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  1. Benjamin 麦子强

    Bikes for sale!

    Whats up everybody, Leaving Hangzhou in a few weeks and hoping to sell these two bikes beforehand. Both were bought new last August from the Main Giant branch in town. The Roam (black and Blue) was 2,300 RMB bought new and selling it for half that price at 1,150. Awesome all around bike for speed, distance or just a smooth cruise. Shocks can be locked for a faster ride or unlocked for a more comfortable ride. Obviously the seat can be adjusted. 24 gears. The Momentum (Light Blue) Was 1400RMB new and same deal selling it for have price at 700. Incredibly comfortable ride and holds its own in the speed category. 18 gears and of course adjustable seat. Also have helmets that pretty much match both bikes and quality locks if your interested there all yours if the you buy a bike! Any questions feel free to ask. Contact info, Ben Howard, Phone:130 6779 0990
  2. Benjamin 麦子强

    best gym or yoga studio in west lake cultural center area

    Total fitness energy-能量健身 Is an awesome gym with yoga classes included. right at the intersection of huancheng lu and zhongshanbei lu near wulin square for just Yoga Ananda Yoga right off zhongshanbeilu is legit
  3. Hello my future Chinese friends! I am a recent graduate from an American university and have come to Hangzhou to study at Zhejiang University to improve my Chinese and get some work experience with an internship. I am looking for anyone who is interested in hanging out and doing some language exchange. Any type of language exchange is ok with me! Whether it be specific language questions/ practicing 口语,or meeting up to play pool and have casual conversation. Feel free to Email me or send me a We chat if interested Email Benjamin_howard@my.uri.edu We chat Ben12081989 未来的亲爱朋友你们好! 我在这里要找到愿意跟有做语言交换或者随便跟我互相学习语言,什么样的练习语言都可以。我叫麦子强(Ben)来自美国,现在在浙大玉泉校区读书。我已经在杭州住了4个月了,我跟一些朋友在下城区租房子,如果方便的话咱们可以在市中心的附近见面。如果感兴趣的话请用电子邮件或者威信跟我联系一下。 电子邮件: Benjamin_howard@my.uri.edu 威信- Ben12081989
  4. Benjamin 麦子强

    LGBTQ English/Chinese corner this Sunday Oct. 20

    Is this going to be an every Sunday thing??
  5. Benjamin 麦子强

    Toread brand of clothing and shoes

    At the intersection of HuanChengBei lu and ZhongShanBei lu (环城北路 and 中山北路)there is the hangzhou swimming center (you cant miss it) and right below it is an outdoor store with all sorts of local chinese brands including Toread, Kailas, and Northland and some international brands (Columbia and Northface). Each one of the brands has a decent shoe + apparel selection with decent prices and always has sales. Good Luck
  6. Benjamin 麦子强

    Volleyball in Hangzhou

    Any update??!!! TODAYS SATURDAY
  7. Benjamin 麦子强

    Hangzhou for the year starts now

    Hello Goldenstorm Glad you like the Chinese name! haha Feel free to Email me at Benjamin_Howard@my.uri.edu
  8. Benjamin 麦子强

    Hangzhou for the year starts now

    Howdy Hangzhou expat! I arrived in hangzhou last week and just moved into an apartment in Xiacheng district with my girlfriend and 2 friends that are both studying chinese with me. I recently graduated from University of Rhode Island with a degree in Global Business and now I will be studying in Hangzhou to complete my Chinese degree. Starting next week I'll be studying Chinese at Zhejiang University Yuquan campus. I am hoping to take advantage of this site to make my year in hangzhou a more comfortable one. I have spent extended periods of time in China before but never close to year. I would love to use the site to meet some friends with similar interests, find a chinese tutor, find an english tutoring job and get the lowdown on Hangzhou. Ben
  9. Hi Marine By the time I saw your reply I have already found an apartment off campus. I absolutely recommend finding a couple friends and moving off campus. the apartment we found is cheaper per person than living on campus and is much better quality! The Xiacheng district isnt too far from Yuquan campus and its right in downtown hangzhou. I found this flat by using an agency called 我爱我家。 These agency offices are literally all over the city but most of the people that work at them speak very little english. If you can get past the language barrier its easy to tell them all of your standards for an apartment and they can recommend and bring you to visit them. Good luck with the appt. hunt and your studies! Ben
  10. Benjamin 麦子强

    Volleyball in Hangzhou

    There is a hard outdoor court at Yuquan campus that we could play at. Its not by any means a great court but if you can't find anything else it would work as a last resort.
  11. Benjamin 麦子强

    Volleyball in Hangzhou

    Did you guys play on Saturday?? How about this coming Saturday?? Where at Yuquan campus?? The courts right next to the middle gate?
  12. My name is Ben and I have just moved to Hangzhou. I will be studying at zhejiang university yuquan campus and have a friend who is working in the Bingjiang district so I am looking for an appartment between these two areas and also near downtown. I thought I would post on here before working with a realtor to see what I could find. I know this is very broad but these two districts seem like a decent area and I am willing to explore them both. I am willing to sign a 6 month or up to a 1 year lease. Contact me at: benjamin_howard@my.uri.edu if you know of any places available or have any suggestions.