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  1. aerodriver

    Looking for geeky board game players

    I have a strategy board game called Axis and Allies that needs between 2-8 players. It basically the Allies v's the Axis set in WW2. I used to live in Beijing and meet up with a bunch of guys once every month or so to play the game for a few hours (it can take a long time) drink a few beers, talk a load of bollocks and get some take out pizza. If you have a good bunch of people, it's a good way to have a laugh and do something interesting and a bit different for an evening. The rules are not too complicated and I'm told being geeky is the new cool....... So i hope i can find a few interested people to play. I live in Binjiang near rainbow city (but could go to someone else's house to play if more central for others) This game has even been on Big Bang(see the picture) The other pictures are playing the full map and us playing in Beijing on a half map. If interested private message with your wechat or phone number.
  2. aerodriver

    Safety of valuable Bike

    I have a reasonably expensive carbon bike and I've had no problems with it. I do use a good quality lock and use common sense when leaving it locked someplace.
  3. aerodriver

    Where in Hangzhou can I buy boardgames?

    I live in Binjiang area and like playing the game Axis and Allies. (A WW2 strategy board game) If anyone wants to let your inner geek come out play , please private me. Getting a group of people playing would be even better. I have both the Europe and pacific 1940 editions.
  4. aerodriver

    Private messages.

    I understand you want to stop spamming people, but the limit for 2 private messages (before having to wait 24 hours) need to be increased. I was looking for some information regarding football / soccer and sent 2 private messages with my contact information to people who had started topics looking for players. There were actually 3 topics regarding football , by 3 different people so I wanted to message them all, but seems I need to wait 24 hours before I can send the third........
  5. Been in China for 5 years, but hangzhou only 3 weeks. First time to attend one of these expat mixers since I've been in china. Was surprised and happy to meet a great bunch of guys and girls , and the venue was great, best pizza I've eaten in China !