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  1. Hanna

    Return Bus card...

    If you're still wondering, I found the new IC card service center, it's located at 25 Ding'An Lu, nearest to exit C from Ding'an Metro Station.
  2. Hanna

    Return Bus card...

    R_saraj, did you find it? I've got the same problem
  3. It's a cultural exchange in that we actually pay a portion of the program fees to come here. Then, our benefits are received in the form of room and board, travel costs, and the expenses for our Mandarin courses paid by the host family.
  4. How is that illegal? It's a cultural exchange, and we legally work for our host families providing language instruction.
  5. We're on F business visas at my agency
  6. Hanna

    Place to get a tattoo in Hangzhou/Xiaoshan

    Yeah, well, I come from a mythical land where we drink water straight from the tap.
  7. Hanna

    Place to get a tattoo in Hangzhou/Xiaoshan

    Haven't tried getting one here yet but just as a precaution I'd be a little wary about sanitation practices if I were you
  8. And that's how you raise an adult that behaves like a child.
  9. Hanna

    Hangzhou water: still smells...any clue?

    Man...that's depressing as hell
  10. So many generalizations here. I want to emphasize that I'm only speaking from direct experience (or that of my peers'), but what I find to be missing is a rational and calm approach to discipline where you sit the kid down and talk to him or her about why they chose to behave that way and then explain why it's wrong, what they can do differently in the future, etc. Engaging them in discussion. It usually seems to be on either end of a spectrum ranging from apathy and looking the other way, to strict physical punishment with no explanation. Also I would like to note that at least based on every Au Pair in my agency, none of us come here because we really need the job-we come hoping for a cultural exchange experience.
  11. The parents and especially grandparents would never be ok with that kind of discipline which is the problem. I try to sneak in little disciplinary actions for bad behaviors like no TV or no sweets but the moment the kid cries the grandparents rush to give whatever he wants. So there's a lot of undermining which is really confusing for the kids.
  12. I think the issue for a lot of us is the fact that, as the author stated, we can't do anything about it. The kids are allowed to treat us in any way they want because we're not given any authority over their discipline, and behaviors like this become "okay" in the minds of the kids.
  13. Jeez, this sounds eerily similar to my current situation. And I can confirm that many friends in my agency have endured abuse from host kids and families
  14. Hanna

    Hangzhou water: still smells...any clue?

    Jesus. Does anyone else have the issue of the smell being equally bad after boiling? It doesn't make any sense. Is it still unsafe to drink after boiling if it's still got the chemical smell?
  15. Hanna

    Travel destination reccommendations?

    It's a big area so you can easily plan a route that's suited to whatever difficulty level you prefer. There are two different sets of steps and a cable car you can take up or down each side. I chose to hike up, make my way around the top, and cable car down on the other side. That was perfect for a one day trip, and the hike was a big challenge but definitely worth it.