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  1. Hannah

    Bars in Xiasha

    This bar is kind of a hole-in-the-wall place that not many people seem to know about. So, I thought I'd mention it here. Golden Apple Bar (金苹果音乐酒) This place has a good atmosphere, with flags from all over the world pinned onto the ceiling and funky paintings on the walls. There is usually music and the owner (Jacob) is really friendly. It's located right off of No. 4 road (address below) and is open almost every day. On holidays, there are usually a wide range of decorations and usually drink specials. Address in Chinese: 杭州下沙四号大街东海未名园白杨路27号. Phone number: 18179306399 (Fair warning: the owner can't speak English) Feel free to comment with information on other Xiasha bars you know about!
  2. Hannah

    Washburn Guitar for sale

    Update: The guitar is now sold!
  3. Hannah

    Washburn Guitar for sale

    I've got a Washburn (D103N model) guitar in my apartment, and it's looking for a home. A former collegue gave it to me, but since I can't play and am moving out in February, am hoping that somebody will put it to good use. It's been used, but still seems to be in good condition. Willing to negotiate prices. If interested, contact me (Hannah) at: [please send me private message for contact information] Happy New Year!
  4. Hannah

    Practice violin for sale

    Update on the violin: it's already been sold! Best of luck if you're still searching for an instrument.
  5. Hannah

    Practice violin for sale

    In the market for a violin? Just want to practice/have fun/dabble/busk alongside the erhu players? I can help you. I'm selling a practice violin that I bought in Hangzhou for 600RMB. It comes with a case, rosin, a shoulder rest, and I'll also throw in a set of strings. You won't be getting a Strad, but it's a solid instrument that you can take anywhere in Hangzhou. (Maybe you can start a traveling violin troupe? Do it.) If interested, contact me (Hannah). My QQ: 1480737796 My email: makemusic252@hotmail.com
  6. Hannah

    Cab to 下沙

    Hello! I've lived in Xiasha (closer to Wumei) for two years. Yes, getting back from downtown has always been the most annoying thing to figure out. You have a couple options: 1) B1 (goes until about 9PM, one drops you off in Gaosha, one more toward no.4 street) 2) Subway (Depending on the station, might go until 10:30 or 11) 3) 210 bus (At Chengzhan train station, goes until midnight, drops you off about the same route as the B1) 4) Bus from behind wulin square...forget the number, but it exists (bit harder to find, but begins at 4 AM) And then, of course, taxi. I have ridden in a taxi for less than 80 before. The best thing you can do is to split the fare with someone, because, yeah, it sucks. You might get better results if you just ask for Xiasha, and then direct the driver once you get to Xiasha. If you say a random location in Xiasha, they won't be likely to take you. You could always get a city taxi to Wumei (they all know where it is) and then a local taxi to your own area. A bit troublesome, but you have options! Something I learned about getting back from Xiasha: when in doubt, go to the train station (chengzhan). The 210 bus might be running, and there are usually taxi drivers trying to get people in their cars. Of course they're charging too much, but you can bargain, and best of all, you might not be the only one looking for a way back. I've made it back to the 210 bus in time, though, so have never tried the taxi option from the train station. Again, if you just tell the taxi driver "Xiasha" and then "Wumei" you'll have better luck. If you're trying to get downtown from Xiasha, though...I've only ever gone downtown while the public transportation is open, so I can't help you there. Good luck!
  7. Hannah

    Xiasha visit downtown!!!!!!!

    Woo! Xiasha on the town! This is going to be fun :)
  8. Hannah

    New in town - Staying for a Year!

    Hello! I'm not technically new in town, but am new-ish to the forum. My name's Hannah and I'm working as an English teacher out in Xiasha (all the way on the other side of the subway). Also from the US (Minnesota) and would love to meet some new people, too! I might have missed out on the weekend thing, but I mean, we're going to be around for a while, so just let me know if you're up to anything :) Take care and welcome to Hangzhou! -Hannah
  9. Hannah


    Whoa, people using the forum! YES to the regular thing, and major props for earnestly using "fornight"! Hmmm we may have to put forth further plans...anyway, I'm around HZ this weekend. Me and my mooncakes. NOM. Hi Tommy! Yeah, I should have stayed out that night :) But, I was meeting a friend the next morning and didn't want to add "hungover and crabby about it" to the mix. Live and learn, I guess...
  10. Hannah


    Okay, 6:30 we'll meet and see what everyone is feeling. Also, I met some other Xiasha expats the other night! Sort of pulled a Chinese "omg laowai" when I heard English, hope they weren't freaked out...
  11. Hannah


    Okay, and my friend also has work until maybe 5-5:30, so do you think meeting around 6:30 would be too late for dinner? I have no regular eating habits since coming to China, so it's all fine with me. Along with the dumpling place (which is also a bit more fast-foody I guess) there's a more sit-down Chinese restaurant that has the best tofu I've had in Hangzhou so far, though that's more of a walk from Wumart. Not too far, but it's not within eyesight anyway. How many people is it? 5?
  12. Hannah


    Sorry I haven't been on in a while. There are definitely some good options around the Wumart area. We could always just meet at Wumart and decide from there. I know a good place nearby that has excellent dumplings! Also, my friend is Chinese, so she may have some good ideas, too. :) Friday is definitely good!
  13. Hannah


    I live by the big ol' Wumart, too! My friend and I live in the same apartment complex. Well, Thursday or Friday evening are both fine! I'll message you my phone number, since that might be easier than checking this thread...
  14. Hannah


    Hey! I was actually going to ask if any of you Xiasha people would be interested in meeting up for dinner or something. My friend and I had fun going more downtown, but are definitely keen to meet people closer to home. Are you busy? I teach a lot of postgrads this year, so have a lot of free time right now, since they don't start up until next week. -Hannah
  15. Hannah


    Okay, I talked to the person in charge of "the event" (it's starting to sound like a coup d'état or something), and my friend and I are going to go! Yeah, we're thinking metro then taxi, too. Maybe we can all go there together?