly because the old landlord has no saying anymore.
  9. thidalgos

    cupping 火罐

    You got cupped in the wrong places
  10. thidalgos

    Western dating tips needed

    Who does not like to get his ego stroked every now and then?
  11. thidalgos

    Lost my bank card

    Since when is there a ban for transferring money to foreigners? I transfer money every month to my (non-Chinese) wife's bank account. Both our accounts are within the same bank, but we have not had a problem since we opened our accounts almost two years ago.
  12. thidalgos

    Medical Test - what is it like?

    I did my test in my homecountry and did not need to redo them here, but maybe I got lucky.
  13. thidalgos

    Western dating tips needed

    The Canadian guy?
  14. thidalgos

    making some foreign friends

    Mine is dead. Using Jolla now, but it is not the same thing.